Yikes! I know, water can be boring! 7 easy sandwich alternatives to processed meat, Review: PC Express (formerly Click & Collect), The lowdown on peanut butter for heart health, Five Costco foods that aren’t as healthy as they look, Goldenberries are super, but please don’t call them a superfood, 20 Locally-sourced gifts for the heart-healthy kitchen, How three Calgary nurses are navigating COVID-19, 10 low-sugar beverages that aren’t (plain old) water, Choosing yogurt with heart health in mind, Bottle of Minute Maid orange juice (“never sweetened”, 450mL), Can of SanPellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverage (330mL). It’s a healthy journey, not a healthy standardized test where you have one shot to know everything. Clear American black raspberry from Walmart has sucralose in it. Most packets are full of terrible ingredients… and these are ones commonly found in grocery stores that would be a better alternative. Waterloo is one of my new favorite brands, too, but some of these others are a little cheaper. Thanks for a great article. The sugar is only 2g which isn’t terrible compared to the other options out there, and avoiding citric acid is a whole other discussion, sort of like avoiding “natural flavors.” :-/ I’d definitely suggest going with the other options, but I was hoping to provide something that’s not so bad for packets. Delicious, thirst-quenching Sanpellegrino® Aranciata is rooted in an all-Italian tradition.With this inspiration, Sanpellegrino has produced a genuine and authentic beverage since 1932. Note: Any items purchased after Good news! If the idea of reading labels or buying glass bottles stresses you out, just start where you are and go from there. Have you been hoodwinked by SanPellegrino? How many calories are in San Pellegrino Sparkling Water? Colas, not carbonated water, are associated with lower bone mineral density. Companies are required to put those things on the ingredient list, so if it just says those two things, you picked a good one! Those two brands look good – free from unnecessary sugars and chemicals, yay! Thus, Aranciata was born. A teaspoon of sugar is about 4 grams, so the recommendation translates into no more than about 6-12 teaspoons of free sugar a day. Crystal Light is sweetened with a combination of aspartame, acesulfame potassium, Sucralose, and/or sugar depending on the specific product line and flavor, Thanks for your comment Lucy! So, if that’s all it says, you should be good! Sounds like it’s safe! Thanks for the info! I don’t ever stress about those, but you can always email the company to find out what’s in them and if they are using real fruit to flavor the water, for example :) Thanks so much for your comment! Can I trust it? Croatia is on my list of places I want to visit, so I’ll be on the lookout for Jamnica whenever I get there :) Glad you like Topo Chico, and thanks for noticing that typo! (“An Italian tradition,” and a Nestle product, Canadian readers might be interested to know.) How much healthier is it to make it myself? (Free sugars include all sugar added to foods, plus sugars naturally present in honey, syrups and fruit juices.) Anyways, I guess what we like it’s so much more personal. Did you pop one open, thinking it would be a healthy choice, based on the packaging? Along with about a day’s worth of free sugar, they might give you a few vitamins and minerals you could easily also get by eating fruit. :). Some studies and organizations claim it’s safe. Hi Rocio! Just the ones that list: sparkling water and natural flavor as ingredients. The study does not do that. Do conflicting nutrition recommendations annoy you? a member? Others show it causes a spike in blood pressure for up to 2 hours after consuming. BEST UNFLAVORED. I have been trying to research bone density loss with carbonated drinks. Have you seen this at work or at a meeting? I hope these are the healthy alternatives because I have a hard time with plain water. Also Whole Foods now has plain Italian sparkling mineral water. clicking our Amazon buttons will give us a little referral bonus. I enjoyed your info.. Contact me. I started drinking Great American brand at Walmart. I’m so tired of talking about BPA, but here we are again. Want something a bit more interesting than plain water to offer meeting goers? Sign Reading labels can be frustrating, so I’m hoping that highlighting go-to brands can help! Psssst: If fighting hunger and/or being healthy is your goal, download my free Real Food Reset Meal Plan– dinner’s ready in 30 min or less ;). You’re right… buying imported things doesn’t seem too eco-friendly. Here is the link to Walmarts Clear American Blackberry. Click all the pictures views to see the Ingredients and the label. Also Clear American blackberry unsweetened..Wal-Mart brand.. Would you please provide information regarding its “healthiness?” Thank you! Access to exclusive, free subscriber content and tools: Video Series: How to Eat Well For Life After a Heart EventeBook: Guide to Eating Well After a Cardiac EventBlood Pressure Friendly Snack GuideMy Go-To Meal and Snack ListBreakfast For The Rushed Cheat Sheet...and more. What are your favourite kitchen tools and/or food, New recipe alert. The one I have is pomegranite and is very good. Have you had a heart attack, stent, or bypass? Some are sweetened with stevia (which so far appears to be a safe sugar substitute), and others have no sweeteners at all. It looks like Walmart also carries the Deer Park brand that has only good ingredients, too :) It may take a few tries to find one without artificial sweeteners that you like, but once you find it it will be so worth it!!! (Free sugars include all sugar added to foods, plus sugars naturally present in honey, syrups and fruit juices.). It looks like that brand has aspertame, so I would stay away. It has even more calcium than Pelegrino. Your information will not be shared. It has no added sugar, and provides some calcium. Unfortunately, what replaces it often isn’t much better! Above the article states, “…a recent observational study has cleared its name. I’m glad you found a water you like! I put a slice of lemon or lime in it. This does not seem like a good thing to do ecologically. Hi I am using zephyrhills natural spring water, what you think ? How about Trader Joe’s Sparkling Water – Lime Flavor?? Colas, not carbonated water, are associated with lower bone mineral density.” In the results of the study it says more studies are needed to confirm the results. 32g of sugar for one can! Log food: S.Pellegrino Ficodindia E Arancia Sparkling Fruit Beverage.