Apparently, Jung-won called Chairman Hwang as his mother wanted, but instead of asking for his vote, he resigned from the position altogether. What I particularly like about this ep is that everyone is so real. It would be a bonus if you are into medical dramas too (they talk about medical stuff as if it is not boring). However, as Jung-won’s eldest brother said, it’s all about hanging in there one day at a time because just as much as these five friends will go through heartache, the joys they experience will keep them coming back and moving forward. Hmmmmm Yoo Yeon-seok is 35 years old?? LOL! And yep. I also appreciate the way the patients' stories being told: nothing dramatic about it because it's just the reality of life for them. I love it!! If they knew about the love line, their emotions could have subtly shown. Kim Jun-wan finally asks Ik-jun's sister out on a date and the episode also introduces actor Go Ara as herself in the show. One year ago, in the exact same spot, Jung-won cried to his brother about quitting after he lost a patient, but just a year before that one, Jung-won celebrated the recovery of a patient, claiming that day to be the happiest moment of his life. On wrapping up season 1, Jeon Mi Do said, “We filmed at an actual hospital at times and on a set at others, and I’m glad we got through everything without any problems. It probably also explains the different scrub colours they're all wearing because as far as I know scrub colours usually are the same within institutions (though I may be wrong). ;-). I fell down the Kdrama rabbit hole in 2012-2013 while watching the time-travel sageuk DR. JIN on HULU. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, Afterwards, he runs into Joon-wan in the elevators and teases him about his cancelled date. Jung-won hangs his head and advises her to prepare herself for the worse, but the mother snaps back at him, refusing to part with her child. media-tech companies with hubs around the world. I immediately recognized him in CONFESSION and CRASH LANDING ON YOU, but had to look him up in AsianWiki as Queen Min's corrupt orabeoni in NOKDU FLOWER. During one of her consultations, a patient hands her a book—with a thick envelope inside—but Song-hwa politely says that she already read that one and doesn’t take the obvious bribe. Maybe that was dinner instead of breakfast? I'm in." Stream It Or Skip It: 'Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions' on Disney+, a Surprise Companion to Taylor Swift's Surprise Album. ;-). Sleeper Star: Kim Hae-sook plays Jeong Ro-Sa, the mother of Jeong-wan and his very Catholic siblings, and she plays the role with grace. I am also happy that they are all nerds and are friends. I vaguely recognize the actor, but cannot place him, and it's making me a bit bonkers. They're just switching hospitals. Having already predicted this situation, Jung-won easily “convinces” Joon-wan by mentioning some photos of Hawaii, but the real trouble is Song-hwa. reporters on a platform technologically tailored to meet the needs of the modern reader. I was thinking the same thing about the scene from ROCKY. }); I knew Seok-hyung was jobless and Ik-Jun worked elsewhere, but didn't notice that Joon-wan and Jung-won worked at a different hospital. Once they become a group, the story introduces its main plot and feels centered with everyone under one roof. }); Though all five friends are different, they somehow work together and create interesting group dynamics. The session they had towards the end? eventAction: 'click_ads' I LOVED this! Sometimes stuff just doesn't compute. According to one of her patients, she is a reputable doctor among them. If they knew about the love line, their emotions could have subtly shown. Jung-won thanks his friends for coming to the funeral and apologizes for keeping his family a secret. Hmmm. (Tip of the hat to humor writer Dave Barry of the Rock Bottom Remainders.). I loved all his scenes. The Gist: We’re introduced to five friends who have known each other for over 20 years, since their first days of medical school. This K Drama is helping me get through be social distancing in New York and I also love your posts. With a heavy heart, he asks the mother to let her child rest, and the mother turns to her daughter one last time. I mean, it's not that everyone should get married by the age of 40, but it's more realistic that some of them already has their own little family. Rather than have a singular, main character as in their other stories (the Reply series as well as the director’s work in Prison Playbook), it feels more balanced between the characters and actors. I wonder what they're going to call themselves. I've been a fan since seeing her in my second Kdrama, THE KING'S DAUGHTER, SOO BAEK HYANG. (More like drunken rants on JW's part). But it also feels like there’s an element of Friends in the mix, because these five people have known each other for so long. I won’t mind no romance. Doctors do have to know who to call to get help from but other than that the rest is up to the medical social workers. He always wanted to join the priesthood as well and declares his intentions to quit practicing medicine since he’s unqualified. You're most welcome, @OldAmericanLady. document.querySelector("#google_image_div").addEventListener('click',function(){ I live-watched it when it aired, and can testify that the recap discussions were highly informative as several of our medical Beanies did "medicaps" to explain the procedures -- and assess the veracity of the depictions. It’s been 20 years since they were in their twenties. Ask A Korean: Korean Funeral Tradition Copy to Clipboard . Part of this was hinted at with Song-hwa’s department head who was also quite the surprise. Kim Gab-soo can play endearing really well, but he’s also amazingly good at portraying bad guys. Crying, winking and sobbing. document.querySelector("#adunit").addEventListener('click',function(){ At the start of the episode at Seok-hyung’s house, Song-hwa pointed at something (or somewhere) that the camera didn’t really focus much on. Joel Keller (@joelkeller) writes about food, entertainment, parenting and tech, but he doesn’t kid himself: he’s a TV junkie. I've devised a template that makes it easy to scan entries when I'm wondering if I've already watched a vintage show or movie. When one of the lights flickers off, Seok-hyung immediately calls his mom and asks for help. I use it to keep tabs on where I left off during marathon sessions and live-watches that stretch out for 2+ months. ;-). hitType: 'event', Like when Jun-wan's patient told him she can't get the surgery fee needed that quickly. He wants to get the band back together. . It was a treat to see Kim Hae-sook and her entire brood, and Kim Kap-soo. Once they leave her office, Song-hwa sighs since her heart feels heavy after delivering such somber news. I now subscribe to Viki and it's on my follow list. ;-). The episode sees Ik-jun, Jeong-won, Seok-hyeon and Song-hwa have important high moments in the hospital -- when the patients they treated get cured -- as well as face different conflicts. I know that I will love this drama but I always need time to familiarize myself with the characters from this PD. In his office, Jung-won meets patients from a skeptical mother armed with internet-knowledge to a noncompliant toddler, but nothing ruffles his feathers as he handles both situations with poise and a smile. LMAO! eventAction: 'click_adunit' Plus a very nice cameo by surgeon Yang Se-jong. So there will be five main characters in season 2. Highly recommended. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page And until season 2, the [‘Hospital Playlist’] cast will be meeting up to have band sessions.”. The neurology head wonders why the third son is inheriting the position over the older sons, and the hospital director sighs over the doctor’s lack of interest in politics. I will be crying like I cried for Chilbong.. i know i nearly cracked a rib laughing the moment i saw the four elder siblings in the priest and nun garbs.....that was an amazing surprise, Ohhh I love, love, love the first episode! It is quite fabulous to see so many good actors in one drama. But then, about an hour in, we got the “aha!” moment that made the title make sense. I thought people wouldn’t recognize me if I wasn’t wearing any glasses, but they recognize me even if I’m wearing a mask.”, Jeon Mi Do talked about all the actors learning to play their instruments for the band. Again, the show played with expectations and an actor’s image to deliver its punchline. Her acting was always surprising. The Italian Navy has named ships after him. Okay so I too was going bonkers trying to place the lawyer until I realised he played the second in command, corrections officer in Prison Playbook!!