Unlike the future King of Gondor, however, Boromir was a spry 40 years-old compared to Aragorn's 87. Thranduil says something cryptic to Legolas at the end of the third Hobbit movie to go find him. Yeah aragorn was actually about 22 years old in imladris at that point being raised by Elton's, technically he could have been in the film but Viggo Mortenson denied the role because it didn't fit the book. How old is Aragorn at the time of the While this puts him squarely in the middle of a hobbit lifespan, the truth is, the 50-year-old Ringbearer is actually sporting a 33-year-old body when he sets out on his quest. At the end of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Legolas was sent to find Aragorn. Aragorn was three years old when his father was killed by Orcs. IMDb, the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content. Since the third book begins in mid-March of the year 3019, Aragorn is 88 years old at that time. Arwen, then over 2700 years old, had recently returned to her father's home after living In both the books and films, Boromir is less wise, less strong and of lower standing than Aragorn, and a large part of that comes down to their relationship of rightful king and mere steward. Aragorn and Arwen Aragorn and Arwen "plight their troth". Aragorn is born on the first of March of the year 2931 in the Third Age. This provides much greater context to the dynamic between the Fellowship's two Men. In J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium, the Dúnedain (/ˈduːnɛdaɪn/; singular: Dúnadan, "Man of the West") were a race of Men descended from the Númenóreans who survived the sinking of their island kingdom and came to Eriador in Middle-earth, led by Elendil and his sons, Isildur and Anárion. But in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Bilbo is already 111 years old.So Aragorn must be very young in the first place. He is the husband of Arwen, the son-in-law of Lord Elrond, the brother-in-law of Elladon and Elrohir and son of Gilraen and Arathorn II. This was around the time aragorn was told of his true heritage I know this is non-canonical and just trying to tie the trilogies together, but isn't Aragorn a sperm cell at this point? According to the Tale of Years in Appendix B, Aragorn During Aragorn's twentieth year, he met Arwen for the first time in Rivendell, where he lived under Elrond's protection. Aragorn (later known as II Elassar) is one of the main characters and protagonists in the Lord of the Rings series.