There should be two: the original ("mother") and the secondary SCOBY that formed on top ("baby"). Great tutoiral thanks. I like my booch extra bubbly, like champagne, so I fill the bottles nearly to the top (about a ½ inch from the top), and then leave them at room temperature for two to four days to build carbonation before putting them in the fridge. It floats. But kombucha is an age-old drink that's easy to brew at home. This is the fun part, where you get to play with flavor and fizz and customize your kombucha exactly the way you like it. The information is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment. Happy fermenting! You should always consult a qualified healthcare professional with questions about any medical condition. Vegetable Starter by Cutting Edge Cultures. Store the glass jar/kombucha in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. Can You Reuse the Brine From Cultured Vegetables? Check out our other features too: downloadable eBooks, meal planner, forum, exclusive recipes, and more! You might have also noticed that it costs upwards of $4 a bottle. When we moved to China, however, I felt like Kombucha would be a good drink to have on hand when we faced tummy troubles from all the spicy, oily Chinese food. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Yes you can keep it. That’s kombucha for you, a growing, feeding, evolving miracle in a bottle. Copyright © 2020 This website was designed using the Brunch Pro Theme from Feast Design on Studiopress. It’s fantastic. Each course is designed to help you in whatever area you need. I love making my own kombucha. © 2020 Cultured Food Life - All photographs, blogs, illustrations, and graphic designs are originals unless otherwise indicated. Remove tea bags and stir in the sugar until completely dissolved. If you purchase anything through a link in this email or website, you should assume that we have an affiliate relationship with the company providing the product or service that you purchase, and that we will be paid in some way. What Kind of Tea Can I Use to Make Kombucha? Here is one of the very first videos I ever made. Then keep the lid of the jar covered in mesh so no bugs get in but it can breathe. The other option is to use commercial brew (make sure it’s plain), although experts warn that the stuff you buy at the grocery store doesn’t have the diversity of bacterial strains for a full spectrum brew. What’s the worst that can happen? It’s like 8%! In a small sauce pan bring 4 cups of water to a boil on the stove. I’ve used both and found that the homegrown starter liquid developed more flavor and fizz than the store-bought stuff. Great video Faith. Time to celebrate with a swig of kombucha! Get all my Live Cultures at 30% OFF! Now that would be impressive to make boozy kombucha! It's easy, fun, and you'll learn so much! I took the plunge and decided to buy a Kombucha making kit to help me get started once we got settled into our new home in China. You’ve got your second batch already brewing and your first brew in bottles in the fridge ready to crack open. "I’ve seen the ugliest SCOBYs brew the most delicious kombucha.". The first half of the video explains why I started drinking kombucha and how much it helped my family and me. We recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing anything. As I mentioned, SCOBY stands for Symbiotic Cultures of Bacteria and Yeast. Before you bottle your newly brewed booch, there’s one itty bitty thing you need to do: Scoop out at least one cup of starter liquid and place it in a clean glass jar or bowl for your next bath ("Take it off the top where there’s more bacteria," suggests Childs) and remove your SCOBYs. The sugar feeds the SCOBY and is converted to vitamins and antioxidants, so the finished brew will have far less. If it's too vinegary...check it sooner next time or add in fruit juice when you bottle it up! The second half shows the process of how to actually make kombucha. Watch How to Make It. 17 Safe Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year, How the 'Today' Hosts Celebrate the Holidays, 30+ Best Holiday Face Masks for Any Gathering, The Truth About Apple's Black Friday Sales, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Give everything one gentle stir with a clean spoon or spatula. Leave a star rating in the recipe card above, comment below, and share a photo of your creation with me on Instagram! . It is not purposed to replace professional medical diagnosis, treatment, or even advice. Remove the scoby with clean hands and reserve about 1 cup of kombucha for your next batch. You only need one SCOBY for your starter liquid — you can give the other to a kombucha friend in need, store it in a SCOBY Hotel, or compost it. — that you may want to fish out first. Here is how you make kombucha the wonder tea! I'm so glad you are here! Hi! The ingredients are ready. Required fields are marked *. Keep it in a glass jar (the one you brew the Kombucha in would work!) Basically, any bottle with a secured cap works — I’ve used leftover store-bought kombucha bottles and the flip-top kind — just make sure they’re clean. No stealing, please. Shake off your fears this year, and let the kombucha making begin! Allow the liquid to cool to below 88 degrees. If it's too sweet, allow it to ferment another day or two. If you don’t want to watch the video, feel free to read the directions below. Ingredients. When I lived in America, I drank Kombucha only as a special treat. The first half of the video explains why I started drinking kombucha and how much it helped my family and me. Any results presented on this website do not constitute a warranty, guarantee, or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual for any particular issue. You botch your batch — SO WHAT?! (Here's what happened when one writer drank it every day.). You’re ready. Transfer tea liquid to your gallon container, fill almost to the top with water, and let cool until it reaches room temperature. The second half shows the process of how to actually make kombucha. Luckily it's possible to brew this beverage home, but before I get into the individual steps of kombucha making, there’s an important missive you must know: Don’t be scared of your SCOBY. Wish I could make THAT at home, but that might be trouble. I’m guessing that was only because I had their credit card in hand. Start by boiling 4 cups of water. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. First things first: Don't be scared of your SCOBY. A quick note on that sugar: Yes, kombucha contains sugar, but not as much as you think. 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Stir the sugar in the hot water until the sugar completely dissolves. In the past month I’ve shown 3 different people how to make Kombucha, so I hope this video will help even more people! I’ve started my very own Cultured Food Life Podcast! There’s no right or wrong way to secure a SCOBY, and don’t be fooled by appearances. I use a funnel for this step and usually get about 6 16-ounce bottles per batch. What Kind of Sugars Can I Use in Kombucha? LIVE CULTURE SALE NOW THROUGH CYBER MONDAY!!! That’s it. You'll want at least 1 cup to make a gallon batch. We have over 140+ lessons sorted into different courses. You should definitely give it a try thought! But this slightly gross disk of slime is also a wonderfully magical mass of bacteria and yeast that turns plain old tea and sugar into a fizzy, fermented sip of awesomeness loaded with antioxidants, B vitamins, and probiotics. The information on this website has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.