Furthermore it won Piedigrotta's Festival and sold 1000 copies. Funiculì Funiculà, a simple and catchy song inspired by ancient folk music not served the purpose perfectly. Yet Tammurriata Nera too was authored by Edoardo Nicolardi, the lovesick poet. He had brought some verses scribbled on a piece of paper by his friend, the poet Giovanni Capurro. Among the contemporary artists of reference, Clementino gave us a rap version of a real “stadium” song, which has driven millions of fans crazy. The protagonist of an unstoppable success, Neapolitan music is conquering a slice of the market that is becoming increasingly widespread, approaching a wide and varied audience. Not that he'd know. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting... Funiculì Funiculà. Info, luggage storage, maps, useful numbers... Accedi gratis alle principali attrazioni di Napoli ed ottieni sconti nelle migliori attività. In 1985 Nino D’Angelo is the protagonist of the story directed by Mauriano Laurenti, with Pop Corn e Patatine that becomes at the same time a Made in Naples hit pop of the ’80s! To make this artist even more magical, is the mystery of his true identity. So much more than simple folk music, Neapolitan songs are surely acclaimed all over the world. Editor-in-Chief Andrea Fabiani, Actors of Italian Origin: the tri colored flag waves in…, TV adverts in Italy: when advertising is the best on…, Italian comedian, the top 5 professionals of laughter, Italian dancers: the talents of the future in the footsteps…, Actors of Italian Origin: the tri colored flag waves in Hollywood. First extracted from the album La metà di una viaggio, Sai is the song that saw the success of  Gianluca Capozzi, a young artist at the center the Neapolitan music scene. Ho preso visione della "privacy policy" e voglio ricevere aggiornamenti e notizie su eventi e iniziative, © SnapItaly 2017 - s.r.l.s. Brucia la Luna. It is the soundtrack of the homonymous comedy that saw Nino, a young boy, struggling with love during the summer after graduation exams. – Its fame literally reached the sky when Yuri Gagarin intoned a few notes while floating in the Space. The good news is that Anna and Edoardo's story actually had an happy ending. Whilst listening to it, you can immerse yourself completely in a current Naples, where an Italian melodic style is accompanied by a new melody, certainly more sought after. Registered Magazine at Presented at the Sanremo Festival 2017, the first extract from the twenty-third studio album. To one of those chanteuse is dedicated the song Reginella, a bitter sweet waltz about a finished love story and the memories it left behind. It is a passage that describes the maturity of what perhaps most represented a myth for the city of Naples and beyond. E Zitto Amore. Neapolitan, born in 1988, Emiliana Cantone is an artist in continuous ascent, who currently has two records and several distinguished collaborations, including Gianni Celeste, La Pina and Tony Marciano “O re del Vesuvio”. This one was the first Neapolitan song to travel the world. For the time it was actually an outstanding record. The two lovers could finally marry and be happy together for a verly long time. La mogliera. This is why we have compiled a top 10 of famous Neapolitan songs, unforgettable hits that made us laugh, cry and fall in love. «La mia scimmia sulla spalla fa spavento a Gabbani/Il mio karma non è occidentale, muori domani/Déjà vu, penso più alle case che alle views/Vedo il futuro e tu non ci sei più/Ho sempre il modo di pisciarvi in testa/Dall’underground fino alla tua festa». Yet maybe not everybody knows that behind each one of them there is a story, peculiar, funny or tragic. the Court of Velletri It took ten years to build it, but after a fancy cerimony the cable car was more or less neglected by the tourists. Everything in those Cafè was made to recreate a french atmosphere, including the singers. As often happened back in the days when parents got to choose an husband for their daughters, Anna was forced to marry a rich man more than 30 years older than her. There are also attacks on Selvaggia Lucarelli, but what remains is still one of the famous Neapolitan (or better from Campania songs) that each of us, at least once, has hummed. Yet Edoardo just couldn't give up on her, and every evening went outside the freshly wed couple's house hoping to see Anna through the window. 1987. From Elvis to Pope John Paul II everybody sung it. In addition it became so famous that even Richard Strauss quoted it in his composition Aus Italien. He eventually became the director of an hospital where a single Neapolitan woman gave birth to a black skinned child.