Azotobacter vinelandii is a free-living N 2-fixing bacterium that has been shown to degrade phenolic compounds and use them as a carbon and energy source. added to the medium (Brakel and Hilger 1965) as trypto-phan is the precursor of IAA and is converted to IAA through a primary Trp-aminotransferase reaction. differential LG medium exposed to be tremendously precise, since the majority of the isolates with Azotobacter-like morphology on such a average were presumptively identified as members of the family Azotobacteriaceae, by means of amplified ribosomal DNA restriction analysis. A. vinelandii strain A was isolated from soil … For cultivation of glucose positive Azotobacter … Keywords Azotobacter, Liquid Bio fertilizer, Plant Growth. This medium contains necessary nutrients for growth of Azotobacter species. Inocula-tion of Azotobacter improved seed germination rate and en-hanced the vegetative growth … Azotobacter’s use as a model it has biotechnological applications like use for alginate production and for nitrogen production in batch fermentations.