Thrup'ny Bit Grand Master Curmudgeon Strat-Talk Supporter. Tremolo Arm. M6 thread. For standard tremolo with 2-point attachment. I don't ever actually use the bar. £5.40. The BladeRunner maintains the classic trem style, but out performs all other non-locking tremolos. When purely talking about a decked tremolo (5 springs and bridge plate flush with body) I don't understand how anyone could say definitively that the vintage 6-screw bridges provide better tone than the modern 2-post design due to "more contact points to the body." Fender Tremolobar Squier. Available immediately. Product … Standard Delivery Times. It's a vibrato system that uses a vibrato bar. Available immediately. Question. Compare. We've spent a lot of time perfecting the fulcrum points on this tremolo system so that they will maintain their strength while still being buttery smooth and super accurate. I … Thanks in advance. I've never played a 6-screw Strat trem that was as stable as my 2-point trems. 172. Suitable for Squier Bullet Stratocaster. I suppose it can be done, since I've seen people wrangle with a 6-screwer with good results, but I'm happy with my 2-pointers. Add to Basket. Is it / would it, be worth the trouble?. It has patented "Blade" technology, with truly frictionless action, and a positionable whammy bar. anybody here ever used this model tremolo? Very few Trems out there fit this spec. This model is designed for replacing the standard Fender style 6-screw tremolo on Strat style guitars. NEW Gotoh Chrome Vintage Strat TREMOLO Steel for Fender Stratocaster SB-0202-010 https: ... Just looking for an upgrade, and the saddles are a little chewed up (from a previous owner). swamptrash, Jan 26, 2020 #10. My body has the vintage 6 screw mount Fender spec at 2 7/32" and I want to go with the narrow string spacing at 2 1/8". Firstly I must point out the word tremolo is a misnomer. Any thoughts or recommendations will be appreciated. This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately. Mine work very well if I keep them cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted. Product page Guitars Upgrade Only Accessories for Tremolos of Guitars Upgrade . The idea that a world famous guitar manufacturer perpetuates this misunderstanding irks me to no end. The perfect upgrade for your 6 screw synchronized tremolo guitar. I deck them I just want something a little nicer and more sustain. Lol.