It has probably more to do with interests. For example; Chipotle, the popular Mexican restaurant chain, has amassed a substantial TikTok following by embracing the platform’s culture and features, utilising music, memes and pop culture references to draw interest to their menu. These can be an excellent guide to brand loyalty. It is still early days to see how successful or cost-effective these will be, particularly when targeting the advertising-hating Generation Z demographic. Um einen geeigneten Creator für eure Kampagne zu finden, gibt es einige wichtige Kennzahlen, die ihr unbedingt beachten solltet: Natürlich spielen auch hier die Followerzahlen durchaus eine Rolle. Want to Run The Best Influencer Campaigns on TikTok? TikTok videos have a 15-second time limit; or, up to four can be strung together to make a maximum video length of one minute. Dein wichtigster Touchpoint zur Digitalbranche. Dies ist nur eine Schätzungund kan… anhand derer ihr einen geeigneten Creator für eure Kampagne findet. They make up 41% of the total user-base. Das Unternehmen Picard, das Lederwaren herstellt, hat vor einiger Zeit selbst eine TikTok-Kampagne durchgeführt. TikTok is the rising star in social media. Walmart partnered with a variety of influencers for its #DealDropDance campaign. Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. The absolute worst mistake on TikTok, however, would be to post anything resembling a traditional advertisement. Since joining, Lani has partnered with, Lucas and Marcus Dobre are twins (hence the name) and made it big on Vine before the social channel declined. What does TikTok mean for influencer marketing? TikTok makes it easy to make and create videos that aren't too cringeworthy (well at least for today's tweens and teens). Es wurden Creator mit 10.000 bis 300.000 Followern ausgewählt, die dann im Rahmen von kreativen Kurzvideos das Produkt auf ihre individuelle Art beworben haben. TikTok challenges are wildly popular on the platform. Hierüber lassen sich Informationen über die Art und Weise der Nutzung unserer Website sammeln, mit deren Hilfe wir unsere Website weiter für Sie optimieren können. Using a diversity of influencers increases your audience reach. It’s a demographic made up mainly by the always-online Generation Z. Gen-Z, as they are more often known, will be the first generation to grow up almost entirely online and, in the years to come, will surpass millennials as the most targeted and important group in marketing. © 2020 IZEA. She frequently reviews video games, tells it like it is, and engages audiences (in the millions) on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. If you tell tools for DIYers, then TikTok marketing probably wouldn't make a good investment. Letztendlich verhandeln sowohl die Marke als auch der Influencer über den ihrer Meinung nach fairen Wert für die Unterstützung des Produkts oder der Dienstleistung. Even though TikTok is most popular among those 30 and younger, older users are venturing into this new social space. Simplicity encourages more participation. If you sell to a youthful demographic, you could consider working with influencers on TikTok. Why Should You Use TikTok for Influencer Marketing? There must be few teenagers nowadays who lack a smartphone with a good camera. Somit hat Picard eine große Aufmerksamkeit für die Brand erreicht und sich durch kreativen Einsatz von Creatorn auf TikTok nachhaltig positiv als modernes Unternehmen platziert. At 21 years old, they are now famous pranksters and acrobats on, Another gymnastics’ duo, Teagan and Sam Rybka (twins), became famous for becoming finalists on, . Like many other websites, we use cookies in order to give you the best possible experience on our website. TikTok is thus far an untapped space with enormous potential for influencer marketing. die euch beim Erreichen eurer Ziele im Rahmen der Kampagne unterstützen. TikTok is a platform that seems to value out of the box creativity, with the option to use filters, augmented reality features, music clips and even dialogue from TV shows and movies in order to quickly edit together a short 15-second video clip. By continuing to browse our website, you agree to our use of cookies. bisher noch ein Mysterium. Sofern der Creator mit seinem Content zu euch passt, steht einer erfolgreichen Zusammenarbeit eigentlich nichts mehr im Wege. Gen Z-ers are the next generation of consumers, and as older Millennials become more comfortable on TikTok, influencer marketing ROI will only increase in the coming years. Are you focusing on the ideal demographic? Anton Ha ist einer der vier Mitgründer der Influencer Marketing Agentur lookfamed. Having been downloaded over 1 billion times by 2018, 663 million of which were last year alone (far surpassing Instagram’s 444 million downloads), TikTok seems to be the next Big Thing. The Damn Girl campaign actually wasn’t the company’s initiation onto TikTok. However, still basically in its infancy, TikTok currently has no monetisation system in place for creators, so influencer campaigns aren’t nearly as prevalent as on other social platforms.