Essential tea tree oil shouldn’t be … Wash raw vegetables in hot water or hot water with salt. Thoroughly dry all items before eating. You could also try washing the vegetables multiple times with potable water. How to disinfect fruits and vegetables before eating 1. The importance of washing hands to prevent the spread of Covid-19 cannot be emphasised enough. Even when ... 2. Here Are 5 Tips To Wash Fruits And Vegetables Properly Before Consumption: 1. Using essential tea tree oil for disinfecting fruits and vegetables. Hydrogen peroxide/potassium permanganate is used by many households but it is far more effective on bacteria than on viruses. Note that the above point about not washing your fruits and vegetables before you’re ready to eat them still stands. All the fruits … First you should wash them well, even if they have a peel. Disinfecting fruits and vegetables does not take long and you can do it with products that you have at home. They must remain under tap water for two minutes, brushing... 3. 2. The general methods to wash produce are as follows ( 3 Trusted Source ): Firm produce. Rinse your produce well in running water. Lettuces and other leafy greens: Fill a large bowl with water and immerse the greens in it. Add your fruits and vegetables to the bath and let soak for 12 to 15 minutes, then scrub harder items and those with rinds with a vegetable brush. Before washing produce, wash your hands. Fruits with firmer skins like apples, lemons, and pears, as well as root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, and turnips, can benefit ... Leafy greens.