The earliest you will be given your booking appointment is at eight weeks pregnant, however, these appointments often take place at about 10 weeks pregnant and this still gives plenty of time to get your first scan booked in. Otherwise, this will take place during the next few weeks and you should be able to book a time with your midwife during this appointment. They will take blood at that appointment and you'll have some forms to fill it. So seeing a midwife at 16weeks seems weird. Subscribe to Mother & Baby magazine? It’s important that you let the receptionist know that this will be your first appointment with the midwife and also, how far along you think you are*. Each clinic is different and some will wish to take blood samples at this appointment to check your blood group, iron levels, check for certain viruses and infections, amongst other things, What Information Your Midwife Will Give You, 4-8 weeks – from pregnancy hormones and symptoms to baby’s early developments, 8-12 weeks pregnant – the forming of your foetus. I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time. Got my first appointment next week (I'll be 8 weeks) and I've had my first scan date through for the end of July. The first day of your last menstrual period. What to expect from your first booking appointment Your first antenatal contact with the midwife, which is known as the booking appointment should take place at around 8 to 10 weeks. So, you’ve just checked your pregnancy test, and it’s positive! For first pregnancies you are seen by your midwife at: 16 weeks pregnant, 25 weeks and then every three weeks until you reach 34 weeks pregnant. This appointment lasts anything from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. Arrive 5 or 10 minutes early so that you can provide a urine sample and ensure that the surgery has your correct contact details. Where you would like to give birth, have your scans and any blood tests, Whether there are any unresolved psychological issues regarding previous births as she may be able to offer referral for birth debriefing, Vitamin supplements that are advised in pregnancy (, Information regarding immunisations during pregnancy such as the flu vaccine and whooping cough vaccine, Detailed information on the screening tests for chromosomal abnormalities that are offered by the NHS, Information on the availability of antenatal education classes and how to book them, Information on smoking and alcohol in pregnancy, Advice and information on medications that are generally felt to be safe in pregnancy that you may be offered, Information regarding the dating scan; what the measurements mean and what further tests may be necessary, A list of the appointments you can expect to have throughout your pregnancy, A discussion around the type of care that would best suit you; midwifery led care or consultant led care, An explanation of the specialist referrals that may need to be sent and tests that may be required later in pregnancy. Research prams? There’s lots of … Well, you can do all of the above, but at some point you need to make an appointment with a midwife who will organise all your scans, blood tests and hospital appointments. If you’ve decided to book with NHS care then you need to contact your local GP surgery and request to book an appointment with the midwife attached to that practice. If you’re unsure just give them the earliest possible date that it could be. Your booking appointment: what happens and what you’ll need to do It's the first time you meet your midwife. First midwife appointment - what to expect? If you have children that you feel may distract you during this appointment it may be wise to arrange childcare. The midwife will also inform you of all the important things regarding your pregnancy along with choices for you and your baby’s care. Have a look at the latest cots? : I have my first appointment in 2hrs (26 wks tomorrow) - what should i expect to happen today?I am a little nervous for some reason... - BabyCenter Australia Your 8 week appointment with the midwife is your booking in appointment. What next? Hi ladies, I'm just looking for a bit of advice. Stock up on pregnancy products, such as the My Expert Midwife range? When will I have a booking appointment? Written by a UK Midwife, it's all you need to know to be prepared, plus important questions you should ask. The midwife will book the scan after your In some units the booking appointment takes place at … This appointment lasts anything from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. The first step is to book an appointment with the Midwife at your GP surgery, ideally this appointment should be when you are between 6 to 10 weeks pregnant, and this will ensure screening tests and your first … They normally do bloods at 8/10 weeks and 14 weeks! Background health questions etc. What happens, what to expect at your first Midwife appointment, also known as the booking appointment. There’s lots of information being given out and much information that your midwife will need. Your first prenatal care appointment may be the first time you meet your midwife or doctor, so it’s a good idea to have questions prepared in order to … How to prepare for your booking appointment As well as going in with an idea of what your midwife will want to discuss at this first meeting, it’s good to spend some time before the appointment thinking about any questions you’d like to ask.