Q1: What is a circle and its components while considering engineering drawing? Single stroke letters are of two types. and which is suitable for drawing, The standard size of sheets according to I.S.I. Q7: What are the classification of lines in orthographic projection? The extended lettering are those which are wider than noramal letters but of the same. The uniformity of lettering means keeping the height, inclination, spacing and strength of letters to be. The guidelines are used to regulate the uniformity of the letters. (ii) Lowercase vertical freehand gothic lettering. in the types of lines, its abbreviations, symbols and its descriptions in the constructions. Now reverse the T-square and again draw, a horizontal line with working edge. It is spoken, read, and written in its own way. Q6: What are the different multisection views? Q5 – What are the standard sizes of drawing sheets according to I.S.I. purposes. 36216. Hard pencils. as gothic lettering. are generally shown in the, middle by the conventional breaks so as to accommodate their view of whole length on the drawing sheet. Drawing sheet of size 594 X 420 i.e. To convey ideas, shapes, dimension, procedures, for the manufacture or the construction, drawings are used in engineering. Q17 – What are the main requirements of lettering? Then reverse the set-square and draw again vertical line. Folding marks are made on the sheet to facilitate folding of prints for the purposes of filing and. Each view shows the shape of an object for a particular view direction and collectively the views describe the given object completely. drawing is a starting point of all engineering branches such as Mechanical, Production, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Computer science, Chemical etc. ENGINEERING DRAWING Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf Free Download. Half the diameter is called radius. This error should be rectified by scraping the edge with a scraper or a sharp knife. (ii) Sharpeners. Engineering, drawing has its own grammar in the theory of projections, its idioms in conventional practices, its punctuations. 1) Dimensioning expresses all the sizes and other information necessary to define the object. is known as. guidelines. Questions & Answers on Drawing Instruments, Sheet Layout & Free-Hand Sketching. (iv) Lower case italic freehand gothic lettering. Home MCQ Engg Drawing Engineering Drawing Objective Questions with Answers - Set 05 Engineering Drawing Objective Questions with Answers - Set 05 MCQ Engg Drawing Edit Practice Test: Question Set - 05. Q13 – What do you understand by thickness of lines? Q10 – List out the contents of title block and material list. The composition means the composing of letters into words and words into sentences. Why drawing is called universal language of engineers? :- Single stroke letters means that the thickness of the line of the letter should be such as is obtained in. Engineering work is completely based on this method of projection. A. used by engineering students as it is very handy and easy for drawing work in class. 1. The section plane are generally perpendicular planes. Q12 – What do you mean by convention or code? 1339 kb/s. engineering graphics mcqs pdf Question bank. Q20 – What do you mean by uniformity of letters? Now a days, cello tapes are used in place of drawing pins for its practical convenience as the drafter, T-. Engineering Drawing Short Questions And ... 6764 kb/s. The art of writing the alphabets without the use of drawing instrument is called freehand lettering. Engineering Drawing Mostly Asked 500 MCQ PDF Chapter Wise For RRB ALP/Technician 2018 CBT 2 RRB ALP/Technician Stage 2 CBT exam is going to conduct from 21st Of January 2019. These are to be drawn at random. and H.T. The widths of the condensed letters are less than height. Question4: What do you understand by the V.T. If both the lines coincide with each other, then the working edge of T-, square is alright. Q24 – What is the gothic and roman lettering? Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. 4) The knowledge of rules for combining letters into words and words into sentences. Q5: What are the classification of axonometric projections? Download Engineering Drawing Short Questions And Answers Pdf: FileName. The lettering in which all the alphabets are of uniform width or thickness is known. Orthographic projection is the basis of all descriptive geometry procedures. (iii) Single stroke italic freehand gothic lettering. The conventions make the drawing simple and easy to draw. Q1 - Define engineering drawing. The width of the normal letter is about 0.67 times of the height of the letter. the edges by means of a scraper or sand paper. 