Germany has about 500 mineral waters. It is not only the level of mineralization that is crucial, it is also the type and balance of those minerals that is important – and that is precisely where the quality of Gerolsteiner Mineral Water comes from. Because unlike France where we consider mineral water as water without bubbles, here the most water is consumed the sparkling water. Mineral water operates since 1981 in Göppingen. The water company was created in 1929 in Schorndorf. Also, thanks to its acid-neutralizing effect, bicarbonate ensures a well-balanced taste. In 2011, every German drank 134 liters of mineral water, against 40 liters per year, there thirty years. Mineral water is water Tönissteiner sources of the volcanic Eifel. Use our Mineral Calculator to quickly and easily compare Gerolsteiner Sparkling with other mineral waters. Nutritional analysis for Gerolsteiner Sparkling (156K). is mineral water drawn near Dortmund in Germany. To access you have to confirm the age of maturity. is located in Bad Leonhardspfunzen at the foot of the Bavarian Alps, on the banks of the Inn and was discovered in 1734. , the premium brand since 1742. Owing to its unique balance of calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate, Gerolsteiner has a pleasant harmonious taste without any dominant individual mineral notes. Here you can find out where you can buy Gerolsteiner Mineral Water products in your vicinity. Reply ↵ Moses . Why minerals are important for your body and which minerals Gerolsteiner mineral water provides. Sales under the control EGAIS, Thousands of reviews and assessments of the real buyers. Gerolsteiner Sparkling is one of the most popular mineral water brands around the world. Because unlike France where we consider mineral water as water without bubbles, here the most water is consumed the sparkling water. It supports performance and productivity and helps to preserve your health. Dear visitor, we are forced to deny you visit the site. Why is Gerolsteiner Mineral Water so special? Over 100,000 German translations of English words and phrases. If you want your water non-carbonated, you have to ask for either "Stilles Wasser" or "(Mineral)-Wasser ohne Kohlensäure". Moscow, st.Sadovaya-Suharevskaya, d.13/15, Moscow, st. Staraya Basmannaya, d.25, str.1, ООО «Бутик Вайнстайл», ИНН: 7713790026, license: 77РПА0010390 from 05.11.2014 valid from 05.11.2014 to 04.11.2024, Moscow, Leninsky prospect 52, floor 2, room III, room. The Hohenstein conservation area extends over 800 hectares in the heart of a natural park. comes from the mineral spring Hohenstein which, if provided drinking water since 1965, was recently sold. Its success is due to its clean and refreshing taste, which is attributed to its unique volcanic origins. Mineral water is the preferred and German soft drink. We do shipment to legal entities according to law. Last modification of the Website : 31/12/2017 15:00:38. Warning: according to recommendations of the "ФС РАР" from 2018.06.25: alcoholic production can be bought in the. They don't offer tap water in restaurants. All rights reserved. Two slices of calcium and magnesium is part of the ideal mixture for the human body. The information on this site are not advertising for informational purposes only, and are intended for personal use only. We recommend drinking at least two liters per day and would like to emphasize the importance of a varied and well balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. When you go to a bar or restaurant, then you must specify that you want to drink plain water (Stilles Wasser) the risk of ending up with a glass of water. with mineral water is the only 2:1 ratio of calcium and magnesium. You can find information on other consumer questions here. In 2011, every German drank 134 liters of mineral water, against 40 liters per year, there thirty years. discovery in 1852 in Bad Neuenahr, springs in the Eifel. Heppinger extra is now used as medicinal water. While other waters may taste good, they do not offer the same beneficial level and ratio of minerals. Trust loyal customers, WineStyle in the list of the largest Russian companies-ecommerce, "Gerolsteiner" Apple Spritzer, Glass, 0.75 L, "Gerolsteiner" Apple Spritzer, Glass, 0.33 L, "Gerolsteiner" Apple Spritzer, PET, 0.5 L, "Doctor John William Polidori's" Dry Tonic, 200 ml, "Thomas Henry" Ginger Beer (Spicy Ginger), 200 ml, "Thomas Henry" Ultimate Grapefruit, 200 ml, "Doctor John William Polidori's" Cucumber Tonic, 200 ml. is a mineral water from Bad Vilbe at the bottom of the Wetterau gold in Rhineland. Bodega La Magdalena, "Sueno" Tempranillo, Ribera del Jucar DO, 2015, Canevel, Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG Brut, gift box, "Binelli Premium" Lambrusco Rosato, Dell'Emilia IGT, gift set with 2 glasses, Russian Caviar House, "Standard" Sturgeon Black Caviar, glass. 63/5000 You can see which and how many minerals a mineral water contains on label of the bottle. The special geological features of the Volcanic Eifel region give Gerolsteiner Sparkling its refreshing, harmonious taste and make it naturally rich in essential minerals: 1 liter of Gerolsteiner Sparkling provides more than ⅓ of the daily calcium requirement and ¼ of the daily magnesium requirement.