Not surprise that I'm enjoying the rendition in the drama more coz it' s happier and messier. Ikjoon is understandably confused initially, but plays along and the manager tells him "I remember you, the lovely family" etc. My first theory was that they had something in the past, and nothing has come up yet to prove me wrong! The other surgeons groan and wonder why he was picked again. now that they are there, can we have all 5 of our gang try to recruit these two to their individual specialties. He comments on how nice the couple looked with their cute son, and Ik-joon drops his phone, barely registering anything the person says afterwards. More Details. It is better than hospital playlist in term of "genuine-feeling" and "sincerity". The little things had me in stitches - Wakanda forever, the karaoke scene, "pride, not priest", But there were also such gutwrenching moments like the organ donor patient, the young mum trying to stay strong to maintain her credibility, and Ik-jun's devotion to his son contrasted with the marriage devoid of effort from his wife.... . As shown before, Joon-wan acts gruff but is actually sweet (just like his sweet tooth). Deflecting their questions, Joon-wan changes the topic to Ik-joon and points out that Ik-joon has always been a social butterfly while maintaining the best grades in their high school. . i belive JW was just pulling IJ's leg...but the straight face with which he did it.....pushed IJ's buttons more. Ik-joon’s patient is being discharged today, so Ik-joon bids them farewell, even remembering the patient’s and his son’s names. Baek Jong Won Top 3 Chef King (2016) Ep 2 RAW. He's like the breath of fresh air the show needs. Lee Ik-jun gets a welcome visitor. Seems like I got it all mixed up , Oh my god saame! Shipping Song-hwa with that military doctor! He’s concerned about the scar’s size since it reminds him of his young sister, Ik-soon, who has biliary atresia. He was also the only one who didn’t speak ill of the parents in the beginning and always respected them as the baby’s guardians even when everyone else treated them as too young. Coming Soon. Season 1 Trailer: Hospital Playlist. Move on Ik-jun. Emergencies can happen at any time which is why doctors have busy schedules and no weekends. lol Kelima dokter itu adalah teman lama dari 20 tahun yang memulai sarjana pada tahun 1999 di sekolah kedokteran yang sama, dan sekarang mereka adalah rekan di rumah sakit yang sama. While this scene is totally hilarious...but..... HOW ON EARTH could any Korean mistaken the person named Ik-Joon to have a sister called Micky and Ik-Soon be their dog's name???? That’s the thing even Song-hwa’s ex-boyfriend could sense. Though fellows usually operate on these cases, Ik-joon volunteered to oversee the procedure, and is called down when the committee meeting ends. 5 dokter semuanya masuk universitas kedokteran yang sama pada tahun 1999. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access Now, with Ik-jun's divorce, we'll probably see a little bit more, but hopefully we'll also have his issue sprinkle in between and see how this affects the group of friends, especially Jung won who introduced them. I hope everything will be better for him in the next episodes. Reading the comment I felt stupid for not catching it even after 2 watches, Argh..I was scratching my head at the cheating implication in the recap...but this completely flew over my head. Drama ini juga akan membahas kisah band yang dibentuk oleh kelompok dokter. Had anticipated GW developing an infatuation with JW given the stern lecture he had given her on having a kinder beside manners. He tells Woo-joo that he dedicated his youth to this place, and starts to get nostalgic until his son breaks the mood: “Dad, please buy me another hotdog.”