These high-quality garage door openers come with rolling codes, MyQ smart door technology and many other great features. You may have given some thought to replacing your garage door, but you have probably given less thought to when to replace a garage door opener. Not surprisingly, there are a number of factors that affect how much life you can expect out of your unit. Some openers last longer and some last a shorter amount of time, but keeping up with maintenance can help increase the lifespan. But just like any mechanism, it will also wear down over time. One is if your garage door opener is making a lot of noise. How Long Do Garage Door Openers Last? Garage door safety, security and efficiency have improved leaps and bounds in the past decade. Otherwise, they can become “sticky” due to dirt and grease build-up. Required fields are marked *. Garage door torsion springs literally do the heavy lifting in the operation. While the motor is contained within the stationary unit, the chain runs the carriage back and forth along the track – and the door goes up and down. For an estimate on your new garage door opener and installation, contact Banko Overhead Doors now. This isn’t to say your operator won’t last longer than this. Usually, 10 to 15 years with proper maintenance while a garage door itself should last about 15 to 30 years, depending on the construction, the climate, maintenance, and door quality. Garage Door Won’t Open All the Way? Newer garage door openers are also quieter which is less distracting for homeowners. Sure, you can always lift your door manually, in an emergency, but that’s not something that you want to resort to when the time is short and the weather is bad. We hear this question from customers interested in buying a new garage door as well because it usually makes sense to purchase a new garage door opener alongside your garage door if it’s on the older side. We have experience working with all types of operators and can help you with garage door repair, maintenance and replacement. This typically includes: If your garage door opener is older than 10 or 15 years and has never had a major problem, it’s still a good idea to start thinking about replacement. Like any other piece of machinery, over time, the opener’s gears and electronics start to wear down. You can open and close your garage door remotely from anywhere you can get a wireless signal with the app and even receive alerts every time the door opens or closes. If the springs are old, the maintenance has been non-existent, and the door is out of balance, your 10-year-old opener may be near the end of its lifespan, and starting to experience problems. MyQ is smart garage door technology that allows you to control your garage door with an app on your phone. Garage door openers come in 4 types, each operating a bit differently. This could be because there’s something wrong with the motor, which is definitely a cause for replacement. Garage Door Openers Explained. Direct drive openers operate by running the motor itself along the track on a chain. Without the opener (the motorized device that is part of the door system, not the remote control or keypad), your garage door wouldn’t be able to operate. It also won’t self-improve and keep up with advances happening with garage door opener technology. A message from Banko about COVID-19, Canyon Ridge® Collection Limited Edition Series, Canyon Ridge® Collection Ultra-Grain® Series, Mediterranean- and Spanish-Style Garage Doors, Elite Series 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener, Customer Service Representative – Sales/Repair/Warranty. Banko Overhead Doors has an amazing selection of quality LiftMaster garage door openers just waiting for you. Just remember – the less work any of the garage door opener parts have to do, the longer the unit will last. Your email address will not be published. On average, a garage door opener should last about 10 – 15 years. These codes were extremely easy for criminals to hack, so if you have one, you’ll want to upgrade to the new rolling system where the code changes every time you use it. Depending on the type of unit, there are parts of the whole system that should be cared for. Instead of a chain or belt, it uses one long screw. They were very professional, on time and easy to work with. Once you have this system, you’ll probably wonder how you ever lived without it. Our insulation team adds energy efficiency, comfort & value to homes & buildings. You can also keep reading to learn more about the average lifespan of openers and when you should replace them! Old Age: The Top Reason To Get Your Garage Door Opener Replaced If moving parts aren’t lubricated, the door isn’t balanced correctly, etc., the opener tends to wear out much more quickly.