I'll blame that partly on my full term pregnancy. You can do what you want. Roast the cherry tomatoes until they are slightly deflated, wrinkled, and browned on top. Wouldn't that cheer up your tastebuds? The Free Range Life is a participant in the Amazon Series LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to us to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated websites. Fortunately I have two chest freezers, so I’ll just continue to freeze them whole. Lay them on a baking sheet in a single layer and place in the freezer. Half of them were burnt before the other half even showed signs of popping. I do use organic Olive oil and garlic when I roast the tomatoes – the scent drives us wild. For two, you can do it with a lot or a little. Then I can put them (whole) into anything calling for tomatoes. I am a baker and I use parchment and splat matts for many things but not these beauties. I should have been watering my tomatoes but this was time well spent!! Your email address will not be published. Yes! Because I found the most delicious preservation method for cherry tomatoes known to man. Canning tomatoes. The hand blender pulverizes the tomato skins completely, after the tomatoes are cooked down. Or try out these Fermented Cherry Tomato Bombs (which looks amazing! Place the baking sheet(s) into the oven. Frozen cherry tomatoes are no longer fit for traditional tossed salad, but you can blend them with oil and vinegar to create a flavorful dressing. Simply cut them in half, place them on a baking sheet, sprinkle them with salt and pepper, and place in a … Did you think I'd gotten eaten by a rattlesnake? I just submitted an article on preserving Tomatoes for our blog and was wondering if you’d mind if we included a link to this one – since it deals specifically with the cherry tomato. About 2 hours. I usually freeze my tomToes whole then when i am ready i thaw them out and put them in my juicer and then on the stove to cook. I can bushel baskets of roma tomatoes and remove the skins. Here are some pickled cherry tomato recipes to try out: Garlic Pickled Cherry Tomatoes (with canning directions). When the tiny globes are frozen solid, toss them into a container or zipper bag. Was there a typo? my wife roasted some on a cookie sheet today . And that's why we're here today, ladies and gentlemen. I make tomato jam with whole cherry tomatoes. To which I respond, go make you some homemade pizza crust and scatter some roasted cherry tomatoes over the top. It wasn’t really fifteen hours…, Yes, I started my seeds already.What? The vacuum seal is not necessary because the tomato skin works well for protecting the pulp. Or two… or three…. We dry ours in a dehydrator and then pack them in olive oil with basil. As you may remember, we expanded our garden space this year by a significant amount (like, seriously, a lot) and also had the added bonus of building our first greenhouse. And I won. Grunt. In this article: Do you have a tons of cherry tomatoes? I would love to can. I can just about feel that baby in the rib cage as you talk about harvesting while prego. Who has a name like “Parisienne Farmgirl” and hates… ABHORS tomatoes. Then, transfer to a mason jar or freezer container and pop 'em in the freezer for long term storage. I added tiny pinches (no more than an 1/8 of a teaspoon each) of mustard seeds, coriander seeds and red chili flakes to the jar, along with two juniper berries. And as experience is the best teacher, I’m here to share with you how to bake better bread at home. Leaving the skins on would be healthier, but would they still blend up the same once cooked down? Hi there. Love this idea. And yet still. And for good reason- they are so yummy! Absolutely delicious! Or two… or three….