I have left my SCOBY hotel for a long time- I mean over a year. I did not “feed” the batch with sugar tea during the four months. Do NOT use bleach ... Jan 21, 2018 - Explore Sherrie Dutson's board "SCOBY HOTEL" on Pinterest. As the yeast gets to the end of its life cycle, it grows darker in color and drops to the bottom of the vessel. What should I do? Use whichever looks healthiest to you. Obviously, we want to avoid this. SCOBY hotel food recipe (a.k.a. It keeps them alive and fresh until they are ready to be used or given away. Rinse out the jar with hot water and wash using soap. Will the sweet tea revive them? Your site is THE go-to place for kombucha. Cover immediately with a cloth or lid to prevent fruit fly contamination. Make sure to cool your tea BEFORE adding your SCOBY and starter tea to it! You want to use 1 cup of starter per gallon of sweet tea. We always want to do our best to maintain the balance between the yeast and the bacteria. Perhaps nestle it next to the CB for extra warmth or put on top of the fridge. We have the same problem with SCOBY hotels as we have with continuous brewing: the SCOBY becomes too big over time and restricts the oxygen flow to other parts of the kombucha. Now I know!! Maybe you like kombucha as a summer drink, but just don’t drink cold drinks during winter, so you want to keep your scoby safe through winter until springtime. We prefer to leave a cloth cover on them so they can build a new layer. More SCOBYs= larger jar. Can you tell me how to avoid a build up of C02 in my continuous brew. You don’t want to go through the whole drying palaver for no purpose! When the oxygen level is cut off completely, the yeast and the bacteria slowly begin to die. Your scoby will be just fine being left in this kombucha brew for anywhere up to about  4 to 6 weeks. This way you will only have fresh and healthy SCOBY ready and waiting in your hotel. Choosing Tea for Kombucha – all about tea. You can also do this for jun SCOBY’s and Vinegar Mothers. You follow basically the same procedure as option one but omit the sweet tea and use strong starter liquid from your last batch for all the liquid in your hotel. Keep poking it back down. Since a healthy Kombucha culture reproduces with each batch, it would be foolhardy not to keep a few around in case mold strikes. Straining Kombucha is perfectly fine. One more question: Will I find a strong fermentation smell when I return 7 months later? This is when you’ll have to refill the hotel with a fresh batch of sweet tea. The scoby is a high concentration of all the microbes you need, and just using starter liquid will be absurdly slow and inefficient. Read my post about adding lactic acid bacteria to kombucha. If you have anything else you’d like to know, I’ll try my best to answer them in comment section below. I also find that when I add the new tea to the vessel, which I ensure is the same recipe and temperature, the SCOBY does not rise to the top immediately and when it does, it floats vertically. Add enough liquid to cover all of the scobies. The color of the scoby looks good but the top inch of the scoby is no longer covered by liquid. Easy to understand!!! Place as many SCOBYs as you like in the jar. Once your tea is finished brewing, let it cool to room temperature. Yes. 3) another friend commented that drinking Kombucha (or eating other fermented foods) gave her a looser bowel movement. I got busy and wasn’t able to start a new batch quickly when I look at me jar it has hardly no starter tea left. Similar to your other brews, you want to keep the hotel somewhere warm and out of direct sunlight. Let’s learn how to make your first hotel! Hi Hannah! Or is it something entirely different? It’s possible to add more lactobacillus to your brew by doing a ferment with cabbage leaves in it. I have a question I was storing my scobys in the jar without about 2 cups of my starter tea. Copyright © 2018-2020 All rights reserved. My SCOBY keeps pushing himself up out of the brew in my just started hotel. Flavor your main batch. Cycling SCOBY also has the upside of keeping the hotel environment dynamic. Sounds intriguing doesn’t it? What liquid do I add to the jar? Ultimate Guide to the Best Vessels For Making Kombucha At Home, How to make delicious and easy Icelandic Skyr, Can you eat a Scoby? My continuous brew is now 2 months old. https://www.kombucharesearch.com/kombucha-questions-answered/starter-tea-scoby-brewing-kombucha/.