Here's a conference call script sample that will allow you to chair your next meeting with confidence. 3. Introducing yourself at a conference is not easy. Today we will be discussing-”. As we explained in our last blog post, people often spend the time they should be paying attention to the conference call discussion to do all sorts of things including other work, exercising, taking other phone calls and playing games! Why are you on this conference call? With Express Virtual Meetings you can allow for this inconvenience and minimise interruptions. For example, you might say “Hello, my name is (your name).” When introducing yourself on a business call, use both your first and last name and professional title, such as doctor or reverend, if it is related to the purpose of the call. If you wouldn’t do something in a face-to-face meeting, then don’t do it while on a conference call. The mute button should also be used even if you are paying attention and just want to type notes while you listen. Need more information on organising your next meeting? Conference calls seem simple, but if you've ever called in when people are chatting and wondered how and when you're supposed to introduce yourself, then you know there's a lot more to sounding professional during a conference call than most people think. Here are my top three tips for a hitch-free conference. Nobody else needs to hear you typing away. No more disruptions from people entering the meeting late. Yes, its’ impressive to say how many people you manage, how many projects your’e working on and how many times you save the boss every week. It may feel awkward, but you should always fill in a few of the gaps if you’re talking to people outside your company. Often attending a conference can cost money. One way to introduce everyone in a conference call is to run down the roster of everyone who is there. Networking events are a great way to connect with people. On conference calls, people often either under-introduce or over-introduce themselves. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(126857, '73e7f931-23fa-49dd-8d94-d9c5dcaf36bf', {}); You have likely read articles exposing the security flaws with other well-known video conferencing providers. Of course ideally, nobody would be late to the conference call but in reality this is inevitable. I’m the manager of the Richmond store.”  Now everybody knows exactly who you are and why you’re here.To make things easy, just think about what you’d do if you were meeting these people in person. If you do need to speak, simply unmute yourself and join in. It’s important that you make your time at a conference worthwhile. Since you don't always know who is going to be speaking during a conference call, you might want to announce everyone in the room so that the other caller isn't blindsided. Rest assur... With corporations expanding across the globe and the demand for remote work increasing, face to face meetings with teams... Recording your conference is as easy as pressing a button (or two!) The other people on the call don’t need your entire work history. Once the host has finished their introduction or presentation, they can unmute all the guests to allow for discussion. 1. The value of recording your teleconference. Just saying, “Hi it’s Sarah!” can lead to confusion. To mute or unmute yourself on an Express Virtual Meetings call, you can simply press *6. One of the ways to do so is to have a plan on how you will introduce yourself at the conference. When you give the roster, make sure you give an idea of their role. Similarly, giving too much information is unnecessary and takes up valuable time. How to choose the best virtual AGM provider (and everything you need to loo... Security and peace of mind when conferencing with Express Virtual Meetings. Save it for the coffee break. ‘Hi, I’m Jane!’ might work when you’re greeting people face-to-face, but on a conference call, it doesn’t quite work the same. But did you ever wonder why you might do so? hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(126857, 'ccf06dc8-30f9-4da5-a219-32c79ea1ecf2', {}); Did your last conference call sound like this?