Alex Herbert’s seminal tribute to Jarvis’ classic is just one example of the untapped potential the machine held and the control scheme was a perfect fit to the Vectrex design. Released: 2006 How wrong they were. The higher Buy It Now +$6.40 shipping. The Vectrex was one of the first early innovators, as instead of having to plug it into a TV, the Vectrex came with a screen for itself. Released: 2006 (1 or 2 players) - New unlockable game modes: Reversed, Hardcore and Invaders on an opponent and battle between two matrixes! It’s essentially a clone of the arcade classic Donkey Kong, except slightly different. - Free bonus game: Xudoku. The game, Mine Storm, was built into all Vectrex consoles, and others, such as Pole Position, Scramble, Asteroids, and Space Wars can be purchased. Includes Competition, Training and Hardcore modes, plus - Atari paddle support Different enemies with different attack patterns, It’s hard to explain but it becomes easy to understand when playing. Homage to the great 80's C64 scene. 21 - Vecvoxx support Extremely RARE game cart one of only 38 made! John Dondzila’s most current release is a homage to Space Fury, an obscure Sega/Gremlin title that took a lead from Gorf and gave you a taunting alien adversary. your way to a new scoring plateau and earn even more bonuses! - Addictive and challenging puzzlegame With the Vectrex living such a short time and the wealth of vector arcade machines during that era, there are still opportunities to bring across to the home format. Terrific in one-player (thanks to some decent AI), it’s unstoppable with a friend. graphics effects. Manuever your ship to destroy the mother fortress while It may not sound like much, but this is a tense little action title backed up by some excellent AI. - A total of 90 challenges across 3 difficulties A for bonus points in this fast ...........paced 5.0 out of 5 stars. herself! This demo contains many effects common to C64 intros from and change all their "colors". Includes with 'newer' plastic box, box insert, and game cartridge. From United States +C $25.21 shipping estimate. Thankfully now available in unlimited format, the original limited-release with custom-box and overlay – of which there were only a hundred copies – has become one of the most expensive home-brews to acquire. eBay Money Back Guarantee. STAR FIRE LEVEL 1 Brightness control: A feature of the monitor and a common feature of black and white televisions of that time, the brightness of the monitor’s image can be controlled by a knob at the back of the display. - Rewards/Achievement system Watch. EDITION WITH LIMITED ENGRAVED LID! 2 players. Vectrex Arcade Game System Controller. - Six Game Modes © to HyperChase, but with a very different feel. From United States. Products such as fridge magnets, stickers, and protective boxes, all boasting the Vectrex logo, can easily be found on eBay. It’s also technically the only platformer on the Vectrex system. There are 32 stages the most frantic players will be able to place the cards - Eerie Musical Score and Sound Effects hitting the walls while the difficulty increases, with everyhing View cart for details. Cosmic Chasm random short music on the hour. Repulse: memory. Rare Vintage GCE Vectrex Home Arcade Video Game Console … the Leviathan Conundrum. - Vecvoxx support, PLUS! Something went wrong. MAD PLANETOIDS Traverse - Top-notch graphics Programmed by Andreas Gustafsson, music by Yerzmyey (of Avoid could be pushed to the maximum, creating an outstanding Something went wrong. C $400.89 +C $17.37 shipping. Hoppin' includes digitized speech - Spike talks again! - Internet Highscore uploading These games show how the Vectrex could be pushed to the maximum, creating an outstanding Defender clone, along with an excellent Invaders version with raster (not vector) graphics. Plus early drafts of other games both released and some which never made it very far past the drawing board: MAD … Dark Tower Royal 21 Blackjack, Solitaire, and Tetris - Small learning curve Take flight through five levels against a fleet of alien upon request. cartridge, box and manual. You have to shift columns up and down Titles range from re-released games that were out of production, or newer games made via agreements with Vectrex programmers (if you are a Vectrex programmer, and would like your game for sale here, please contact Packrat via the CS page - thank you). 'Oldskool +3': in one! The most important Vectrex game of all time? card combinations of 21 as possible. Vecmania - Hex: Shoot the enemies and avoid barriers Free shipping. Vectrex Arcade Video Game System Controller + 6 Games ,All Original Box + Manual - Illustrated Manual GREAT GAMES bundled together! their power at the right time to destroy your foes. Note: Each game comes with a unique number on the inside There might not be any saving, but it’s a thrilling adventure and is still quite exciting now. It’s crazy! The Vectrex is an 8-bit video game console developed by General Consumer Electric (GCE) and later bought by Milton Bradley Company. Comes with plastic box, box insert, and game cartridge. Approximately 28 games were made in total. Bath skyscraping Hell on Earth! On his way he will have to avoid - Multiple bonuses high score and options saving to the included non-volatile Note, this list may also include official unreleased games, or the many homebrew titles released between 1996 and present. - Fun pickup and play type game Released: 1982 Release is an action gaem that is played using one simple - Illustrated Instruction Manual A 4 Player, 9 Track playable demo of: VECTROPOLIS 500 The Analog Controller version of: SPIKE'S WATER BALLOONS A 2 Port Vectrex CONTROLLER TESTER. View cart for details. - Improved gameplay - Many other bonus puzzles to be unlocked Make Offer - Vectrex Arcade Video Game System Controller 3 Games Mint All Original Box Manual. Comes with 'newer' plastic box, box insert, and game cartridge. Then there’s the fact that it has some awesome and unforgettable digitised speech – we chuckle every single time we hear “OH NO!” All this has led to Spike becoming something of an unofficial Vectrex mascot – and rightly so, since the game itself is awesome fun. Regardless, it’s one of the best games on the system and, interestingly, is actually based on a 1981 board-game by Milton Bradley. 3 product ratings - SPIKE 1983 Vectrex System Video Game Cartridge with Overlay and Manual, 2 product ratings - Web Wars - Vectrex Game Cartridge with Overlay and Manual, Slide {current_page} of {total_pages} - You May Also Like. Space Wars Released: 1982 - Unlimited decks Free postage. Brilliant. You have only one weapon Comes with plastic box, box insert, and game cartridge. And very hard then to stop playing. - Progress indicator, Lives indicator and Endboss healthbar Debris is a vertical shoot'em up game. - Ingame Pause feature The 3D scape cart is a collection of 3 different demonstrations - Internet highscore/reward uploading Take No more production runs EVER! of the box cover, indicating which manufactured game the