Basil oil is full of medicinal, herbal, cosmetic, and spiritual benefits and should be made a part of your daily life in order to reap the maximum benefits of this wonder herb. Experts estimated that basil leaves are rich in vitamins and essential minerals such as magnesium, vitamin K, copper, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, folate, iron, omega-3 fatty acid, and manganese, and so on. High levels of cortisol may lead to weight gain, especially around the  lower abdomen. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Therefore, basil has been considered as an effective home remedy that treats and prevents acne problem. Consuming six basil leaves with a glass of water without eating anything before can help to improve the kidney’s function. When you suffer from the cold, you just need to chew some basil leaves. Firstly, you make dried basil by putting some basil leaves under the sun for about one or two days. If you have any questions to ask, please feel free to leave them bellow. Drinking basil tea can keep these diseases at bay. However, if nausea is accompanied with breathlessness, cold sweats and chest pain, you should make an appointment with a doctor. If you have just a few leaves of basil to use up, lay them atop this simple pizza for a bright pop of color and flavor. Sufferers from certain cancers can get benefits of basil. It helps to remove dirt and impurities. It is also one of effectiveness of basil for health. Moreover, the anti-oxidant of basil will help you to heal the damage of smoking. Moreover, vitamin A plays the important role in preventing blindness, a common problem in America. "This was amazing! Here is the instruction. Apply it on your face daily and wash off after 10 minutes. It is always best to prevent kidney stone at the first place. Gray hair is a normal condition. Patients with vomiting always feel sick and weak all day long. Put this oil in a bottle and keep it with you. This can also be used to prevent premature graying of hair. Moreover, our hair and our skin can also get benefits from basil leaves. Repeat this treatment daily if you are susceptible to headaches and migraines. I would like to introduce the way on how to use basil to treat eczema. Beat egg white with juice of fresh basil leaves and apply on the concerned area. Basil leaves are rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. You can even prepare a mixture of henna, hibiscus leaves, and basil leaves and apply it to ease dandruff. The juice of basil leaves will help to cool the high temperature of your body caused by fever and a common cold. Inflammation is a symptom of eczema, which is often accompanied by redness, itching, cracked rashes and oozing skin. Treating fever and common cold is one of benefits of basil leaves. With diarrhea, the intestine has excessive fluid that impact on the bowel movements. Moreover, basil can be added to foods to keep nausea and food poisoning at bay. This treatment should be repeated several times until the sore eyes are treated completely. It eases the itching, improves circulation, and cleanses the roots and scalp. It sounds strange but it works. The heat of this mixture can give the relief and provide the cooling effect. In the morning, after you wake up, you can strain it and wash your hair with this mixture. Leave it for 5 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. It is delicious and convenient. Phytonutrients like vicenin and orientin are effective in protecting chromosomes as well as cell structures from oxygen-based damage and radiation. Thanks to its great healing and antiseptic properties, basil can be used as the effective treatment of cuts, ulcers, and wounds. Nausea can be treated with medical treatment or home remedies. Loaded with powerful antioxidants and nutrients, these natural cures are time-tested and effective ones. One of the amazing benefits of basil leaves for skin is treating asthma. Do this twice a week for best results. You can also make a skin toner using basil >>. You can even intake the juice of crushed basil leaves to cleanse your skin from within. Use on the face or on the skin is injured. In winter, children are more vulnerable to ear infection due to bacteria and viruses. External application of basil leaves eliminates the white patches triggered by vitiligo. Basil also contains moisturizing and nourishing effects; therefore, it will give your skin the smooth and flawless texture. Basil can work as a COX-2 inhibitor. 15. You may be interested in using basil to treat asthma symptoms, it is important for you to check some precautions before taking this treatment. It can work as effectively as other methods like nicotine candies or gums that can keep you from smoking. Eating basil regularly in your diet will boost your immune system and help your body fight against the unwanted bacterial growth. In the morning, after you wake up, you can rub a sufficient amount of essential oil on your palms. But it is still important to consult the doctor before using basil tea, basil leaves as well as any basil medications to lose weight. Basil is loaded with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant that can fasten the process of growing your hair. It is recommended adding basil in foods that can be uncooked like salads. Generally, diarrhea can be cured within around 3 – 4 days. Put this oil in a bottle and keep it with you. Stress increases the risk of developing inflammation conditions. However, the common symptoms may include high fever, fluid draining from your ear, pain in the ear, nausea, high fever, sleeping problems and hearing ability loss. When you suffer from this disease, there are small but hard mineral deposits in your kidney. This makes it perfect for those who suffer from oily skin or clogged pores. In order to avoid this unpleasant embarrassing experience, you should keep some home remedies with you. I can bring this meal with me to anywhere. Back To TOC. And basil acts as an, Mix two drops of basil essential oil with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, Put the mixture into a cup of boiling water, Drink it several times daily for a few days, Add some basil leaves and some pieces of crushed ginger to a cup of water, Boil it and keep simmering for a few minutes. Moreover, in order to enhance its benefits for oral health, you can mix mustard oil with this powder in proper quantities. It is recommended inhaling basil essential oils deeply before a study session and big presentation to prevent anxiety and stress. Tighten your skin and ward off those premature ageing signs with basil. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Blackheads are the common skin condition which can affect anyone, especially teenagers. The urusolic acid in basil is effective in treating the symptoms associated with eczema. Holy basil can be taken in numerous forms – either as a juice or dried powder or as a herbal tea mixed with other herbs or honey to enhance its beneficial properties . This is because consuming these leaves can keep your mind calm and protect you from stress and depression. If it lasts more than three weeks, you should make an appointment with a doctor. Common cold and fever is often caused by the weather change. It can help to prevent pyorrhea, bad breath, and other periodontal diseases. Mix equal proportions of amla and basil powders. For the satisfactory result, this treatment should be repeated twice daily. These ingredients include sugar, carbohydrates, insoluble and soluble fiber, vitamins, sodium, fatty acids, and amino acids. In this article in AllRemedies, I would like to give you the information related to the amazing benefits for basil leaves. Increasing vitamin A and other antioxidant vitamins intake decrease the risk of developing. Experts proved that basil can treat cough effectively. To treat kidney stone completely, you should repeat it for 5 or 6 months. If you are suffering from emotional problems such as anxiety, stress or depression, you will need a cup of basil tea as the effective solution. Anti-bacterial properties of basil are the reason why it is considered as a good idea to include thyme and basil in your daily recipes. If used as an inhalant, basil can help to strengthen the ability to memorize and concentrate better. 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