Yet there are many houses that are multi-generational. Both leading candidates are deeply flawed. Newcomer Brian Pastor garnered 17% of the vote. I ask them if they are registered to vote, and some say yes, some say no. These people would help direct traffic if there was an accident, they would respond to non-violent crimes. Three candidates are facing off to become the next mayor of Elk Grove: incumbent Steve Ly, School Board Trustee Bobbie Singh-Allen, and consultant Brian Pastor. The Elk Grove mayoral race is perhaps one of the most contentious local races in the Sacramento region. In terms of hobbies, I’m a foodie! Kaiser is the closest thing we have to that in Elk Grove, and they are in South Sac. The seniors or the elderly would be at the top of the sandwich, whereas the youth and children would be at the bottom of the sandwich. Elk Grove Family Remembers Joel Broussard After Life Cut Short In I-5 Crash, Download the updated CBS Sacramento News app for iOS and Android, California State Prison-Sacramento Inmate Shot And Killed While Allegedly Attacking Another Inmate, CHP Investigating Another Freeway Shooting After Vehicle Hit On I-5 in Natomas, Suspect In Custody After Early Morning Shooting In South Sacramento, Police Arrest Tracy Man Accused Of Kidnapping, Rape And Making Terrorist Threats, Elk Grove Man, 40, Killed In Crash On Interstate 80, CHP: Car Left With Bullet Holes After Shooting Along I-5 In Natomas, Gov. “We’ve been inspired to see the political engagement by Sikhs in Canada, and I think these are part of the larger narrative that has inspired many to look to serve in different capacities,” Singh said, referencing prime minister candidate Jagmeet Singh’s run for office last year. To inquire about our advertising opportunities and get a copy of our Elk Grove Tribune & Elk Grove Proud Media Kit, contact our Editor at [email protected] Local Republicans that support Trump or fail to speak out against him are a very real part of the problem. Even though I was born in New York, I grew up in Sacramento. Some seniors want to return back to the workforce and we need to provide them with that opportunity. What hobbies are you into? I oppose the elimination of the elected mayoral position.Elk Grove needs an elected official although it is the same weight in voting strength on the council (1/5 vote) it gives the citizens of Elk Grove the choice to choose the face of Elk Grove. The seniors or the elderly would be at the top of the sandwich, whereas the youth and children would be at the bottom of the sandwich. Founded 11 January 2008. In that role, she opposed legislation that provided panic buttons for hotel employees at risk of sexual assault and paid leave for employees assaulted on the job. ELK GROVE (CBS13) — A local mayors race turns violent after one of the candidates was threatened on social media. So I am what you call a clinical documentation consultant. How do you think it will work? Ly denies claims of involvement and has condemned any such actions toward women. California Coronavirus Updates: California Assembly to meet in Golden 1 Center for new session, California Coronavirus Updates: Four More Counties Move To Most Restrictive Rier, Sacramento Sheriff’s Office Breaks COVID-19 Enforcement Commitment After Collecting Millions In Federal Relief Funding, In Stockton, A Dying Daily Paper And Disinformation Affected Mayor Michael Tubbs’ Reelection, EDD Sent Up To $1 Billion Of Unemployment Funds To Prison And Jail Inmates, Prosecutors Say, 7055 Folsom Boulevard Here you had a second generation Sikh woman who was able to become the mayor of Elk Grove,” Singh said. She also worked to elect a Republican over endorsed Democrat Maureen Craft in 2016. Further, we commend the women that have come forward and we commit ourselves to supporting efforts to rid our society of harassment in the workplace and in political spaces. We need a mayor that believes in service above self that would lead in an economic recovery and really pay attention to the best needs of our community -- things like traffic congestion, public safety, and jobs growth,” Singh-Allen said. In continuing to promote these false accusations, Steve is taking attention away from the actual racism that is rampant in our communities, but that does not seem to bother him. We are your community Elk Grove News site. “We’ve dealt with a lot of hate crimes and racism, it hasn’t been easy assimilating. We do not have a way to rapidly respond to emergencies. The mayor is chosen by the city from an all-district vote not a single district. Interviewer: What is your reason for running for the position of Mayor of Elk Grove? But the more Sikhs are involved in the community, the more awareness we have [with] our greater community that we have the same American values as well,” she said. Learn how your comment data is processed. While this has most often happened in Democratic strongholds, it has also happened in certain conservative Republican areas off the state. Mandeep Pharwala, president of the Punjabi Cultural Society of Sacramento, said the whole Sikh community supported Singh-Allen’s run, and they were excited to see how she would lead. “I’ve been around since 1987 and been in Elk Grove so we have seen Bobbie since then, I think she deserved it, it was her hard work and dedication.”. His continued efforts to tarnish Bobbie's name simply highlight the unethical lengths he is willing to go to smear a political opponent, even if it means using Elk Grove's Hmong community - of which he is a member - to dishonestly further his own political ambitions. There are not enough jobs to support households. There are a lot of activities for the youth, but there are not enough for seniors. My work experience, and I have a deep passion for helping my community. In District 3, Kevin Spease held off four other challengers to replace Steve Detrick who decided not to seek re-election. There are a number of other instances where Singh-Allen has sided with the Republican Party. Mayor Steve Ly’s conduct has been the subject of much discussion, and rightly so given his unacceptable behavior. The school counselor has lived in Elk Grove for 22 years. They love to socialize and they are missing out on that. The deadline to register to vote is October 19, 2020. In a year dominated by a worldwide pandemic and politics, it has been difficult to find things to be thankful for in 2020 but there are some... Elk Grove Mayor-elect Bobbie Singh-Allen. Why do you think you’re a good fit for Mayor? The Elk Grove Police Department is aware of the threat. So in a sandwich, I would be the meat. What hobbies are you into? Let’s say we have a patient who has had asthma when he was 7, but he is now in this twenties and hasn’t had an asthma attack. Pastor is 43 and has lived in Elk Grove since 2005. As Democrats, we consider it our duty to provide this information to voters so that they may make an informed decision. But most of the time I cook. ELK GROVE (CBS13) — A local mayors race turns violent after one of the candidates was threatened on social media. If you haven’t already, please register to vote as your vote counts. Our backgrounds include those that have supported Mayor Ly in previous elections and those that have supported Trustee Singh-Allen. In early returns, Elk Grove School District Trustee Bobbie Singh-Allen is in the lead in the Elk Grove mayoral race. All of us together compromise the sandwich. Read Full Bio. “It’s a Hmong individual. I ask them if they are registered to vote, and some say yes, some say no. Our content comes from local authors from throughout the community. “The message was extremely offensive calling me a racist and ended saying that he wished I die a slow death,” Singh-Allen said. During this current election, when it is more important than ever that we elect Democrats, Singh-Allen is again endorsing a white male Republican for Council ahead of well-qualified Democrats, people of color like Maureen Craft and Amandeep Singh. Our seniors and our youth could rely on public transit to get to where they need to go. I also want more civic engagement from our youth. I want to help people. I collect cars and I’ve been to trade shows from San Diego to Las Vegas. For assistance accessing our public files, please call 916-278-8900 or email us. A lot of these properties are either privately owned or corporate-owned, and business owners are renting. EGUSD School Board Trustee had defeated incumbent Mayor Steve Ly in a race that saw both candidates raise over $500,000 combined. For the Punjabi-Sikh community in Elk Grove, her win has been celebrated because many say they’ll finally see representation at the highest level of the city. Meanwhile, clinical documentation consultant Brian Pastor, a 15-year resident of Elk Grove, comes from a family of Filipino immigrants. Elk Grove voters are selecting a mayor and ballots are now arriving in mailboxes.