After you find a good tree, decide how big of a platform you want to build around it. He altered the dimensions just a tad and it still looks great. I post a lot of DIY videos and showcase the projects that I work on around my house. Below is a sample of the entire build plans with a materials list and more detailed measurements. She believed that to be an acceptable answer. Maybe every few years or so depending on species. See, I rarely wore shoes as a kid., Advanced triangular construction with “V-Bracket” (2D) 4. It’s just what I want for my grandchildren. More examples for substructure & platform construction 7. Next I used my socket wrench to tighten the bolt carriage blot. In the case of wide cantilevered platforms, long spans, spiral staircases or subsequent extensions, the platform may start to roll. This was my first time ever pouring footings and installing anchor bolts and I have to say it was fun and not as hard as I thought it would be. Post hole that is 8in diameter and 3ft deep, 8in diameter Concrete footing with bolt and base plate. I made sure my foundation was solid. I might need to specify this more clearly in my post. Isn’t it cute! Placing a 4″ by 6″ in the ground with cement. Hey Kris, so sorry to confuse you. Thank you for this – simple and totally doable. Triangles are importent elements for treehouse construction. I pulled it up, and it’s unfortunately out of stock but here is the link; She was so, so excited. If you missed Part 1 of The Treehouse Project click here to read where the inspiration was born. The Platform. Would you have a ball park idea of cost for materials? Repurpose and Upcycle is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I don't have a handyman in my back pocket or mad craftsman skills, I'm just a girl with a desire to create. I’ve totally thought about that! The examples show further variants of the triangular construction with V-Bracket: a) shows a mixture of triangle construction that goes far out and is supported by an additional cable suspension, b) is similar to a) but for more light weight platform constructions. Here's a fairly simple DIY tree house plan that is a sturdy but wonky platform that you can build within the trees. The first tree screws were introduced to the market about 25 years ago under the names “Garnier Limb” and “Treehouse Attachment Bolt” – this is how the success story of modern tree house construction began. He ran a smaller board at the bottom of the outer four boards that the inside frame would sit on. Difficult and unfamiliar arboreal engineering is kept to a minimum because the weight of the platform is borne entirely by four posts sunk into the ground. No but I’m actually thinking of putting one together, I’ve got the materials list and build plans here! struts go up with 30° each). I would be tempted if we actually had trees in our yard, lol! So when I say 2″ by 10″ I mean that the thickness of the board is 2″ (inches) and the width of the board is 10″ (inches).The length of the board will depend on the size of your platform tree house. I am so thankful for my wife, she helps keep me grounded as I can tend to get caught up in what I am doing. As many as 400 to 500 people visit this tree house. It eventually stopped but I had to hacksaw part of the access bold off because I couldn't put the base plate over it. Charlie's original plan for the treehouse involved a simple platform with a handrail, but as so often happens with building projects, the modest plans soon expanded. Germany. I think it was because I could see it all coming together and it reminded me of the old erector sets you played with as a kid. Also, did you complete list of materials? Mark the corners and use a post hole digger to dig four holes about 2′ deep. The hardest part about the construction of the Treehouse so far is my base. Dürnbachstrasse 16a, A stable subsctructure is the be-all and end-all of tree house construction (look at the guys in the image above – they would all fall down if there wasn’t a solid substructure). To help with this issue I would recommend using braces. The higher the platform in the tree, the more movement in the wind, the greater the stress on the fasteners. I don't know what I would do without her! Since this post was written I’ve created a sheet tent above our platform tree house. Once you have your main support posts or stilts braced you can add your outside rim joists. One thing we love about our backyard is the big old oak trees.