It makes the inside so juicey and delicious. We always poach our kielbasa 20 min. According to the cooking instructions for fresh kielbasa posted on the website for Stanley Market's, there is very little boiling of the actual kielbasa during preparation. Each December all the men in my family get together and make about 100 pounds of fresh kielbasa from scratch. On the other hand, a fresh kielbasa is just as what the name suggests — it is fresh … 1. But before anything else, take note that kielbasa come in two forms — there is the smoked version. Preparation. This recipe for fresh kielbasa and roasted brussels sprouts is a favorite of ours. This recipe is perfect. The smoked version is basically already pre-cooked. 2. Mince garlic fine. Saute the seasonings in bacon fat drippings. for fresh and 8 min for smoked. They spend the whole evening prepping the ingredients, cutting and grinding the meat, and casing the sausages. I only poke the ends because I like the crisp snap of the skin. Polish Kielbasa Sausage Ingredients. Here’s a very simple recipe for a 5 pound batch of Polish kielbasa sausage—which is enough for 2 or 3 good dinners—so make a up a batch, use what you need, and pop the rest into the freezer for a great meal at the ready some busy weeknight down the road. Instead the water is boiled in order to prepare the seasonings, and then the kielbasa is simmered in the seasoned water for the remaining cooking time. Most of the times, producers manufacture kielbasa with artificial flavors in it already. after cooked down add a pint of water. Cut the pork off the bone & into strips maybe 1" by 3". Boil & cool.