Your post is a very well researched one. We travel to fall in love with hills, mountains and rivers. This is another fantastic resource with an important message. Although it might not be such a sensitive topic as religious differences or political views, it can still become an awkward topic; especially because going from “regular” tourism to sustainable tourism requires a behavioral change at the individual level. Wow nice information thanks for it i have been helped in my research project. Bottom line: Overtourism places such massive pressures on the local populations and the environment that soon there will be irrevocable damage to the places we love. For starters, we can travel to less-visited destinations around the world. To lead the world tourism toward a sustainable model, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has created the One Planet Sustainable Tourism Program which, through multi-stakeholder partnerships, aims to mainstream sustainable consumption and production in tourism. You will be surprised at the rich treasures stored in your memory. Mary Norton (author) from Ontario, Canada on May 13, 2018: People in some European countries have longer holidays compared to the Americans. Making tourism sustainable means increasing the benefits of tourism and reducing its negative impacts. We’ve attended beach clean-ups, educational workshops, and environmental fairs and have become a part of the sustainable tourism movement. Around 30 households on the island can accommodate up to 150 guests at a time. This is an important post for every traveller. Of all the places to see in the world, about 80% of people visit only 20% of destinations, leading to huge rises in overtourism. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. By talking about slow travel and what that implies, hopefully, more... Having lived in going on seven countries now, I can easily say I've had to pack for moving abroad more times than I can truly keep up with! With the world’s increasing population and growing interest in travel, not only is it becoming more difficult to escape the masses for travelers, but locals are watching the original charm of their communities, which brought visitors there in the first place, disappear. Supporting local businesses, shops, vendors, and indigenous populations while traveling. Hope the travelers will remember to follow the ways that keep the place sustainable. Thank you for becoming part of #SpeakEasy 2.1 with us. When we want to see change on a big scale, we should focus on starting small! Guidelines to promote a sustainable tourism. Sure the tourist has some responsibility to go for a green trip, but I think that host countries should work harder to keep crime at a minimum and to have an inclusive representative government so as to have political stability. This is a very important message, that you have shared here and very valid points. Use the resources judiciously. Mary Norton (author) from Ontario, Canada on June 03, 2020: This is a brilliant article by Mary Norton. Some have been there forever, but we just pass through for a quick peek; after all, we'll probably never see them again. How do you go about sharing “sustainable tourism” with your friends and family? Whether you are a resort owner, a promoter of tourism in your area or simply a tourist, there is value in learning how to promote sustainable tourism. Companies may face additional costs of purchasing new equipment, materials and other higher costs associated with shifting to sustainable products. Instead of arguing about it, you can share the benefits of sustainable tourism as you act with intention.