Even Dr. Bong’s “salon” was an efficient way to plow through the five friends while being humorous, and watching the residents’ crushes was adorable. When the devil calls your name is good. As the baby is born, the music swells, and Min-ha covers the baby’s mouth just as requested. Like how he offers to hand out food in the cafeteria, and he offered to take over the nurse's counter for a bit and how he handled the packed food scene. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I'm not a fan on the "Bong" salon. The episode ends with Ik-Seun running in her uniform and  surprised when Jun-Wan meets her to go and get food together. Then they don’t even pickup the dishes when they’re done, even the kids! I like that there are some gaps you just fill yourself and not every single end is tied on screen. The GS nurses finally get to sit down and eat their boxed dinners, but alas, each of them is called away to help patients. Jung-won thinks that their mom will support his decision, but hyung seems to wonder if they’re talking about the same person. He informs them of the operation, including information about their son (the donor), but the wife only asks about her husband’s condition. But another part of me wants SH + IJ. At the same time, Seok-Hyeong hears that the woman is in labour and has to rush to deliver the baby with no brain. What is happening exactly with the congressman and his son? The PD and scriptwriter for Prison Playbook is also the same team who is helming the current Hospital Playlist. And I enjoyed Jo Jung Seok's acting in Woo Joo-appa scene, so touching :') been replaying that quite some time now. js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; A recap of ‘Shook Ones Pt. There's always just a soft spot for me for parent-children interactions in dramas. sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. At church, Song-hwa performs the motions for the praise team, and in the crowd, the twin medical students watch in amazement. They bicker about whether or not he should still visit, and their long-winded arguments sound like a rap battle. My favorite is Ik-joon. I accept ER doctor, GW, or whoever took the Jongwan's heart. We witness Seok-Hyeong being very caring and over protective with his mother after meeting with her in hospital. We find out that he lost his sister and his father had an affair with a younger woman. I watch Memorist and this one every week with my friend. Her best friend turns out to be Chi-hong, and Ik-joon jumps at the chance to play matchmaker, expressing his approval of the couple. Seok-hyung’s mom prays at a Buddhist temple, and after she finishes, Seok-hyung offers to carry her down the steps. Jung-won checks on a traffic accident patient and is taken aback by the familiar face (it looks like the same boy who fell from the table). I’m not too surprised that Seok-hyung is rich (which would also explain why he didn’t see the need to tell the others about Jung-won’s background), and I did suspect something happened to his little sister when she was first mentioned in episode one. Ik-joon asks what Nurse Song is looking up, and she mentions the patient with the broken bed. I love how smitten Gyo-wool is.. Can't blame the girl who has to witness her crush pouting. For the first delivery, he runs to the room, looking slightly frazzled, but he never lets his panic or urgency show in front of others. Who knows that he is actually that sensitive and considerate? Hospital Playlist is the story of drama depicting the stories of people going through their days that seemingly ordinary but actually special, at the hospital, a place known as the microcosm of life – where someone is being born and someone’s life meets their ending.. All the kudos in the world to the guitar players, because that was phenomenal, but not so much for drums and definitely not for bass. It is revealed that Seok-hyeon learned to play the keyboard from his sister Unfortunately, since he lacks a passport, the hospital cannot help him financially. The song is difficult, let alone playing the musical instrument. I despised that packed food scene. Instead, it’s the culmination of patients and circumstances that tell the story of these characters. MY heart melts everytime i see Jeong Won . Hospital Playlist [Episode 4] On-Air: tvN. He tells the father not to worry and doesn’t rush Eun-won either. I'm repeating myself like a broken recorder, but if I am going to be a kdrama character, I want to be the younger sister of JKH's best friend (for obvious reasons). Ik-Jun later has lunch with his son who admits to him that he doesn’t miss his mother and tells him he’s his favourite person in the universe while Jeong-Woo visits his priest brother. But knowing this show, may be they are double bluffing us and he really is interested in GW...argghh the perils of a shipping .. Additionally In eps 2, i think jongwan was amazed by GW bravery in ER room.