Made to order; many toppings included for the same price: $8.45 for a medium size pizza cooked in about 5 minutes. I used 1 bag (16oz) of egg noodles a serving size of 1 and a 1/2 cup. This pasta bake is going to be a big hit with my always hungry teenage boys. I left out the jalapeno and did crushed tomato instead of diced (I have a picky one that does not like tomatoes) and then added green beans on the side and everyone cleaned their plates! You might love it! Leave off the cheese. Spoon noodle mixture into a greased 13X9-inch baking dish. Made it as directed and Loved it!! You can also bake this dish without meat, the vegetables provide the texture in the absence of meat. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. With every bite, you’ll get a nice beefy flavor paired with an addictively delicious note of cheese, some spice and vegetal hints throughout. You could get the giant macaroni noodles it would be like goulash. Made this last night. I have found the cancer community to be such a source of strength and inspiration. Thank you for publishing this recipe. Skip it if it’s something you can’t have. BTW, cashew cream is VERY good and can be used as a substitute for cream. Can someone confirm the cream cheese amount? Hello! Then add onions and continue cooking for about a minute more. You can prepare and assemble the eggplant lasagna and refrigerate for up to two days before baking; just plan on the lasagna needing a couple of extra minutes in the oven. BTW, I didn’t change a thing in the recipe! She was right, it’s now a family favorite! Let stand 30 minutes; then bake as directed. But I tweaked it a lot instead of egg noodles I used rotini pasta. I upped the ground beef to 1 1/2 pounds. To Make Ahead: Label and Freeze assembled, unbaked casserole up to 1 month. Yes I’m diabetic and would like to make this but need to know carb count. Beth Dreiling Hontzas; Styling: Caroline Murphey, Credit: Add beef salt and pepper. I thought this was very tasty. sweet Italian sausage and the garlic. Excellent recipe did go heavy on the cheese and added wine to the meat sauce. I can’t imagine how difficult it has been for you. Thanxs , That was good dish. I’ll be posting a recipe too.” BTW, I just made this and thank you to the original recipe. Umm… if you had measured the pasta correctly you wouldn’t need to make so many alterations to the dish. I’ve made this a few times and I absolutely love it. Well Lori, don’t eat it? Oh that cheese looks really good what a filling warming dish . Oxmoor House, Credit: Many people love these ingredients as the same with alot of peanut butter recipes. But I’m curious about the flour. Just some evaporated milk. . Koodos to the creator. My husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer in Feb. 1983. This looks super delicious – I’ve never had this type of casserole before. I then lay the cauliflower mix down then a layer of mozzarella slices then the meat mix and topped with a fiesta cheese blend from walmart. Such a busy couple of weeks, didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money and had some ground beef and canned veggies I needed to use. Wow. Ground beef casseroles are always a good choice for busy weeknight family meals. I know I got off the path, but I’m a southerner. But anything with cheese is wonderful!! I like my egg noodles al dente. In New England, we call this American Chop Suey…it’s a favorite!! Thanks for the recipe . Bake, uncovered, at 350° F for about 20 -30 minutes or until casserole is heated through. Not about the recipe, but my mouth dropped open as I read about your son/University of Indianapolis/Dr. Sounds yummy, I’m heading to the store to get things I don’t have to make for dinner tonight!