But its light build, easy playability and spot-on tonality, especially plugged in, means it would be a shrewd choice for any player wanting to either nail their jazz chops or colour their songs with an extremely evocative sound. What I'm mostly looking for is a strong acoustic tone. In typical jazz style, we just get a single neck humbucker - mounted to the top, not suspended from the neck. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Classic 'jazzbox' tonality. Removing the pickup reveals that it's made by Korean brand G&B, which supplies numerous guitar companies, not least PRS's SE range; Godin informs us it uses Alnico 5 magnets. Why would you want to buy from a faceless online store if you can buy from someone who values every customer and their personal needs? The tuners are vintage Kluson-style and the headstock features a 'Composer' label engraved into the truss rod cover. BA1 1UA. Worth looking into perhaps. personalised setup service by our highly experienced guitar tech who has worked with Richard for over 15 years, Richard play tests your guitar pre delivery to ensure it meets the specification, Online support most hours via chat (provided by Richard who has specialised in guitar consultancy for 21 years), To ensure anyone can benefit from this highly personalized service we subsidize the delivery costs from our pocket - not yours, resulting in the following delivery charges*. I was most impressed by the low end … JavaScript is disabled. "Listening clean to the neck pickup, the Composer sounds like an older instrument". If you're looking in those areas we strongly suggest you investigate Godin. I do hope we can help you further as we provide the service you wish you could find locally! While Godin produces plenty of solidbody electric guitars, it's the company's Multiac and more latterly its 5th Avenue archtop ranges that have really made waves. From humble beginnings in 2008 as a non-cutaway acoustic archtop, Godin's 5th Avenue range has expanded into quite a family. Thanks so much, Roger. KAOS MUSIC CENTRE 41,945 views. Another more Godin-specific idiosyncrasy is to fit Schaller-style locking posts as strap buttons but without supplying the locks that attach to your strap - on their own these aren't the most secure buttons, especially with a worn strap. Visit our corporate site. Godin 5th Avenue Composer GT review. Who is the best online music tech personality of 2020? Smoky, less 'wide' and less pristine than most modern semi-acoustics. As we've written on many occasions, the various acoustic and electric configurations of the 5th Avenue provide a broader brush with which to paint your sonic picture. Godin is really making good guitars lately the setup is PRS-like in it's awesomeness, I visited the factory a while back , people often forget they are Canadian made, and made REALLY well. Richards Guitars, 1 Western Road, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 0AH, 01789 263333, GODIN 5th Avenue CW Kingpin II Cognac Burst with TRIC, GODIN 5th Avenue CW Kingpin II HB Cognac Burst with TRIC, GODIN 5th Avenue Kingpin P90 Cognac Burst, GODIN 5th Avenue Kingpin P90 Cognac Burst LH, Godin 5th Avenue Night Club Indigo Blue w/tric, BLACK FRIDAY (Starts Friday & Ends Monday Evening). Of course, it's not a rock guitar and with such a large soundbox, even at quite low gig levels, you have to watch your low end, which we trimmed a little at source by reducing the bass-side height of the pickup. Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin with an upgraded pickup 1939 Recording King M-3 with Piezo D'Angelico EXL-1 or EXS-1 I've played the godin and the recording king and I really love both, but I've yet to play the D'Angelico. Be warned. Indeed, it could be suggested that Godin's high profile and huge international reach (covering some 65 countries), has renewed interest in what, for many, were dismissed as 'jazz' guitars.