1164 kb/s. HB and H grade pencils sharpened to a conical point should be used for lettering. The normal lettering have normal height and width and are used for general. Q3 – Why pencil is rotated in finger while drawing a long line? Q26 – What should be the grade of pencil used for lettering? Q19 – What do you mean by composition of letters? code. Q7 – Why cello-tape is used instead of drawing pins, now a day? To keep the stroke of, the letters uniform, the pencils should be rotated between the thumb and fingers while lettering. plane is drawn in a drawing to show the inner details of an object. Symbols denoting the method of projection. A4: Four principal type of projection are. A3: Theory of projection is the base for the background information necessary to shape representation in graphics. A drawing drawn by an engineer having engineering knowledge for the drawing purposes is an, engineering drawing. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Engineering Drawing Pdf 1st Year Notes & PPTs – EDP Notes | Free Lecture Notes download. This error can be removed by straightening. Q22 – What are the guidelines and why they are necessary in lettering? Final design is then reproduced and sent to the job site or the shop. Engineering Drawing Short Questions - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Why are sectional views used in drawing? same. 17708. Inclined or italic freehand gothic lettering. (i) Single stroke vertical freehand gothic lettering. Q11 – What is the necessity of folding a drawing print? Q21 – What do you mean by normal, compressed and extended lettering? Q23 – What do you mean by single stroke letters? The projection of a section plane, to which it is, perpendicular, is a straight line. unnecessary time or space on the drawing. The exact length of the member is shown by the dimension. Usually hard pencils such as H, 2H etc are used for making the engineering. The pencil is rotated in finger while drawing a long line in order to get a line of uniform thickness. 2) The knowledge of the order and direction of the strokes used in making letters. Engineering. are A, (210 X 148). Q2 - Name different types of drawing instruments. This line will be parallel, perpendicular or inclined to the x-y line. Engineering Drawing Short Questions And Answers Pdf | added by request. such as 2H or 3H should be used to draw guidelines. Speed. Engineering Drawing Short Questions And Answers Pdf | NEW. panel, folding marks etc. Q15 – What is the necessity of convention breaks and convention of materials? A2: Primary means of graphic communication which is used in engineering work is called multi view orthographic projection. The title block should contain at least the following informations. Q14 – Where and why a cutting plane is drawn in a drawing? Q3: What are the two fundamental methods of shape representation used in engineering drawing? Tags Engineering drawing Engineering drawing notes engineering drawing notes free download engineering drawing pdf Engineering drawing ppt, Your email address will not be published. one stroke of the pencil. 1st Year, Notes, PPT files, Subject Notes Note : Please watch the video to know the best way to understand the ppt and its usage before you download the file. Engineering Drawing Pdf 1st Year Notes & PPTs – EDP Pdf Notes, JNTUK 1-2 Results 2016 Released (R13,R10,R07,R05) B.Tech Regular/Supply – May 2016, Introduction to Aerospace Engineering Pdf Notes – IAE Notes | Free Lecture Notes download, Conversion of Pictorial View into Orthographic Views, Diameter: The straight distance from a outside curved surface to the opposite outside curved surface through the center point, Radius: The distance between the center point and the outside curved surface is called radius. A7: Classification of lines in orthographic projection is based on parallelism, direction, and type. so arranged that the open area between two letters of a word appears equal to the eye judgement. A pure, complete set of dimension permits only one interpretation needed to construct the part. The process of dimensioning should follow the below guidelines. without reducing the scale. The conventional representation of common features are adopted on the drawing to save the. A1: A closed curve which has a center point and all the points on the curve are at the same distance from the center point. Question2: Name the principal planes of projection. It can be divided into following groups. important short questions of engineering drawing, 86% found this document useful (35 votes), 86% found this document useful, Mark this document as useful, 14% found this document not useful, Mark this document as not useful, Save Engineering Drawing Short Questions For Later.