6 Reasons Why Your Cold Won’t Go Away. “You want to give your body what it needs to heal and combat your illness. ), “People should practice moderation and use their judgment,” she says. Lee and Noronha do note that it’s extremely uncommon to develop water intoxication in a non-exercise setting, especially when a person has normal kidney function. Reviewed Instead of waiting to hydrate once already sick, people who care about their health should develop a daily habit of proactively drinking plenty of fluids. Shah agrees that this is a real possibility—but says those cases are few and far between, and should be discussed between doctors and patients at the time of diagnosis. How to handle a physician who doubts or dismisses your symptoms. Health.com is part of the Meredith Health Group. “It makes you feel better, but there is no clear indication that it directly protects you against complications.” | Livestrong.com © 2005 - 2019 WebMD LLC. Can you get sick from not sleeping enough? Plus, you lose fluid as your body makes mucus and it drains away. Once doctors realized what was happening, the woman admitted to drinking several liters of water that day in an attempt to help treat her UTI. You need to drink plenty of water when you're sick to stay hydrated. Here's What a Nutritionist Thinks. Carol DerSarkissian A fever draws moisture out of your body. Reviewed When you get a virus or infection, your first instinct may be to drink lots of water or hot tea; after all, we’ve all heard the advice to stay hydrated when you’re sick. Health.com may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. by From easier cramps to a heavier flow, here's a guide on what to expect decade by decade. This article originally appeared on RealSimple.com. When you get a virus or infection, your first instinct may be to drink lots of water or hot tea; after all, we’ve all heard the advice to stay hydrated when you’re sick. But this isn’t the first time the condition has been blamed on that old advice to drink fluids while sick: The authors of the case report also mention another case in which a woman died from hyponatremia after drinking an excessive amount of water during an episode of stomach flu. January 16, 2020, Medically “It’s more to rebalance your electrolytes and blood volume, rather than to directly affect the infection or treat the problem itself,” she says. How can I treat my flu symptoms if I'm pregnant? (The eight-glasses-a-day advice isn’t exact science, but many experts still say it’s a good goal to aim for. For most people, she says, aiming for eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day is a “good standard” whether you’re sick or not, and increasing that amount slightly while you’re not feeling well or fighting an infection probably isn’t a bad idea. Here are the ones you need to pay attention to, and how to know if you may have an anxiety disorder. All rights reserved. Some drinks are great for easing symptoms, and others may make them worse. American Psychological Association: “Stress Weakens the Immune System.”, Carnegie Mellon University: “Stress on Disease.”, University of Rochester Medical Center: “Cold vs. Allergy: How Do I Know the Difference?”, Brown University: “Health Promotion: Colds.”, NIH: “Three Studies Find Echinacea Ineffective Against the Common Cold.”, UpToDate: “The Common Cold in Adults: Treatment and Prevention.”, UpToDate: “Clinical Use of Echinacea.”, American College of Sports Medicine: “Exercise and the Common Cold.”, From: Offers may be subject to change without notice. additional information. And, she says, there are plenty of legitimate reasons doctors recommend staying hydrated. But what, exactly, should you put in your cup? Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site. Yes, staying hydrated while sick is important. Keep these tips in mind when you’re picking what to sip. They may also not feel up to eating or drinking as much as they normally do. Not getting enough fluids can affect the body’s ability to fight infection, she says, and people who are ill may not notice subtle signs of dehydration including dry lips, dry skin, headaches, fatigue, and decreased urination. Focus on maintaining your normal fluid intake and replacing what’s been lost, but don’t go overboard and drink multiple gallons of anything.”, To get our top stories delivered to your inbox, sign up for the Healthy Living newsletter. When you get a virus or infection, your first instinct may be to drink lots of water or hot tea; after all, we’ve all heard the advice to stay hydrated when you’re sick. All rights reserved. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health. Stay in your living room and still spike your heart rate. A fever draws moisture out of your body. Here's why a stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis can be so frightening. “We always caution anyone healthy and people who are sick to keep up fluid intake and keep mucus membranes moist,” William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University, explained to the Associated Press. How Long Does Coronavirus Live On Surfaces? All rights reserved. When you're sick, you hear it over and over: "Get plenty of fluids.” And it’s true. Here's What a Nutritionist Thinks. But drinking too much can be dangerous. Sign Up to Receive Our Free Coroanvirus Newsletter, Medically These drinks won’t help you get over your cold or flu, and some could do more harm than good.Â, Reviewed by Hansa D. Bhargava, MD on August 31, 2020, Harvard Health: “Can everyday spices make you healthier?” “What you eat can fuel or cool inflammation, a key driver of heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions.”, CDC: “The flu: Caring for Someone Sick at Home.”, Mayo Clinic: “Can chicken soup cure a cold?” “Cold remedies: What works, what doesn’t, what can’t hurt,” “Honey: An effective cough remedy?”, HealthyChildren.org: “Fruit Juice and Your Child’s Diet.”, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism: “Alcohol’s Effects on the Body,” “Influence of Alcohol and Gender on Immune Response.”, Chest: “Chicken Soup Inhibits Neutrophil Chemotaxis In Vitro.”, National Institutes of Health: “5 Tips: Natural Products for the Flu and Colds: What Does the Science Say?”. "I'm petrified," the actress said when she shared the news that her breast cancer came back. Here's What to Do, 9 Signs It's More Serious Than the Common Cold, How Your Period Changes During Your 20s, 30s, and 40s, 12 Anxiety Symptoms That Might Point to a Disorder, Shannen Doherty Reveals Stage 4 Breast Cancer Diagnosis—Here's What It Means, The Best (and Worst) Diets of 2020, According to Experts, 10 Moves for a Cardio Workout at Home—No Equipment Required, These 13 Women Prove Every Body Is a Bikini Body, 20 Things You Should Throw Away for Better Health, The Truth Behind the 'Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever' Saying, Is Celery Juice Actually Healthy? See But doctors at Kings College Hospital in London are warning against downing too many fluids during an illness, after a patient did just that—and developed potentially fatal water intoxication. In their case report, Lee and Noronha point out that some illnesses can drive up levels of antidiuretic hormones, which reduce the body’s excretion of water—and could, theoretically, lead to dangerously diluted sodium in the blood. on She said she’d been advised, during a previous infection, that drinking plenty of fluids would help to “flush out her system.”, RELATED: The Truth Behind the 'Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever' Saying, Doctors Laura Christine Lee and Maryann Noronha described this cautionary tale in the journal BMJ Case Reports, writing that there’s actually very little evidence for this type of advice. When you're sick, it's easy to get dehydrated. When should you get a flu shot if you're pregnant? Some drinks are great for easing symptoms, and others may make them worse. Keep these tips in mind when you’re picking what to sip. “Are there potential risks of this apparently harmless advice?” they asked. Drinking more water may also alleviate some of your symptoms and prevent a trip to the ER. WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The woman, a 59-year-old with a recurring urinary tract infection, was admitted to the hospital after becoming shaky, vomiting several times, and developing significant speech difficulties. 1/16/2020, UpToDate: “Patient information: The common cold in adults (Beyond the Basics).”. And that over-the-counter cold medicine you're taking to dry up your head can dry the rest of you out, too.