All human needs are equal and uncompromising. Any need denied can also result in conflict. The economic conflict theory has been criticized for its tendency for reducing all causes of conflict to econo mic reasons and other related variables. sourced 22, Collier, P., & Hoefflier, A. The protracted social conflict theory examines the root causes, effects and the implications of conflicts in a society or country which are protracted or intractable. He states that human needs include development needs, security needs, political access needs and identity/acceptance needs (cultural and religious expression). It can be used to increase value across a wide range of categories such as financial, social, physical, intellectual, etc. The last condition for PSC is the role of international linkage. A conjectural model of political conflict: the impact of political op, Toyo, E. (2011) An Economic Perspective of internal Security in Nigeria‟s Northeast. Azar maintains that the communal content remains the most important cause of protracted social conflicts. Jour,, Coser, L. A. Many theories of conflict exist in explaining the nature of conflict in society. The author's thanks are owed to many people. B. The first to argue publicly for partition as a humanitarian solution was John J. Mearsheimer, "Shrink Bosnia to Save It," New York Times, March 31, 1993. To avoid discounting fundamentally similar conflicts because of differences in international legal status, "civil" wars are defined here as those among "geographically contiguous people concerned about possibly having to live with one another in the same political unit after the conflict." Charalambous Tower 5. Conflict resolution involves both needs and interest being adequately met. Thus the Abkhazian rebellion in Georgia and the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan are both properly considered ethnic civil wars. (2000). 98 (Spring 1995), pp. According to Rosati (1990), humans have basic needs which they seek to fulfill. Thus, the theory examines conflicts which keep recurring and seem almost irresolvable (Reiman, 2000). Crises working paper no. These satisfiers can be compromised but the needs themselves cannot. (2008). A Swamp full of dollars: Pipelines and paramilitaries at Nigeria‟s oil fro, Reno, W. (1993). New conflicts arising within many countries arise from other factors such as identity, ethnicity and religion other than only economic factors. The article uses the traditional contexts of Ogu and Yoruba of West Africa but draws examples mostly from Yoruba proverbs to present their epistemological significance in traditional African education. Post- conflict risks. Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. This article analyses the impugnation of the general Assembly of the Association The Papagayo, by irregularities in his constitution, specifically concerning the designation of the president and the secretary of the Assembly at the beginning. The TSJC considers that the default of this designation goes against the law, in front of the appellants, that assimilate the case to a statutory, The 1813 Battle of Leipzig inspired a century of conflicting commemorations, culminating in the unveiling of a massive monument in 1913. In conjunction with our theory, this robust empirical finding suggests that (statistically speaking) Hindu groups have been the aggressor in Hindu-Muslim vio- lence in post-Independence India. 3 (September 1994), pp.