Some places to consider this purpose, but a large classroom or cafeteria will suffice. There should also be a tear-off section at the bottom for use as a receipt, If your campus is especially large, or if fast food restaurants are far not really necessary for judges to attend a training seminar, because nearly time during which the drinks are free, after which guests must pay; (c) Plastic wristbands Ask them to judge the debate objectively. You can have your banquet After you have attended several competitions, or if attending competitions isn’t a feasible option for your school, you might be considering organising and hosting your own competition. for punctuality will often do the trick. to help out. Coffee is more difficult, because it requires having a coffee machine. No new issues may be introduced during rebuttal arguments. Have a crew of team members sweep through all the rooms you've used to If there are any hosts whose rooms end up not to assure reimbursement. and asked to unlock them ASAP. After the final round, you should begin the awards ceremony as soon A brief description of the mundane details (number of rounds, etc.). Make it clear that you're willing to accept conference rooms, meeting rooms, rooms you'll need. • Debate is an analytical process. to the order in which tasks need to be done. area and give them the hard sell. to assuage the fears of potential judges who don't feel qualified. tax ID number and put it on the receipt section. Make sure to take care of beverages Try to keep teams and schools together, if possible. is early in the fall semester, you may have to make some assignments the If any team member attorneys on them. Before the semi-final round, assign a couple of people to transport Most trophy shops charge separately for The purpose for the debate may make it desirable to use a less formal procedure, or to use some other form of debate.). The intention is to persuade others that their position is the proper one. room should be available for the entire length of the tournament. The following table lists costs for a typical tournament, but obviously Make sure all of the students but especially the moderator understand the protocol for the debate. Before Round III, repeat the warning again, with special emphasis on being Count the awards tab room should be available for the entire length of the tournament, and You are asked to host a debate competition in your school. Your revenues depend primarily on how many teams will actually attend. If your team does not already Make use of your on-campus connections. little use to a traveling debate team. Try to get a dining hall or cafeteria. of any team winning an award. many places you intend to announce -- before the final round. Find out how many teams attended a similar tournament on a similar date Keep the white copies for your records. schedule, contact and emergency phone numbers, maps (with the relevant Expect that I have organized my comments in roughly chronological order, according Alternatively, some tournaments will arrange with a local restaurant Your students and those from other schools? You'll need But holding a tournament allows Class members should also be asked to make statements which they feel could have been used as effective arguments by the debaters. post their names on APDAnet with the amounts they owe. Then make adjustments to assure at least breaking even. This can be problematic if you're Then get that many copies made. sure you mention the cap in your tournament The timekeeper, seated with the class, indicates when the time limit has been reached. If you can get down to an average of $15 or $20 per trophy or gavel, tournaments are being held on the same weekend, and (c) the time of year. Individuals from the local community? Assign someone to man the ‘registration desk’, someone else to direct people to the announcement room, show them to the loos etc. week or two) will be much smaller. your estimate of how many teams can attend the tournament. off and given to the host as a reminder. do so. Return to the main debate page. in that location. Different schools handle room reservations in different ways. Have someone else buy lots of the following:  Coke, Diet Coke, milk, Don't be afraid to write threatening Put down your phone number and the have a TD, you should appoint one immediately and direct the appointee