Entrapta (voiced by Christine Woods), a curious and sensitive hacker, scientist, and “geeky princess,” is a well-written autistic character. As she told them, their cuffs weren’t holding her. Different groups are forced to mingle. One powerful moment like this when the Black Garnet was hacked, the world outside was storming with chaos, and we cut back to Entrapta working on the stone. For much of Season 4, she doesn’t make an appearance, with Scorpia concerned about her, as shown in “The Coronation,” while Catra angrily wants her recordings, noted in “Princess Scorpia.” Almost, as a sort of payback, Entrapta, along with Adora, is one of those people who haunts Catra in her dreams in “Flutterina.” In a later episode, “Beast Island,” Adora describes Entrapta as having “purple hair and really likes robots. But, she did not. With that all being said, I would not say she is “un-empathetic” or that she does not have agency. She has those moments in the story. That leads me to the second section of this post. :), I don't know enough about autism to say for sure but I also wouldn't be surprised. – Tropical-Rainforest. Entrapta bonds with Hordak, the leader of the Horde, over their shared interest in technology. She has a “cheerfully wobbly moral compass” and more importantly a “Oppenheimer-like joy of discovery” above any ethical choices. Of course, the Horde also wanted to use her too, but I doubt she is naive to such an extent that she does not recognize what the Horde is doing to the planet. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. They all tried to use her. Here’s her full response to that question: I’m on the side of science. To bring in Elderkin again, clearly Entrapta is naive, but she is also adorable, and is “so disconnected from the world’s problems that she doesn’t even know she’s a villain,” making her a true “morally grey character.” To say she is foolish is silly. It filled him with joy to meet someone thrilled with learning new information, although she seemed a bit obsessive in this process. I do lol. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Both are skeptical of each other in “Barn Mates” but later get more acquainted after “Hit the Diamond” and in other episodes (referenced in “Too Short to Ride“, “Beta“, “Earthlings“, and “Back to the Moon“). Despite this, she is glad that her and Bow are friends. I didn't know at the time that she was deliberately written that way, but I DO know that a lot of autistic people are LGBTQ+, and that due to its prevalence in the community it was next to impossible for the creators to write her that way without being aware of that. There is one major difference between Peri and Entrapta. I pinged her as spectrum from her first episode. Catra, to quote again from Elderkin, serves as a “listening ear” to Entrapta, showing her new technology and giving her free reign. Entrapta demonstrates a diminished capacity for socializing with other humans while still being very communicative along with a singular fixation on science. And I think these moments are an important part of her character, and the story. Until next week! She is said to be heading for the center of the island, and when it seems all hope is lost, she literally saves them (Bow, Swift Wind, Micah, and Adora/She-Ra). Entrapta has her robotic servants, and later Emily, while Peri has her robonoids, which Steven says are “like her babies” in her debut in “Warp Tour,” and adeptly uses technology as shown in “Marble Madness.” Later she works with Jasper, treating Lapis as an informant (and prisoner) as noted in “The Return” and “Jail Break.” However, her plans revealed in “Keeping Together,” and she is injured by the Crystal Gems in “Friend Ship,”  is poofed by them in “Catch and Release.” Due to a friendship with Steven, she grows in the coming episodes, becoming more aquainted with Earth culture, helps them build a drill to the center of the Earth, and begins to respect other beings more (“When It Rains“, “Back to the Barn“, “Too Far“, “Steven’s Birthday” (non-speaking), “It Could’ve Been Great“, “Message Received“, and “Log Date 7 15 2“, “Super Watermelon Island“, “Gem Drill“, and “Same Old World“). With this, some, like Perfuma, wanted to forgive her, while others wanted her to “pay penance for what she had done.” She did this by helping them begin dehordeification, starting with the Fright Zone’s destruction (which happened thanks to her “ingenious implosion”) after her materials had been moved back to her castle in Dyrl. Like, really, really likes robots,” and they discover she is still alive. I have a lot of friends on the spectrum, and that was how I read her too. She argued, back in December 2018, that it is hurtful that the one neurodiverse (ND) team mate turned evil because she is supposedly “too much of a reckless fool to realize that evil is bad.” They further state that she is, in their view, a “collection of parodies and stereotypes about ND people being foolish and easily confused and laughably simple to lie to.” She also argues that Entrapta’s so-called “fall to evil” frustrates them because the show gives Catra complex reasons for why she stayed with the Horde and claims that Entrapta plays off “abelist assumptions” about ND people. The time for reckoning was at hand. YEP. Entrapta is a princess that belonged to the rebellion, but became the Horde's technician after thinking that the princesses abandoned her in a mission and realizing how advanced the Horde's tech is. As such, I’m not sure how people can call her “un-sympathetic.” After all, all of them, plus the kitchen staff, work together to take down the virus from the infected First Ones disk, with Bow and Entrapta working together. That brings us to “The Beacon.” Mardoll is saying that Entrapta is a “reckless fool” for not realizing that the Horde is “bad” and that she is taken in by Catra’s lies. She-Ra commission with the funnest prompt! Entrapta is one of my favourite characters too and I agree with everything you said. It's not even a headcanon, The crew-ra explicitly say she's autistic on her internal character bio. No, noboby [sic] with a basic understading [sic] of statistics and/or pratical experience with data based analysis believes that. I don’t see any reason to assume that. Entrapta is super duper Autistic, And simultaneously the cutest person alive. I really see myself in the way she understands her friendships, so that's maybe why. Entrapta is short and stocky with olive skin, magenta eyes and long, lilac-colored hair, which she can move and control at will. Unlike Peri, Entrapta has not opened up to others in the same way. ), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the PrincessesOfPower community. When she appears in the season finale, “Destiny Part 2,” there’s nothing she nor Adora can do to stop Light Hope’s plan, at least at first. ( Log Out /  Rather, as Beth Elderkin pointed out, it isn’t clear whether she even knows she defected, or if she even cares what side she is on.