Visit also: Students choose the correct question word to complete each sentence. }. Mariya asked that why I was sitting idle there. Smoking is not only a dangerous habit but also a bad one. Readings Greetings Active and Passive Voice tense wise rules. But the cook told that this had only one leg. Classroom The student asked how can I understand that sum. Mariya asked why I was sitting idle there. He must go from one house to another in fair weather or foul. In this article, we are going to focus on practice exercises for Interrogative (Question based) sentences. The books of great writers contain noble thoughts and great ideas. Plurals "mainEntityOfPage": { He asked me that what are the easy options available. They are fond of watching “twenty-twenty-cricket”. Active Voice & Passive Voice Practice exercise for entrance exams like CAT, GMAT, GRE, SAT, XAT, SNAP, CET. The student asked how could he understand that sum. I asked him whether he knew how to speak English. Conjunctions "name": "admin" Fullscreen, Level: elementary Let’s take an example: He said, “Do you know my name”? Toys Adverbs Nobody denies the importance of television. Worksheets  >  Kindergarten >  Vocabulary  > Question words  >  Questions. The exercises Second is a sentence beginning with interrogative words. Here are sample answers to the exercise. "name": "admin" See the answers when you can not do it alone. Animals In the Topic Direct and Indirect Speech Interrogative Sentence Exercises, we will get two types of questions. Tests So, let's try to answer the practice sheet. Relative clauses "@type": "Person", "Only poverty is responsible for this." He left the town two years ago. Level: elementary They asked Mariya if she has ever noted the thief entering the house. It is the duty of the educated people to educate the illiterate. very helping site but more examples should be given especially of the questions starting your own online exercises. It eliminates the time spent in establishing a phone call. are categorized in different topics and levels. Tag questions "@id": "" "@type": "WebPage", Fullscreen, Level: elementary He is too foolish to understand the matter. "author": { "name": "admin", Auxiliary verbs Jobs "author": { He asked me if I am ready to take a challenge. 6 thoughts on “Indirect Speech exercises for Interrogative (Question) Sentences” Amjad. Past simple Used to For example, the simple declarative sentence "Laura walked to the store" starts with a subject (in this case, a person's name) followed by a verb and subject complement. Both Rahim and Karim came here. It should be "Nothing but poverty is responsible for this." All Rights Reserved. Homonyms Imperative sentence grade-1. Age: 6-100 Thank you so much for being helped me a lot. The protestors demanded to release their leaders quickly. "description": "Reported speech exercises with interrogative sentences, mixed, solved, interactive, easy and for detailed understanding.Practice reported speech exercise, easy, solved, mcqs and for all levels" Kinds of sentences grade-2. So, this worksheet includes all probable rules of changing affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences. The prices in our cafeteria are reasonable. She asked beggar why he had been begging all the time there. The effect of acid throwing is destructive. "dateModified": "2019-03-23", If you are an English language teacher, you can use our free { Must/have to "image": [ English Practice here online a complete treasure of reported speech exercises on all levels and grades. Welcome to World, Adjectives Comparison ], (Active Voice) Ex: Has she cooked the food? Tree plantation programs should be expanded to the remote corner of the country. ", The following exercises will give you practice in changing word order and (in some cases) verb forms as you convert 20 declarative sentences into interrogative sentences. Bill's teachers understand why he's sleepy all the time. exercises to improve your English for free. English Exercises .org. At first glance, the questions may seem difficult. "datePublished": "2019-02-21", Keep visiting the site. Valentine's Day Author:ptrces He lived a simple life and took little food. She suddenly woke up hearing a fearful cry. We add ‘not’ after the helping verb in the passive sentence. They must be punctual, industrious and truthful. K5 Learning offers reading and math worksheets, workbooks and an online reading and math program for kids in kindergarten to grade 5. The Judge inquired of the accused if he had bought a car ever.