Uses of Fennel Oil  Delay in sowing reduces the yield. The root of fennel plants may be used as a purgative. Short plants with compact umbels; long, bold grains; matures in 110–130 days; yield is 17.3 q/ha of seed. Gujarat Fennel 1 Tall, spreading plats with medium-sized, hairless and green seeds; tolerant to sugary disease, leaf-spot and leaf-blight; matures in 225 days; average yield of 12.8 q/ha. Seedlings are raised during June or July on well-prepared nursery beds. Yield  !�w�ZBl{j��>.�B%�B%C��m��t,C�Xk|y����: Fennel is also used for eye care and other medicinal properties of fennel include diuretic properties (increases amount and frequency of urination) and anti-inflammatory properties (reduces swelling of body parts). c��Q�8����&�vǚ�nr(�t|��fl30 �����GR�V������i�l�j�b�Og�&Yd]��m�(�k�����#�b����>-��Gw�r�N���~vi�GfB�j�ү��/8k����7�a�S�&;�/�c��ۗ@��������k���4qw����(�x)�/�sr����S�e�m��QI(u �!�X�4��J�~�4�Nt��(�V��~�!����yh������P���"�M��K.v4}�KE(��,ӥ� ��D��. Physiological Disorder Harvesting duration lasts for a month with plucking being done twice or thrice at 10 days intervals. Enable JavaScript for full functionality of this site. Indian Spices such as : 1. It improves dige, for its charming properties. Botanical name of fennel is Foeniculum vulgare. Cumin seeds 10. Irrigation Ideal sowing time for fennel is Mid-September to mid-October. Both mechanical and chemical control of weeds can be practiced. Fennel matures in 170–180 days. Medium tall plants with diffused branching; matures in 220 days with an average yield of 5.67q/ha; suitable for drought-prone, waterlogged, saline and alkaline conditions; suitable for hilly areas. Transplanting  upgraded machines; thus, we are capable of entertaining the voluminous requirements with super e, culinery as well as medicinal uses of Fennel Seed Uses : benefits of Fennel seed: It is carminative and mild stimulant. Fennel Seeds 12 more... We hold expertise in manufacturing, exporting and supplying of Fennel Seeds in India. Fennel water is commonly given to infants as medicine. Climatic Requirements Cool and dry climate is best for the cultivation of fennel crop. Black Pepper Seeds 4. 2 0 obj Red chili Power 7. Fennel is useful in the treatment of anemia. Other Benefits  Fennel is known in various names in different parts of the country. Suminter India Organics Distributes Indigenous (Desi) Cow to Farmers, Big News for Farmers: Centre Increases MSP for Six Rabi Crops, Farmers will Get Rs. Harvesting Fennel seeds alone or in combination with sugar are used as a mouth freshener in India. Attributed with the power to bestow long life, courage, strength and even to ward off evil spirits, we modern plant people highly reg, Moreover, the system is well managed by our team of experts. Care must be taken not to sun-dry the umbels too long as long exposure of seeds to the sun reduces the quality of the produce. Hence, they are widely demanded and extensively eaten after meals. Cloves 3. 15 Lakh through PM Kisan FPO Yojana 2020; Check Details and Method to Apply, Agriculture reform Bills introduced amidst Opposition, farmers’ protests, New discovery of protein in plants’ immune systems can help create superior crops, boost agriculture, PM Modi launches Rs 20,050-crore PMMSY scheme to boost fisheries sector, Chickpeas Farming: Varieties, Climate Requirement, Harvesting, Yield and Economics, PM-Kisan Yojana Scam: Rs 2.25 crore Recovered from Ineligible Farmers’ Accounts; Crime Branch-CID Arrests Woman, State Bank of India launches new feature on YONO Krishi Platform for Farmers, COVID-19: Delayed wheat harvest has Bihar worried over seeds, Coastal Farmers Harvest Riches With Hardy Vetiver, India’s bumper cane crop will cause a global sugar glut again in 2020, Tamil Nadu tops in coverage under micro-irrigation for 2019, International yoga day (Yog diwas) with Yog bharati.