Although edible native plants have been mostly ignored by mainstream Australia, the native food industry is beginning to flourish, as chefs and foodies alike discover what is on offer and how to use the produce. Traditionally it was used as a medicinal herb - headaches, colds. Keep it in a pot if you like. Now one of the more versatile Australian native herbs is Native Ginger. Instagram link. The most common herbs are basil, chives, garlic, parsley, mint and rosemary. Whether you’re looking for native hedging plants, screen plants, ground cover, dense shrubs, flowering plants to attract native birds and bees, plants that respond well to pruning or anything else you need, Ozbreed have the perfect plant. Native varieties offer tastes and aromas unlike any other and can be used fresh or dried, in teas, drinks, baking and a range of sweet and savoury dishes. Wattles (genus Acacia) You can hedge it, you can just have it in your garden as part of your herb garden. To avoid depleting our natural landscapes, it’s always better to buy plants from reputable nurseries and grow your own rather than wild harvest. Blend these spices and herbs together, rub onto chicken, fish or red meats with salt to taste before cooking, for a family friendly taste sensation: 10 tsp ground coriander seed 5 tsp ground ginger Facebook link  The essential oils in the leaves give … If you want some of the tastes and smells of the native herbs that we've looked at today, try planting them in your garden. It is good to check provenance when buying plants. You can make a tea if you like, but the chemical compound is citral and too much citral is not good for you, so use in moderation, but it is a great flavour. This particular species -Prostanthera rotundifolia, the Round-leaf Mint Bush. Medicinally, great for getting rid of headaches. The Strawberry Gum (also known as Forestberry)is a Eucalyptus tree growing in the Northern Tablelands of NSW in Eastern Australia. These days, it's more of a culinary herb. Now one of the more versatile Australian native herbs is Native Ginger (Alpinia caerulea). Growing Australian Native Plants Look for specialist native nurseries or others that carry a good range of natives. Australian native plants are slowly becoming appreciated for their complex and unusual chemical and medicinal properties, as well as their potential as climate adaptable breeding stock for conventional foods and also as novel foods, spices and flavourings in their own right. Follow us:    While some traditional uses have been documented, sadly much ancient knowledge has been lost along with its holders. One particular plant is - Prostanthera rotundifolia, the Round-leaf Mint Bush. We're back in the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney so we pay our respects to the Cadigal, the Dharag and the Eora Nations and we're going to look at some of our fantastic Australian native herbs that we've got growing right here in the garden. Coming into spring, it puts on a beautiful spread of light-coloured flowers. Many Australian native plants benefit from regular pruning, especially tip-pruning (pinching off the growing tips). There are an amazing variety of Australian herbs that are easily grown in pots or gardens, full sun or semi shade. Twitter link  Traditionally, they were used medicinally, now you can buy it as a dried herb or you can take the fresh herbs out of your garden, use it for cooking fish. Profiles of individual plants, photos, and suggestions for growing them. There are an amazing variety of Australian herbs that are easily grown in pots or gardens, full sun or semi shade. Indigenous Australians used this plant for medicinal and ceremonial purposes, and early European settlers often called it the “Five Spice Plant” because … It's the right time of the year now to be pruning it back and dividing some of the clumps of the rhizomes. These spices, used on red meats, white meats, vegetables and grains, evoke the stark, non-contrived openness of the Australian psyche. An Australian native plant also includes any hybrid or cultivar in which all parents are Australian native plants. They're grown around Sydney a lot as a street tree. Here are some suggestions: Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden Port Augusta.