Court sorcerer staff +10 and flame of pyromancy +10. Is that still the case and would it be worth using it? High Health/Strenth=hard hitting tank. This Build would perfectly suit for every situation. Once you get to the carthus dungeons cut the bridge leading to the High lord Wolnir boss and descend into smoldering lake. Right now I know I want 60 faith, but I'm unsure of the other stats in regard to vigor, endurance, strength, and dexterity. Starting with the Assassin is recommended, since the Estoc is a godlike weapon and the Spook Spell is of great use troughout the game. It takes a Noob to Slay a Noob! 1 Availability 2 Characteristics 3 Moveset 4 Upgrades 5 Gallery The Sunlight Straight Sword is dropped by Solaire of Astora. faith is for weapon buffs(darkmoon/lightning blade/blessed weapon), great magic barrier,(and maybe a healing spell because you should have more ash estus flasks than most), attunement is needed for at least 6 slots for miracles, arts( and some other odd useful spells) and most importantly enough focus, dex for the use of curved swords on which this build is built on(my favorite weapon is the painting guardian's curved sword due to it’s weapon art and above average dex scaling.Problem is that you get this weapon after you are accustomed to another weapon), I capped strength at 24 only because to get some of the boss soul exchange curved swords you a higher strength stat. (optional) Buy another Estoc/Rapier and infuse it with Lightning once your faith is above 40, for those bosses where you feel uncomfortable with buffing and those people who de-buff you with duel charms in PvP.11. 106-110. (Without the Faith parts you will reach level 89 and can spend these extra points to 120 on stats like Strength, Endurance, and Vigor or whatever you want). natural buff stacks with resins or faith buff i.e. Just upgrade sword meanwhile and all will be good. Weapons: Right Hand: Sellsword Twinblades or Gravewarden Twinblades Left Hand: Pyromancy Flame and Old Wolf Curved Sword Rings: Pontiff's Left Eye Ring, Pontiff's Right Eye Ring, Chloranthy Ring +2, Lingering Dragoncrest Ring+2 The idea is to use the healing and attack bonus effect from Pontiff's ring and the Curved Sword to sustain an aggressive playstyle. No parry and no blocking means you will have to be on point with your dodges and stamina management. Once in smoldering lake head to the demon ruins (to the right of the demon boss fog gate) and progress until you see a lava lake in the very bottom point of the demon ruins to find knight slayer tsorig. Any enemies will die too fast. ( 6 slots )7) ESTUS ALLOCATION: 9 HP, 6 FP. black fire orb on the side. For help on creating your own build, see the. It comprends: silver knight helm and armor, exile gauntlets and leggins, black knight sword and shield. Use the Partizan with both hands and the extremely long range as well as the varied attacks (thrusting and sweeping) makes it a force to be reckoned with. Wears a mixture of medium armour to keep him/herself mobile and protected. Remind Bosses and enemies alike the power of Solaire. This is a continuation from the list of builds above. Use the Spear, but try to do so in melee range. 1040 AR potential. And in the endgame locations you will annihilate everything with the inherently fast Spear Miracles and the Lightning Weapon buff. Strength and Dexterity, Vigor and Endurance. Infuse your Estoc with a Raw Gem as soon as possible. Pontiff Hunter, basically. Saw a Link build here and there, and if anyone wants to do a link challange; Invlolves as much gear as possible to reference the many iterations of Link. Carthus Beacon pyromancy with the dragoncrest ring is to add to the attack bonus for the aggressive play. Both unbuffable and not infusable2. Faith and Intelligence; Mace or any that requires 12 Strength or less and Crystal Chime. Requires timing for maximum buff stacks. 1. Capitalizes on Mundane DPS and has a spell for the elemental advantage in every situation. Start pumping points in Faith until you hit 30, and get the Carthus Flame Arc pyromancy-buff. Equip Morne's Ring, Ring of Sun's Firstborn and (optional) the Lightning Clutch Ring as well al Lloyd's Sword Ring for devastating damage results.10. You will be able to go full out lightning mage with  Morne's Ring + Ring of Sun's Firstborn + Lightning Clutch + Ring of Dusk/Lloyd's Sword Ring, or you can keep the melee approach with something like Chloranthy Ring, Hornet Ring, Leo Ring, Ring of Favor and Protection, Lloyd's Sword Ring, Flynn's Ring etc. Get creative if my versions aren't enough! These items are essential so you do not have to put any points into endurance. However, if that is not working out for you (like against poison), replace it with one or two miracles (Replenishment and Blessed Weapon are safe choices). It is theorised that a dragonslaying executioner was the son of an infamous deserter from Mirrah was long forgotten that he rose from his grave to kill Pontiff Sulyvahn and his faithful knights and to kill any of their allies. For stats, mainly a faith/dex build, however I started as a knight; Vig 30 Att 15 End 30 Vit 20 Str 20 Dex 40 Int 14 Fth 40 Luck 7 For the most part, gunna use sharp infusion, refined doesn't help nearly as much as I initially though with the 20 str. Slaughter everything and everybody as you go and get the Sunlight Spear Miracle. In this guide shows how you become a Lothric Knight in the early game. 10 PVE: Bleed Caster Strangely, the Dorhy's Gnawing and Gnaw spells count as miracles that scale with faith. L2, R2 on proper timing is game over. I'm looking for any type of build that focuses heavily on large weapons and elemental damage (fire, lightning, bleed, poison) anyone got any suggestions, after going through all these builds ive found nothing. With this build you will not feel powerless at any point of your playtrough. Edit: This is for PvP, by the way Ultimate NG Playthrough Hybrid Builds (Co-Op, Invasion, and Duels). After all, this is a Souls' game... how can you call yourself the ultimate jolly cooperator, invader, or duelist... if you can't meet the challenges required for any level? Sorcerer (or assassin, explained on build). This would be a hybrid dex/attunement/faith build. A community dedicated to everything about Dark Souls 3. Coming off bloodborne’s constantly moving combat, no blocking (especially if you used the blades of mercy) made me think of this build. I recommend focusing on investing in vitality and strength, then spending extra souls on attunement and intelligence later in the game, as well as endurance or vigor if you feel it is necessary. Its three cool rings. Past SL100 I would reccomend only levelling DEX and INT. This is strictly a low-level coop and/or invasion build. So how good a weapon is it now? Other 1 slot for ring you can choose itself. Regardless of all that, though, it's still hard to disrespect just how much damage it can do. This set is heavy and definitely requires 25+ vitality.