Integrated Project Management (IPM) (CMMI-DEV), IPM.SG 1 Use the Project’s Defined Process, IPM.SG 2 Coordinate and Collaborate with Relevant Stakeholders, Organizational Process Definition (OPD) (CMMI-DEV), Project Monitoring and Control (PMC) (CMMI-DEV), Establishing the project’s defined process at project startup by tailoring the organization’s set of standard processes, Managing the project using the project’s defined process, Establishing the work environment for the project based on the organization’s work environment standards, Establishing teams that are tasked to accomplish project objectives, Using and contributing to organizational process assets, Enabling relevant stakeholders’ concerns to be identified, considered, and, when appropriate, addressed during the project, Ensuring that relevant stakeholders (1) perform their tasks in a coordinated and timely manner; (2) address project requirements, plans, objectives, problems, and risks; (3) fulfill their commitments; and (4) identify, track, and resolve coordination issues, Development activities (e.g., requirements development, design, verification), Service activities (e.g., delivery, help desk, operations, customer contact), Acquisition activities (e.g., solicitation, agreement monitoring, transition to operations), Support activities (e.g., configuration management, documentation, marketing, training). Microsoft®, Windows®, Windows NT®, SQL Server®, Microsoft Project® and Internet Explorer® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Not having a proper Post Merger Integration plan poses many risks e.g. UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries, exclusively licensed through X/Open Company, Ltd. Microsoft Project 2019 ist die aktuelle Version von Project. This is where Significant Accomplishments (SA) and their Accomplishment Criteria (AC) become important. The IMP, IMS, and EVMS products will usually include the prime contractor, subcontractor, and major vendor activities and products. Step 9: Develop M&A Project Integration Plans. The event focus asks and answers the question what does done look like? schedule oriented; each event is completed when its supporting accomplishments are completed, and this completion is evidenced by the satisfaction of the criteria supporting each of the accomplishments. This can make collaboration between departments difficult due to differences in process and methodology. Twproject is a highly flexible project management tool for teams of all sizes. Project complications also occur when working on a larger project. (e.g., Preliminary or Critical Design Review, Production Deliver, etc.) The critical IMP attribute is its focus on events, when compared to effort or task focused planning. Another element of integrated project management in organizations is the integration of project management methodology. While meeting commitments is critical, it's important to first define the criteria used for judging if the commitments are being met. Managing the integration of the project basically means making trade-offs. Project Integration Management is all about sustaining stability in all areas of a project like; time, scope, cost, quality, human resource, communication, risk, procurement, stakeholder, among others. The IMP list the contract requirements documents (e.g., Systems Requirements Document and Technical Requirements Document (i.e., the system specification or similar document)) as well as the IMP events corresponding to development and/or production activities required by the contract. It requires that the work is also monitored and controlled. These are interconnected processes and cannot be carried out by a single team. It provides a hierarchical, event-based plan that contains: Events; Significant accomplishments; Entry and exit criteria; however it does not include any dates or durations. Formats for these deliverables are covered in Data Item Descriptions (DIDs) that define the data content, format, and data usages. Project managers must therefore possess a combination of transversal and complex skills. Here the goals, the budget, the program, and the resources are defined. Ensure the right course of action for all integration activities: A successful Post Merger Integration does not happen on its own – it is a product of highly-detailed planning.