Fennel Seeds which grows well in mild climates is an oval, green or yellowish brown dried aromatic ripe fruit of an herbaceous plant called Foeniculum Vulgare, a member of Parsley family. xref Weed control is a critical strep in Fennel cultivation. Decided to come back to farming, agriculture sector as a Farmer and Writer. Fennel has unique properties that are similar to estrogen, and are used by many of the mothers to increase the supply of breast milk. In addition to its us, qualitative. You may be interested in Indoor Gardening Ideas. After that, it should be irrigated every 15-21 days of interval. endstream endobj 34 0 obj <> endobj 35 0 obj <>stream ?�^}z^�. In addition to its us more... We are Kheda(India) based organization and have become the primary choice of the buyers since our products are qualitative. Profit = Income – costs involved = Rs.80,000 – Rs.53,900 = Rs. MAT was created under the direct tax laws to collect minimum tax from the ‘zero-tax paying companies,’ which claim exemptions or deductions under various provisions of the Income Tax Act. First Floor,  India stands first in the production of Fennel seeds in the world. The inspection is done on the initial stages to make the final produ, Variyali in India. It is used as a flavoring agent in many of the dishes, soups, etc. Indiastat.com is now providing facility to create various charts and India's map with state boundaries and created charts can be saved in .jpg, .pdf and .png file formats and maps in .png file format. 0000001676 00000 n Diseases like Powdery mildew, Leaf blights, Fusarium wilt, etc. Fennel requires cool and dry conditions for seed setting which results in good yield and quality. We are staffed with a team of professionals who hold immense knowledge in this domain. The average area, production and productivity of last five years are 13,404 ha, 11,085 tones, 827 kg/ha respectively (Vital Agriculture Statistics (2011-12). Our fennel seeds have very high demand in the industries like food processing and medicines. 0000034654 00000 n 10,000 per quintal. 0000016311 00000 n 0000015766 00000 n '0������B631ʈ�(>H��rf�{�z��E�d�Ʀ�@�qFAa p�K��L�@� �]�"��,*��-�=Hf8Ǵ���m����:aLk��%��900t6�`��e"�C��;�L�X��m੐X �`s�c�j�/l�d59�1��f0?a�俜��s�v�o�=Ә�K��z���o`n��L�~�Pbg e`>��# ^` �&V The production of fennel is affected by various insect- pests like aphid: Hyadaphis coriandri He plans collaborating his agriculture, horticulture and farming knowledge into a subject of help to all those who wish grow crops, venture into farming or gardening. ���٦�N8Wћ��7�g_�q�����E7�X�׺�3 ���k٢�B��PS�o��;�y�Q'a�3UW�З��]P�1����4� Fax : 91-11-25611640, Spectrum Books Pvt. Fennel Seeds which grows well in mild climates is an oval, green or yellowish brown dried aromatic ripe fruit of an herbaceous plant called Foeniculum Vulgare, a member of Parsley family. Fennel Seeds is known as Sounff or Variyali in India. Flowering and seed formation is an important stage for good yield and quality so proper moisture level has to be maintained to increase the yield; water stress and waterlogging condition should be avoided at this stage. Fax : 91-11-25611640, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, The Gujarat Chief Minister on October 05, 2020, released the sanction letters to two farmer producer organisations (FPOs) for a NABARD-supported Organic Spices Seed Park for, Extremely Rapid Diagnostic Test for Covid-19 Developed, Lab-Developed Mini Lungs to Watch Coronavirus Impact in Real Time. & 104.55 lakhbales production Cotton •30% production of the country •18.05 lakh ha. Requests have also been made to the government to expand this model to replicate it in other districts. You should not miss the Sorghum Cultivation Income, Project Report. 0000014470 00000 n However, major production states of fennel seed are Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, and Haryana. Fennel Seed is prepared by grinding best quality Fennel Seeds. ]�/���v:WߥWy‡�&�B�`� ��M`�T�-�D�'�i`H�3�Ϙ��f�}`^ ���rf�,u3�kěaoFjY�eD߰�}��F� �ѷ���3L|�� ���'������� ���t�ϖ=ۉg+�,ײ��I�)�Cp4]�w��,�ԯ �z� The hub of country’s jeera trade, Unjha in Mehsana district of Gujarat Fennel Seed or Aniseed (Sonf) Aniseed are similar to cumin seed but bigger in size greenish in colour. Fennel seeds are stout and are used as an aromatic spice. Fennel cultivation is done through seeds; seeds can be directly sown in the field. 