Check and search “moving men” or “furniture movers”. The CarpetCaddy has 1000lb loading and carrying capacity (Figure 4). Pull out each pin by hand. A carpet dolly is a cart that can easily transport heavy carpet rolls. I've ordered from them many times, but I made a mistake this time and forgot to tell them how to cut the carpet for smaller rolls, so it's coming in one 700lb roll. But professional carpet removal for a 500 square foot area can range from $200 to over $500, plus disposal. Carpet tubes are available at home improvement stores. Use a broom to sweep the loose staples into the center of the room, then a shop-vac to quickly suck them all up. The manufacturer states that the CarpetCaddy “eliminat[es] a possible injury from over extending the installers body.”. Will we even be able to move it? Basically, they can help you move heavy furniture of all types. Put on work gloves and a dust mask. The most important question, how do you get a set of these furniture movers. 1 decade ago. For rookies or veterans alike, our "I'm a Mover" section is filled with extensive industry news, crucial protips and in-depth guides written by industry professionals. Take any doors off the hinges that swing into the room where the carpet will be removed using a screwdriver and hammer. Cut Carpet into Easy-to-Handle Pieces. Area Rug Facts notes, "When storing a rug carpet, it's best to roll it. How do you use these little gems? Before you start ripping up the carpet, clear all furniture from the room. Open the door and lift it off the hinges. Six Simple Steps, from the floor all the way onto the truck. Safety and health experts believe a carpet dolly will help reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) caused by heavy lifting and carrying because they accept most, if not all, of the weight of a roll of carpet. All rights reserved. Learn how to flip houses the right way with expert advice from Kamm’s Corners Development Association. Area Rug Facts notes, "When storing a rug carpet, it's best to roll it. There are two types of carpet dollies: unpowered and powered. Replacing your flooring is a great project to increase your home’s value. Heavy lifting and carrying can cause lower back disorders, such as muscle strain or a disc herniation (“slipped disc”), which is bulging of disc material possibly pressing on the spinal cord or nerves that go into the leg. Rather than a slick plastic coating, these heavy furniture movers have a smooth felt coating on one side that easily slides across wood floors, stone, and even tile floors. At Carter’s Carpet Restoration we offer 100% free estimates! To obtain information, visit CarpetCaddy Unpowered carpet dollies consist of a platform that can hold a roll of carpet, and two wheels that allow for easy transport around the worksite. From making an offer to budgeting for renovations, rehabbing a property is a big job. Lifting up a carpet is a lot easier with the help of an assistant. Car Carpet Roll. “Tack strip is sometimes glued in place, but is most-often nailed. The carpet dolly can help reduce heavy lifting and carrying by allowing for simplified loading, unloading, and transport of heavy rolls of carpet around the worksite. (Photo courtesy of DJ Products Inc.). Cut carpet from the back, instead of from the fiber side, and make sure your blade is sharp and new. Leaving dirt or debris on a carpet before storing or moving it can cause staining that will be difficult to remove. Thinking about moving? The process of removing carpet padding is very similar to pulling up the carpet itself, except it’s typically much lighter. Be careful not to cut into baseboards, the subfloor, the walls and – most importantly – your hands. Vacuum the carpet before you roll it. You may not think of a carpet cleaner as the typical heavy furniture mover, but quite the opposite is true. Using a tube to roll carpets gives the carpet internal support and prevents wrinkling and bending. If you’re considering this option yourself, we wrote this guide to walk you through the process with professional advice from the National Wood Flooring Association. Clear all furnishings, lamps and electronics out of the room, as needed, for a clear floor space. Again, these smaller strips will be much easier for you to remove from the room. These little moving men, as they are sometimes called have a slick plastic coating on one side and a dense foam base on the alternate side. A powered carpet dolly is designed similarly, but has power features that load, unload and move the dolly and its contents (Figure 3). Carter’s Carpet Restoration4911 Windplay Dr #1A,El Dorado Hills, CA 95762, El Dorado Hills: (916) 933-7807Placerville: (530) 642-9003, © 2019  Carters Carpet Restoration  |  XML Sitemap | Privacy Policy. This is particularly important for … Carpet cleaners move heavy furniture on a daily basis. