Use the coffee grounds as a light sprinkling around acid-loving plants, or add them to your compost pile - earthworms like them. So what about coffee grounds? I found this statement on some sites, but can’t confirm it or deny it. ). About two years ago, the client applied about 500 pounds of coffee grounds in a small area, but stopped when his lawn and some native plants started to die. Ground moles, and voles as well for that matter, do not like ground vibrations or sound. Coffee Grounds Kill Slugs. The more coffee grounds you place on your garden, the more effective it will be. You’ll need to place coffee grounds daily in order to keep scent as strong as possible. Plant Repellents That Moles Dislike. Both represent potential threats and or predators. If you apply them very heavily, you tend to get mold. For low-tech solutions, pinwheels placed around and in beds vibrate the soil and create motion and noise. The advice apparently also noted that coffee grounds would be a deterrent to gophers and moles. Another safe and beautiful way to repel moles is by growing flowers that moles dislike. Coffee Grounds Repel Cats. (But the client did note that the coffee grounds got rid of the gophers! I believe that it's the liquid coffee sprayed on the plants that deters snails and slugs - the coffee grounds don't do much. The more constant and active the motion, the better the results in keeping them away. Since slugs seem to be a big problem in the garden, I have made two previous posts; Do Beer Traps Kill Slugs, and Does Copper Repel Slugs.