10:30AM - 9:00PM, Facebook I think I already have all the necessary ingredients at hand. Add 2 tbsp of lemon zest with the honey for a honey-lemon flavoured frozen yogurt. I served it over some roasted white peaches. Thanks for sharing. 24 ounces plain, full fat Greek yogurt. Whisk together first three ingredients in a Kitchen Aid mixer for 2-3 minutes. curious about how the honey easily whisks into the cold yogurt? 8 Healthy and Delicious Frozen Fruit Recipes for the Summer. I really love the fact that you went to a festival and came back with a whole bunch of new inspirations form other people working in the same industry as you do. See how our Yogologist program can help you open your very own frozen yogurt store. You have to whisk for a bit but it worked great for me. Oh my lord was that good!!! ... Honey Hill 301 N El Paso, Russellville, AR 72801 (800)445-2715 I’ll be working with them to create a “Lookbook” based on all the great food and trends we saw in Aspen. Thanks for the love. Country Living editors select each product featured. In a bowl, mix the honey into the yogurt and stir until completely blended. Just like I LOVE everything you do. Serve immediately after frozen yogurt is ready with honey … Designed by Deluxe Designs, Cuisinart ICE-21 1.5 Quart Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream Maker (White), OXO Good Grips Cookie Scoop, Medium, Stainless Steel, Silicone Spatula - 6 Spatulas Silicone Heat Resistant - Mini Rubber Spatula Set - Cooking Spatulas for Nonstick Cookware - Colorful Baking Kitchen Spatula Set - One Piece Design Spoon (Multicolor), The Art of Great Cooking with Your Instant Pot, Amazing Mexican Favorites with Your Instant Pot. Copyright © 2018 Honey Treat Yogurt. I made this on Saturday. Our yogurt mixes can also be used as smoothie mixes! Taste and adjust the seasonings to your liking. Have you ever tried this with 2%. Remove the pan from the freezer. Thanks for the lovely new recipe. will definitely be trying it out. I’m pretty excited about it. The best of both worlds has finally met and you won’t believe how good it is! And Here We Are At The Table: Grain-Free Meals From Around The World, Holistic Tips to Keep Your Family Healthy, Recipes to Nourish – Natural Living Facebook Group. XHTML: You can use these tags:
. Whisk together yogurt, half-and-half, sugar, honey, matcha, vanilla, and salt; let stand 5 minutes. Yelp. Thanks! Such a beautiful post…from your writing to your photography to, of course, your recipe. So jealous! Fresh berries for serving. Simply stunning. Wonderful choice I served it straight out of the ice cream machine topped with sliced kiwi and fresh berries. 5.6K likes. This blog looks just like my old Chill 2 hours or until very cold. Recently I spent a few days in Aspen eating and drinking my way through the Food & Wine festival. Buzz on by for the sweetest treats! I totally would. I’m going to keep making it for my after-dinner ice cream binges. Would happily chat in the corner with you, my friend. of colors! Top with a dollop of whipped honey and violet flowers. Yogurt Serving non fat, no sugar added, low carbs, gluten free, non dairy, frozen yogurt-frozen custard. I’ve been tempted to make batch after batch because it’s so easy. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. It tasted completely unhealthy – a very good thing in my mind! : ), love love love. Sign up for the Not Without Salt email newsletter which features bonus recipes, upcoming events as well as my writing on food and life. Meals including ideas for breakfast, dinner, sides, salads, condiments, desserts + drinks. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. 