0000016819 00000 n School, Kamla Nehru Baug, Porbandar, Gujarat - 360575, India, © Salmon Aquatic Products Pvt. The pH of the soil should be 6.5-8. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) is also working on a concept of ‘value-chain finance’ with a view to pushing value-addition. 0000003572 00000 n Spectrum Books Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved (Terms of Use), Clay & Ceramic Decorative Roofing Tiles, Extraneous  Foreign  Matter (% by Weight). Fennel Seeds which grows well in mild climates is an oval, green or yellowish brown dried aromatic ripe fruit of an herbaceous plant called Foeniculum Vulgare, a member of Parsley family. Well drained loamy soil or black or sandy soil rich in organic matter is suitable for fennel cultivation. 0000023100 00000 n There are 8000 FPOs in India, each with average about 300–400 farmers as members. It is a hardy, perennial herb with yellow flowers and feathery leaves.It is indigenous to the shores of the Mediterranean but has become widely naturalized in many parts of the world, especially on dry soils near the sea-coast and on riverbanks.. CO 1, UF 32, PF 35 and Gujarat Fennel 1. 0000048356 00000 n For Contents in Hindi go to hindi.spectrumindiaonline.com हिंदी में कंटेंट्स के लिए -hindi.spectrumindiaonline.com, DigiLocker for Pensioners to Store Pension Payment Order, RBI Report Reveals Currency in Circulation at Pre-demonetisation Levels, 1952 Olympic 400 Hurdles Champ Passed Away, First Two Organic Spices Seed Parks to come up in Gujarat. •84% production in country •4.91 lakh ha. 0000103424 00000 n Effect of planting geometry and nitrogen application through fertigation on production and quality of sugarcane, Digital literacy among student community in management institutes in Davanagere District, Karnataka State, India, "Institutional Changes in Delivery of Agricultural Inputs and Services to Farm Households in India", Impact of Lagged Urbanization on the Process of Urbanization in India, Impact of Wheat and Rice Export Ban on Indian Market Integration, "Standardization of Seedling Characteristics for Paddy Transplanter", Integrated model shows that atmospheric brown clouds and greenhouse gases have reduced rice harvests in India, Recent climate and air pollution impacts on Indian agriculture, "Vertical Integration Paving Way to Organised Retailing in Indian Poultry Industry", Why tax effort falls short of capacity in Indian states: A Stochastic frontier approach, "Design, Modeling and Simulation of Prostate Cancer Biosensor with ssDNA biomarker and DGFET Biosensor", Forest area estimation and reporting: implications for conservation, management and REDD, THE CHALLENGES CONFRONTING PUBLIC HOSPITALS IN INDIA, THEIR ORIGINS AND POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS, Ordeal Mechanisms and Information in the Promotion of Health Goods in Developing Countries: Evidence From Rural China. Major Production Sates of Fennel in India:- Fennel is grown throughout India. Generally, 1 acre requires 5-6 Kg of seeds for sowing directly. 0000006664 00000 n Based upon the variety the farmer has chosen Fennel seeds to require a minimum of 6 months to get mature after sowing. Empirical evidence of the impact of socioeconomic factors on crime in India", Petroleum Subsidies and Macroeconomic Variables in India, Examination of regional-level efficient refuge requirements for Bt cotton in India, Party Systems and Public Goods: The Dynamics of Good Governance in the Indian States, Optimal organization of surrogacy contracts and underinvestment, Global oil industry and Indian economy: An analyses from 1970s upto global recession (1970-2008), Poverty and Inequality under Democratic Competition, Corporate debt market in India: Lessons from the South African experience, Corporate Debt Market in India: Lessons from the South African Experience, Family Planning Knowledge, Use and Non-use: A Cross Sectional Study in Meghalaya, India. Gujarat occupies first rank having 38130 ha area with production of 79240 tonne and productivity of 2078 kg ha-1 in 2017-18 which was 82 per cent of its total production in India (Anonymous, 2019) [1]. FYM of 10-12 tons is added to the field (1 acre). 26,100. 0000009492 00000 n 0000004169 00000 n The whole fennel seeds we make available in the market are procured from the natural sources and are absolutely free from impurities.