Any delays must be discussed with {Customer Name}. 0000053488 00000 n View samples of our landscape design agreements & proposals. a marketing agency) deliver a proposal for any product or service to a potential buyer, aiding the sales process via HubSpot CRM. If irrigation equipment appears faulty, vandalized, or accidentally damaged by others, it will be reported promptly to the owner. Failure to maintain up-to-date licenses, insurance, and permits has the right to terminate the agreement. Our prices are competitive and our mission is to deliver excellence. All Rights Reserved. C. Paved sidewalks, medians, bike-paths and patio areas shall be swept or blown off with a power blower on a weekly basis. 2 0 obj Networking is a common method used to secure a big Landscaping Contract. Start a business. As a landscape company, of course we offer many different lawn services, including (but not limited to): Using masonry materials, we’ll be able to complete the inanimate hardscape elements: Following our initial conversation, [Sender.Company] will visit the property to better understand your needs, wants, and desires. Any services rendered, that are in addition to or beyond the scope of work required by this initial agreement will be billed separately. Unless otherwise provided, [Sender.Company] will be responsible for obtaining any municipal building permits required. Payment Options. 0000003257 00000 n Popular business topics. We are insured, bonded, and licensed by the State of [State] . [Sender.Company] will use all proper and appropriate machinery, materials, and techniques to protect property, clients, and workers from any danger and safety hazards. After initial agreement, [Client.Company] has the right to terminate this agreement at any time and no cause needed. �2���� J��s������Ta�K:�C�$wz�^�4PѲ�9�����)%��f�E�&�` ��y}۬���w�ʆlT+I���w�M���3q�u���1ǕW3����g���nKlE�vhja��fI�ۜ��Y�|ª'/�pJ�v�� zQV+d��y��TH�f]F���jϮ�ge=�$��xE�HÓY!���6�K��K���-�k�: �1r5��m2��Ζ�ç÷�������M'�[ya7�3�����ll0�xW�ET~O���I(V{ �bj��f|ۂw!0:�R�LN?`oSN�e��i>&1 Perhaps a tree is making it difficult to safely pull out of your driveway…or maybe your lawn is in need of a tree or two? Responsive Website by Whiteboard Creations, OUTDOOR KITCHENS, FIREPLACES & PITS, WALKWAYS & DRIVEWAYS. 0000004466 00000 n _______________________                                              _________________________ 0000001661 00000 n 0000005153 00000 n << /Length 4 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> %PDF-1.3 }Ey����5��n����K��%_R���Wo����M!���Mn`�{{��]ȊG[����^�����g��/J�&%Ȫ&7�T�{�m��ܾ |\w����7�nh�'�qMW��i��fTΞ\w.�~iz�;������&�7%O��R�]�ƧO�-o��h7��~���F��>�X������M�����]���,�Ѭ���T�Г���.�,���2����83���i�,�����Ϭ�� o�-����x�� �t��2����5� ��C�lo�¢���e[,��>������O������k1��U�����X�"��C&� G&5�5��lɷ��Ss�K/I�{|��ad�B�4��/7v��u��&zG������^@��������� �5]��7lU�s�ݵn_ �x�π/%� _�l�:=?���6bNp��=ɲ'>���#%�13���k�z�����mɪ&9����Y�B��K?�;��.�v7Cv�}�'�o8Ɠ�}��X�$T����Yx����:�2Z �-� 4�h��G��pЂ|��]|����m��1�j7JQ�Y�Y�:�|�f�<9�Vp�Fu� ��'�N2$A���d�p8��B*�T��K|[d��xf����%��_�� In the event of an emergency, repairs or adjustments, other than regularly scheduled visits, a small charge will be applied. [Sender.Company] agrees to provide comprehensive General Liability Insurance, Automotive Liability Insurance, and any other insurance required by law or owner/client. [�#/��/X+��R�.y�����T:;w�eGP�@ ������������}��™��Z�Ev�lYf��n��x�����b�q�����ޠ�����r���e̋������f������/��|}��˿���/��/^����?�������N���)��_���ڗ)��˯� �����X|��?^�I����ռ���߿>\����xtA��YX��9/bꯈ���{�����|,�����b��ܽ�˓�U�n߬uS�_J�K��!-ݸj~wõ:��p���hVD;���*ӫC��xc�߉�x��ѼP�{پ�8����}%��{^����k~l�A���y��?� ?,���zYvo�zx��~ޣ�x��s��[�u����v��F�/�);M=�2L���Pp?ooۭ6��y����5�7v��O��}ŏ�z�?S'/�qS�i�d��E�W�a�Ջ���p[Ƌ�4�8�Ʌ;���M�J4ㅿk_*�ǽ?