80 delicious, nourishing + grain-free recipes. Make chocolate frozen yogurt by mixing in 1/2 cup of cocoa powder with the honey and vanilla. http://youtube.com/addalittlefood. My ice cream base is always in the freezer, just in case. Next year I’m sneaking in your suitcase ok? Last comment – promise! Whisk together yogurt, half-and-half, sugar, honey, matcha, vanilla, and salt; let stand 5 minutes. It was VERY rich and super satisfying. Thanks for posting! ), the ones who happily eat a burger in a hotel room bed while watching, Catfish on MTV, the ones who like to hang out in the corner at parties. wow what a beautiful post & delicious recipe. This four ingredient dessert is both satisfying and healthy. Also love the look of this frozen yogurt! Whisk together yogurt, half-and-half, sugar, honey, matcha, vanilla, and salt; let stand 5 minutes. I do love the idea of honey ribbons! At Honey Hill Farms, we don't just create healthy frozen yogurts, we also create businesses. You have done a extraordinary job! Freeze 1 hour before serving. Bottom line – it was DELICIOUS!! In a large bowl whisk together the yogurt, honey, salt and vanilla extract. This is a wonderfully refreshing summer treat – yum!! Combine yogurt, sugar, and vanilla. That would be my absolute heaven on earth, no eye rolls here from this girl, more like wide-eyed pure friendly jealousy : ) Talks about the weather make me gag and i loved your description of “our type of people” aka cornervoir which i will now use until the end of time LOL Thank you : ). Frozen Yogurt with Whipped Honey. Call us: 1-800-445-2715 I find it’s best to serve it straight from the machine so it has the consistency of soft-serve. pure vanilla extract. Detailed instructions that anyone can follow. YOU WILL NEED: Ice Cream Maker, Large Mixing Bowl or Large Measuring Cup, Microplane {I used this to zest the lemon} Lemon Honey Frozen Yogurt. every day. ... Honey Hill 301 N El Paso, Russellville, AR 72801 (800)445-2715 Have a wonderful day everyone. Pretzel droplets swirl through our luscious Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel frozen yogurt. Aria Use a rubber spatula to stir the already-frozen edges into the still … Combine all ingredients in mixer, and whisk for 5 minutes. Good day! https://www.justataste.com/5-minute-healthy-greek-frozen-yogurt-recipe Yum. 1/3 cup honey (or up to a scant 1/2 cup). Your blog provided us useful information to work on. The best of both worlds has finally met and you won’t believe how good it is! Pretzel droplets swirl through our luscious Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel frozen yogurt. This looks so amazing, and the photos are gorgeous, as always. This is my first visit to your blog! Go ahead and take a moment to roll your eyes at that last sentence. LEMON & HONEY GREEK FROZEN YOGURT. Enjoy a Mediterranean-inspired frozen yogurt… Yes! Farm-fresh whole milk, sweet honey, and real fruit purees come together to create a velvety, sweet-meets-tart treat. What an amazing opportunity. You could add a pinch of cinnamon or cardamom or use vanilla bean if your pantry isn’t bare like mine. Mix for 35-40 minutes or until consistency is reached with your ice cream maker. (Don't worry, if you're already subscribed you won't get duplicates. *This trip was sponsored by Chobani and is the reason you’ll see a lot of yogurt inspiration on the blog in the coming months as I came home inspired by many of the amazing tastes that Chobani served over the weekend. And this frozen yogurt = perfect. I did a second batch, but instead of honey used strawberry preserves – the kind made with juice instead of sugar. Chill 2 hours or until very cold. Black Friday/Cyber Monday Clean Beauty Sales! I like to call us; Cornervoires. 3 cooking tutorial videos + exclusive sections on food adventures like foraging and visiting various global markets around the world {included in the digital version}. Love the styling of this – the beautiful berries with the yoghurt just looks so cool! Pour the yogurt mixture into the ice cream machine, and let it work its magic. Freeze 1 hour before serving. Love all the pictures. 🙂. First, lovely post. I do so hope your ice cream base is already in the freezer because if so you are about twenty-five minutes away from frozen yogurt. It keeps ice crystals from forming. I came home eager to cook in my own kitchen after eating so much food made by and learning from some of the best in our industry (did you know Jacques Pepin pan fries his deviled eggs?!). Serves 4-6. Reno NV 89502 Open from noon to 10 pm. Hi Ashley, I was giddy reading this post, as i am most times i read your posts. Sounds like quite a treat being out in Aspen! 1/3 cup honey (or up to a scant 1/2 cup) pinch salt. With over 35 toppings, flavors come in chocolate, vanilla, peanut, vanilla custard, and … Your email address will not be published. With over forty flavors, it's hard to pick a favorite!