I’ve not noticed though because I’ve used a combo black/green tea. If you want it less sugary, a simple solution is to let it ferment longer, thereby becoming more acidic/sour. Sometimes the SCOBY will sink but that shouldn’t adversely affect the batch Leave it as is and ferment away. Yes that helps. I just made a gallon last night. We have the GT’s original raw kombucha here (I drink it all the time, but would love to start making my own). After reading up a bit, I think it happens when they start self cannibalizing! Since I’m all about stupid-easy stuff, I made a fruit puree (directions below) and froze it in ice cube trays so that I could add it exactly when my homemade kombucha was ready – which happened to be during the week when I was uber-busy. Also, freezing the fruit and then adding it is ideal for anyone worried about fruit contaminating their brews, plus it “blends” flavors better. I’m loving all these tips. I only do this for the first time I'm making a "real" batch from some freshly produced starter tea because the lowered pH and increased SCOBY in the brew ensures a successful first brew. I’ll have to pick up a kombucha to make a scobi tomorrow! I’d agree with what Leah noted– you must use bottles designed to hold pressure. Hi Mona! Steph Gaudreau participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. BONUS! If you learn something here, please donate so we can keep offering these posts. I like a REALLY fizzy kombucha too! Try this Ginger Carrot Kombucha,or this Ginger Beet Kombucha! Kristin. Works like a charm! I am glad you mentioned not to use metal for bottling its also important when heating it up with tea bags etc not to use metal I use baked enamel dish. And looking … Sometimes I can’t smell it even when I put my nose right up to the jar. I’ve used a combo of black and green tea. Thanks for sharing . Making homemade kombucha is simple and easy. I fermented same as you, but one day less, around 7 days. Or just after the 2nd fermentation? If you don’t have a starter liquid you can use GT’s plain (or original) kombucha… make sure it is room temp, not cold. How long can you keep your bottled kombucha in the fridge? Cover with a piece of old t-shirt, and secure with a rubber band. I know this is a long time later, but maybe this reply will help somebody! It’s packed with nutrients and is easy to slip into smoothies, sauces, and…kombucha! Yum! Nice post. Hi! Making homemade kombucha is simple and easy. Decaf tea might be a good bet. We already know that kombucha is a pretty healthy elixir of deliciousness. YES! ACV scoby is different than the kombucha scoby and the two have different properties. In a small saucepan, heat the berries over medium heat until they have released their juices. YAY! I’m excited for you! Making Kombucha is so easy it’s laughable. I too have followed your instructions on how to make a SCOBY and now have my first batch of kombucha brewing. Share. I’m hoping someone in the kambuch a community wants it. She can’t even eat chocolate after lunch or she can’t sleep come nightfall. Add two cubes or ¼ cup of blueberry-raspberry puree. Spoon the mixture into an ice cube tray. Hope that helps! Awwwww I’m so GLAD to hear that you saw the video and how simple it is. Oh good! Do you strain your tea as well? The little yeasty strings freak me out. Fuzzy… like little bubbles on top! 2) Clean the jar… I’m thinking the side need cleaned, I’ll only use water and a very clean cloth. I’ve never done a fresh fruit puree. You can’t grow a scoby from gt because its not kombucha. I can’t vouch for the reliability of this method but you could always try growing a SCOBY from scratch: http://bonzaiaphrodite.com/2010/05/how-to-grow-a-motherscoby-from-store-bought-kombucha/.