Acoustics are not as friendly as electrics when it comes to setting saddle height. Why Are Saddles Different Heights? Do check him out if you're UK based and need an awesome guitar setup! Now we're going to learn how to set the saddle height correctly! 50 Electric guitars have adjustable bridge saddles meaning you can twiddle or undo your work, but with a careful and methodical approach there is a way to give your acoustic a better action. Checking and adjusting saddle height 3. As a consequence a lot of acoustic guitars are left with the wrong action. Checking and adjusting the intonation (how far back or forward the saddles need to sit at the bridge to keep your guitar as in tune as possible no matter what fret you’re playing) If the strings are too high, the instrument is a chore to play. How to Adjust String Height (Electric Guitar or Bass) Changing the string height can have a drastic affect on the feel and functionality of the guitar. ELECTRIC GUITAR SET-UP To put your guitar in top playing shape, follow the five steps presented here. The outer thumb wheels beneath the bridge control it's overall height. Tone Up Electric Guitar Saddles Sever Innovations has developed a new style of electric guitar saddle that will improve the tone and sustain of your guitar. String height or action describes the distance between the top of your frets to the bottom of your strings. Electric Guitar Bridges Tune O Matic (TOM) Bridges The saddles on a tune-o-matic style bridge are raised and lowered as a unit. Because the top of a flat top guitar takes on a greater arch (belly) with time, the saddle gives us the ability to lower the action when this arching raises string height further above the frets. Firstly, they are made completely from Stainless Steel. Guitar Saddle Bridge Height Adjustment Hex Screws set (12) for US/Inch and Metric - MonsterBolts (Metric - M3 x 6mm, Stainless Steel) 4.8 out of 5 stars 108 $3.50 $ 3 . This distance plays a key role in your setup because it determines the ease in which your guitar can be played. Instead, shims are added or removed from the bridge saddle slot beneath the pickup to adjust string height. Big thanks to Charlie Chandler for helping me with these series. The capo is there on Fret 1 to