I don’t want to over-promote it but I am having great success with this. Karl. It’s just a theory. Indian tends to be fairly high in calories and my recipes are no exception. It is now sitting in my freezer in batches screaming to be used. And somehow nobody is blogging about it. Puree the hotel style curry gravy, whole spices and all. Make sure the tomatoes are chopped. You could seed out two jalapeños to replace the 4 jwala called for in the recipe. They are inspirational Question: in this curry gravy you say to seed the chillies, is this really necessary or does it just reduce the heat? curry base recipe | basic curry sauce | all-purpose curry base gravy with detailed photo and video recipe. never mind i found the salt in the recipe …i must be blind ….just finished and its truly magic gravy…thank you…do you have any possible recipes for shrimp? Hi Romain further add ½ cup peas and saute for a minute. curries or sabzi recipes are very common among indian households. https://glebekitchen.com/chicken-vindaloo-restaurant-style/ My vindaloo got a lot better once I figured out the restaurants were using pastes. The first recipe is coming next week! Doesn't matter. Crazy good. I have been cooking Indian food for many years, always trying for that elusive ‘restaurant taste’ I used to use Pat Chapman’s books which were pretty good to be fair, but you have hit the nail right on the head with your ‘system’. Cut each half into six pieces. Many more to come. Have to say I’m pretty fascinated myself. there are many ways to make the popular rajma masala. Repeat until you have chopped all the onions. You really had me scratching my head…. Let the spices bubble for about 20 seconds and then add the onions. Tomorrow I am making your new hotel sauce base along with a couple of the recipes. Fry the base vs not fry the gravy. But not off the rack either. Just make sure to use hotel style base gravy for the hotel recipes and the regular base for restaurant curries. It’s amazing. This is something different. I have a well used 30 year old blender who’s blades have never been sharpened and have no problem with grit. That’s why I leave them out. Not tan. finally, onion tomato paste can be filtered using a sieve to get a silky smooth. Jazzer’s likely added some bunjarra (a fried onion paste) that would have added additional depth of flavour. Hi oil helps to preserve the sauce and also improves the shelf life of the curry base. App Store A spice grinder will result in considerably finer grind so I think the flavour profile would change as well – but as I said I have not tried it. I’m in the same boat. Think French onion soup. curry base recipe | basic curry sauce | all-purpose curry base gravy with step by step photo and video recipe. The curry gravy recipe you will find below is a down scaled version of the base curry sauce that features in ‘The Curry Guy’. People worked in Indian restaurants in the UK. Brown. For milder curries you could use the hotel gravy if like big, bold tastes like I do. You are very welcome. I’ve used 1/4 of it tonight with fantastic results, and so have 3/4 left and now in the freezer – which I reckon is better than having money in the bank. Looking forward very much for recipes to use with this (you’re such a tease!). Oooh, Romain! This is something new. I bumped the time up a bit on the browning step but it really depends on your setup and where you have the heat set. Been cooking Indian curry’s for fifty years. That will be an even more intense tasting hotel gravy. And hopefully for you. In English anyway. Probably really old. It’s a whole new way of making restaurant style curries. Thank you so much for taking the time to post recipes. First one next week! Or don’t. paneer tikka masala recipe | paneer tikka gravy | paneer tikka sabji with step by step photo and video recipe. I am using a 6.3l Le Creuset dutch oven which is about 30 cm across. That is just absolutely awesome. I’m a huge proponent of that. Global. I used to be friends with an indian chef, Jaz, and on his night off some of the lads and I would go around the town with him, ending up back at his restaurant after hours, where he would try to teach us how to cook. Maybe sooner if people keep leaving comments like this:-). And wonderful. Think of this as master class. Depends if you are into mild and nuanced or sledgehammer flavours. Wonderful news, my curries are fantastic, have not served a mediocre one to my family yet, think I’m in love with you xxx. May I ask why the restaurant style recipes and the hotel recipes are not interchangeable? Again, many thanks. And I’m truly excited. Maybe some day you’ll join me. cook until the mixture separates the oil. It feels like a revolution in my kitchen. I have a job in the real world so while the idea of a cookbook is fun I really don’t have the time it takes to commit to a project like that. It’s not trivial to brown so many onions. Your thing. I’d still wear old clothes but it isn’t the full on mess like regular restaurant style cooking. It's pure flavour. On my induction hob which goes from 1-9 (plus a special boost option), I would normally think 5-6 would be medium. also, be generous while adding oil to increase the shelf life of curry. Required fields are marked *. If you try a regular restaurant style curry recipe you will wind up with one very thick, overpowering curry. Cooking the chicken in the dish directly etc. Also which vindaloo is the best as I need to impress thanks. It’s not the same as regular curry base and the techniques are not the same. Anything that expands our knowledge of Indian cooking is a beautiful thing! And right now I’m think I’m probably the only one talking about it. Less work. But if you want to take it to the next level? cool completely and transfer to the blender. I have already tried the Ceylon Chicken and am doing the green chilli one tonight. i guess most of them have faced this situation where either they do not have much time to spend in the kitchen. You need a lot of chopped onions for this. That way, you can pull it out whenever you feel like making dinner. I have a theory. Making the curry gravy today, looking forward to tomorrow for the garlic chilli chicken Haha. I ask because the fresh tomatoes that we get here in uk are not the greatest so tinned might be better. The nice thing about UK style Indian restaurant cooking is there’s only one curry base. So, will keep on stirring! Jalfrezi recipe with this base please!! The sailors started with what they knew. P.S your recipes are fantastic, thank you. I wondered if you were able to help me out with a recipe for methi lamb? Genius. Just like those cooks in the UK figured out.. And I love what you can do with those techniques. I’d still wear old clothes but it isn’t the full on mess like regular restaurant style cooking. Or butter chicken. I do blend them into the hotel gravy. you may make this once and store it in the freezer and use … Michael. Used 2 cans of drained , diced tomatoes and worked well. Also, do you think the same high amount of oil is really required in this as in the restaurant style base? Brill thanks! Don’t take too long, I’ve already made a batch in anticipation! I can’t find anywhere that says 6-8 people. Ah, I see, I interpreted one portion of curry as being one portion for one person. If you want to stick to vindaloo then try this one with the paste. Cut your green chilies in half and seed them (use a spoon). Can’t wait to try them out tonight, with the rest in the freezer! It’s bland by design. Lovely recipe (and even better results). I do wonder if your idea of “medium” heat is not that same as others? I can easily get Hatch green chile, jalapeno, poblano, serrano, and shishito. Please keep your posts coming. Jalfrezi. British Indian Restaurant Style Curry Base (or gravy) Total time: 1 hour 20 min.