. Annoyed, Ik-joon tells them that he has stuff to do with Woo-joo, too, and stomps out of the room. There's a new recording of Aloha singing by JJS on music platform. Jo jung Seok singing is life but it's merrier with all of them. Gyeo-wool's adoration towards Jeong-won is so adorable. When Joon-wan's patient who was about to be sent into the surgery room cried because he couldn't be there at his daughter's wedding. Since tomorrow is Children’s Day, the patient shares their celebration plans, and Ik-joon reminds him not to overexert himself even though the operation was a minor one. I’m not sure if that’s possible for a relationship to blossom between a female professor and a resident (?) drama korea Hospital Playlist (2020) sub indo, nonton drama korea Hospital Playlist (2020), nonton drama korea Hospital Playlist (2020) online, nonton drama Hospital Playlist (2020) sub indo, Hospital Playlist (2020) subtitle indonesia, Aplikasi Android DramaQu Bisa di Download Di Playstore. I don't even know how many friggin' times I rewatched the karaoke scene! I realized that too. Pfft. Hospital Playlist. Song-hwa checks on Chi-hong and offers to buy him coffee. Sorry, Jun wan. Joon-wan meets with a patient, and as usual, he’s direct with his prognosis and orders the patient to be admitted immediately. As for now, there’s no justifying Hye-jung’s behavior. The wife cries, knowing that her husband is truly gone. Yeah the dynamics between the leads and other characters may be a bit artificial at times. I think the actor who plays Seok-hyung seems very familiar, so it might be that I have seen his work before but can’t really put my finger in which. Since he can’t beat them, Ik-joon joins them, and the five friends sing on the top of the lungs. Oh no... thanks for catching my mistake. He’s quite charming and cute. @lovepark thanks for the recap! I tried not to search more info about the actors and actresses on the internet before the show ends. Some may call this blunt or even rude, but I prefer this than some sweet talk with hidden agenda. Watch Hospital Playlist Ep 3 Eng Sub (2020) Korean Drama. ANYTHING too much. . Ik-joon orders them to sit so he can have his solo, but when the chorus arrives, everyone crowds around the screen. The Return of Superman Episode 366 English Sub Watch Video. In the General Surgery Department, tensions are high as seven surgeons smile at their lone resident, each hoping that Gyu-wool helps them. He answers everything correctly this time, and Seok-min sighs in the relief. While the friends joke about the past, Ik-joon mentions karaoke again, but everyone else has plans for the weekend. Oh ik-jun! Clearly not on the same page, Gyu-wool stares back at them blankly and asks why that matters. Unfortunately, the young parents are gone at the moment, so Joon-wan briefly meets with the grandmothers to inform them about the surgery tomorrow. JW may seem unconcerned but it was shown in the previous ep how he confronted her cheating boyfriend. JOIN NOW. That is why I strictly binge-watch one show at a time. This is the part where I cried the most. But SK seems to be the loner in even such a close knit group. In the halls, Ik-joon comes across the neurosurgeon residents, and from the looks on their faces, he guesses that Song-hwa scolded them. I watched the cast interview on youtube and it's funny how the actor playing Joon-wan is voted the most emotional and most likely to cry while watching a sad movie by everyone else, but his role in the drama has the coldest appearance. Sorry, not buying the loveline between Jeong won and that resident. As for the five friends, it seems that the PD and writer are playing with the viewers’ expectations that a ship exists amongst the five friends by introducing other people who may be interested in some of them. When he calls the restaurant, the manager informs him that by the way, the salad 'he' requested to-go also had peanuts. Joon-wan checks up on his infant patient and tells the nurse to bring in the guardians. One thing I thought was interesting was ... reaction and time spent on events feels proportional, accurate, and it's Building! CN Blue's Secret Trip (2020) Jung-won looks hurt as the mother calls him a “bad” guy, but for the patient’s sake, he plays along. When that mother hit him, I just can't. Right on cue, Ik-joon bursts into the room and sings his song. Drama: Hospital Playlist (English title) / Wise Doctor Life (literal title) Revised romanization: Seulkirowoon Uisasaenghwal Hangul: 슬기로운 의사생활 Director: Shin Won-Ho Writer: Lee Woo-Jung Network: tvN Episodes: 12 Release Date: March 12 - May 28, 2020 Runtime: Thursday 21:00 Language: Korean Country: South Korea Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff © Once everything is prepared, Ik-joon addresses the doctors from the receiving hospital and asks if they can wait ten more minutes.