So I put vintage luggage stickers of all the places that he like to go to and the things that he liked it he liked to do, on it. I prayed and asked if he I did a good job taking care of him. We are spiritual beings and life continues after our bodies die. C.M Vivi on April 05, 2020: Lrts forgive and live one another, seize the noment and be happy, I have always been able to read people ,insight on people,I know when where something is going to happen,when someone is going to die.I used to be afraid and thought it was a curse,I have now embraced my gift..I have learned how to channel my energy and help spurts cross over,talk to loved ones,I see spirits and I have seen entities..What I love the most is when a child asks for my help.Many people/spirits do not realize the are gone,the want answers, they want justice ,they want to get in touch with a family member..Sometimes they come into my dreams,I am able to lucid dream,able to enter another living person dream possibly alter the dream,and out the spirit in the path of their living lived one..All they want is to be loved,helped,talked to..Don't be afraid.A spirit will not hurt you.Yes a evil entity can hurt you.Ive even tried to help them cross over into their light.I believe in summerland,it's where we go in our after live..I was born n raised a strict Catholic.As I grew, into my gift I choose to believe in a Higher power,there is so .uch more out here people, just be willing to look and listen..I pray to the Goggess NYX (the Goddess of the Moon,the Night. I’m 20 now and he wud be 26 This may . It was magical! I really hope he is still with us though, my dad would be heartbroken...Has anyone else here had a butterfly ‘kiss’ them on the nose? Will burying a clear quartz crystal, I had him come to me threw my son why he was sleeping to talk to me I say him raise his head in the clouds and signed me with I love in sighn language he sent me a dragon breathing out is nose in the clouds. Fortunately he believed in the after life. Even if we dismiss it, that little voice inside will make us wonder. As humans, we remember how our loved ones smell. It is possible to pick up on spiritual energy, especially when we're relaxed. I don’t know. Then jan 25,2017 his bday, i was doin tge laundry at our garage then i slipt ob the floor my head knocked once and i felt dizziness and something hot coming from my head and its like want ti knock again coz the pressure was really strong. My mum passed on the 6th November 2018 of lung cancer. But there was only silence as I continued to wait and stare. As much as we want to communicate with our loved ones, they too want to communicate with us! The other day the glass and picture fell out. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. I have been able to see loved ones and hear their messages for as long as i can remember. How can we find the meaning in these small gifts? My dad died in June, and I had been making vintage suitcase shelves, each one themed. Mary's life has been defined by a string of temp jobs and a half-hearted attempt to become a writer, but all that changes when she comes home to find her couch potato boyfriend dead in front of the TV set. It's crazy but I believe she is telling me she is with me and my family. I can tell when my mom is present, I get a strong smell of cigarettes. TV changing it channel when I was halfway to the remote, TV turning itself on, at nights, even today the fan stopped working for no reason, I turned it back on, no problems! I always felt as if I was my father's favorite (even tho he loves all my siblings). But it's the door....The bell...the body sliding on the floor, as if moving to look through a window on the floor. Can yall help this young lady ( me), Sounds to me like most folk want to find a good medium tell you about my experience nothing to do with my family I went to stay in a hotel in Llandudno north Wales they put me in a room on top floor as I walking into the room I noticed the air felt dense almost heavy like but i took no notice I was looking round the room chk it out when something caught my attention I could not see anything but I starting getting glimpses in third eye it felt like it was greeting me and a feeling of true peace and tranquility I've never had before well I went to bed that night and started dreaming of a very young girl that had feel out of the window I briefly thought about when I woke I got dressed ready for breakfast I meet the hotel staff on the landing and mentioned I'd had a strange episode in the room not mentioning the dream the two looked at one another the said oh room 21 test I replied. No point anymore. The sound of something weighty, like a body, sliding across an even wooden floor filled the room. There is a lady, dressed in Victorian clothes clothes looking into a antique secretary that I have that’s behind me, but she is not really there. Our energy lives on just as it lived before we were born. I was in bed most of the year sick and grieving as well. "[6], Frank Scheck of The Hollywood Reporter wrote that the film "never achieves a consistent narrative or stylistic tone. I am engaged to be married in January; my first and only other love besides my current husband-to-be had been split up but always remained close friends until he died last summer. This is a signal to look for a message. Here are the 10 most common "signs of spirit," or signs from the deceased, that people receive from loved ones who have passed away.