Moles only eat the grubs and worms in your soil. No one likes to find the telltale signs of a ground mole in the yard; the unsightly open holes and molehills are signs of a tunnel network below the surface. Attract natural predators to eat them before the moles do (birds), Let your lawn completely dry out to kill all the earthworms, Use a natural fungicide, such as benzimidazole fungicide or carbamate fungicide, Remove any foliage, grass clippings, or leaf litter from the lawn, Exterminate as many bugs as you can from your entire yard. In my opinion, this will take more time than fencing because you’ll have to go to your local lumber store and give them measurements for how much wood you need. While I can’t say with certainty that coffee grounds will repel slugs, in this case, it can’t hurt to try. Moles can also remove the mothballs from their tunnels. If you see molehills, another way of getting rid of the moles inside is to spray a small amount of cayenne pepper and water into the entrance. Reducing the amount of food will reduce the number of moles coming into your garden. They usually reach about seven to ten inches and have a round body similarly shaped to a potato, with dark grey to black fur. Moles are interesting looking creatures whose tunnel building practices are fascinating. You’ll need a pH meter to use lime in mole control. You can use any dish detergent. Once a mole has a reliable tunnel system built, they’ll usually stay in that tunnel for several hours at a time 1. What else do you want me to say?!? Take my dog Vito, for instance. Moles rarely will actually come out of their holes. However, it can be dangerous for yourself, family, pets, and the environment. These will usually be buried underground, but you still need to watch out for any animals or children finding them and injuring themselves. Combine the dish soap, water, and castor oil into the spray bottle. It would appear that coffee grounds are not so great for earthworms after all. If you don’t, the moles will simply just find alternative routes into your garden. There are several commercial repellent sprays you can buy which put off bad smelling chemicals which will irritate a mole’s nose and draws them out and away from your yard. Moles won’t generally eat plants and other surface flowers – but may make an exception if there are bugs on the leaves. Do you have dirt and debris on your lawn? The caffeine in these plants’ fallen leaves would “poison” the soil so that other plants nearby couldn’t grow. So adhere to all warnings before you start using it. While underground, they have plenty of bugs, worms, and other things they can eat to sustain themselves. If you see a molehill in your yard or garden, go ahead and try to place the coffee grounds on top of the tunnel entry point. Why do I keep warning you not to put coffee grounds on your If your interested in training your dog to chase any animal, the concept I applied to Vito chasing geese can be found here (link to article). They can sense when an earthworm, grub worm, or other pest has fallen into their tunnels. Sprinkle these around the openings of any holes and throughout your garden to chase your moles away. The more coffee grounds you place on your garden, the more effective it will be. You may also have success using coffee grounds to repel mammals, including cats, rabbits and deer. Always try this first before you have to resort to trapping or killing them. Just throw them directly where you suspect ground moles to be present. If you catch a mole scouring some plant matter, they’re not looking to eat it. The pH goes crazy and thus makes grubs not able to live on your lawn. Moles eat anything that’s soft, moist, and packs a lot of energy nutrients. Careful when adding them to your vermicompost bin, though, as the matter may harm the organisms. Their tunnel systems may also pose a danger to your lawn as you can fall through into the dirt. Since moles can dig so many tunnels under your lawn and garden,they can ruin roots and damage lawns beyond repair if they’re not dealt with quickly. Copyright © 2020 Rural Sprout on the Seasoned Pro Theme, 21 Innovative Uses For Plastic Milk Containers in Your Garden, 15 Brilliant and Unusual Ways To Use Grass Clippings, The Department of Nutrition, Food Science and Physiology, School of Pharmacy, University of Navarra, 15 Brilliant Uses For Eggshells In The Home & Garden.