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Last month we covered the art of packing up Persian rugs – and Berber rugs, and Turkish rugs and any other kind of expensive hand-woven carpet from faraway. Remove the roll of carpet from the room or to the desired storage area. Call us or complete our quote form. For more DIY tips, visit the For the Home section of our blog. This makes it dangerous to remove because it can cut your hands, arms, etc. Stops would prevent the load from dropping towards the person moving the carpet. Reinsert the the hinge pins in each hinge on the door for safekeeping. Start at the first edge of the carpet that was detached from the tack strip at the short wall and roll the carpet into a tight roll from end to end. But carpet installed with tack strips can be lifted up and saved in whole, or in parts for use in smaller rooms. Fortunately he had BigSlider™ utility mover on the delivery truck. For this reason, it is highly recommended to wear a respirator during removal.”, Brett Miller | VP of Education and Certification, National Wood Flooring Association. The platform is designed in a “V” shape so that, once the carpet is loaded, the worker simply needs to apply leverage to one end of the carpet roll and push the device forward (Figure 2). Adding these little guys to your home toolbox may be one of the best decisions you’ve made! Invest in a set of furniture movers. Whether your move is off in the distance or you already have one foot out the door, you'll learn about everything you should expect through our useful how-to's, cool articles and much more. Never fold a rug for short- or long-term storage, as permanent creases may form." Every few feet, use your utility knife to cut the padding into strips. In most cases, glue-down carpet cannot be lifted up without damaging the backing or tearing the carpet. I am fluent in sign language and mandarin. Begin rolling the carpet. For most carpets, this is the side with the fibers. 0 0. diddy.badgerpants. You might also consider vacuuming the carpet one last time to minimize the mess during removal. Ask the assistant to help roll the carpet as you work toward the short wall at the opposite end of the room. It's all specially curated for you in our "I'm Moving" section. Carpet can be extremely heavy to handle, especially if you’re tackling a lot of square footage. Before new flooring is installed, Miller recommends consulting a professional “to determine if the subfloor is adequate for the new flooring material.” For example, the weight of new tile can be much heavier than the weight of your old carpet. Be careful not to tie the carpet too tightly. Tap the handle of the screwdriver upward with the hammer. Continue this process until you reach a transition where the carpet meets the entryway to another room or type of flooring. Roll the carpet again to roll up the final 2 feet of carpet. It is designed to be loaded with rolled carpet. Lay the carpet flat, with the weaker side of the carpet facing up. Continue pulling until you’ve separated the carpet entirely from one wall. This month we’ll cover Six Simple Steps for taking care of the other class of carpet: the common, stiff-backed beast we lovingly dub ‘the regular rug’. Go ahead and roll it – with the top side (the ‘pile’) facing out. You’re also likely to see a ton of staples, nails and tack strips all around the room. Remove entry or closet doors that might interfere with your work. Tying the carpet prevents it from unrolling while in storage or in transit. Secure a roll of carpet with wraps of 2-inch-wide masking tape at the middle and each end of the roll. Removing the staples from your subfloor is important for your new flooring to lay evenly. Other important factors include the flooring grade and moisture levels of the space. Dan Anton, PT, PhD, ATC; Elizabeth Seidl, SPT; and Jesse Brouwer, SPT – Eastern Washington University, DJ Products Inc. Swing one end of the rolled carpet toward the interior of the room so the roll is at an angle to the walls. or contact 1-800-686-2651 [email protected], Vestil Manufacturing Corp. By reducing the weight that workers have to manage to move carpet around the worksite, the risk of developing MSDs such as low back pain is reduced (Kuiper 1999; Marras 2000). I need to get it off the truck and into the back of my pickup. Caution is advised when using the Vestil carpet dolly since there are no stops on the legs.