17-26-109 (1), C.R.S.17-26-109(2) and C.R.S 17-26-115), all inmates will earn good time credits including Statutory and Sheriff’s good time credit, earned time credit, and Trustee Good time if they: Note: It is important to understand that many things can affect the application of credits to a sentence, and that good time credits are a privilege granted at the discretion of the Sheriff, not a right. Colorado Dream Courts have been building Colorado's highest quality commercial and residential game courts, putting greens, batting cages and sport turf for over 13 years. There is a non-refundable $50 bond fee that must be paid at the time the bond is posted. 520 West Colfax Avenue, City Jail (Van Cise-Simonet Downtown) The District Court handles the following types of cases: felony criminal, civil, and domestic relations; including dissolution of marriage and allocation of parental responsibilities. We offer custom sportscape solutions that includes cost effective landscaping, patio, walkways and retaining walls. Their property is inventoried, and a thorough pat search (and metal detector search) of each person is performed. Court Clerks County Court (a case with an “M” case number) Phone number: 720-337-0410; Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse, Room 160; Or search online at https://www.denvercountycourt.org/search; District Court (a case with a “CR” case number) Phone number: 720-865-8301; Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse… Requisito de reembolso de la cuota de procesamiento (PDF), Denver Sheriff Department Litigants may also file to have custody issues addressed in the Juvenile Court if there is a pre-existing child support or paternity case. Copies of the Colorado Court Records are not necessarily available on site either. *For other case types, please click here to find the appropriate center to assist you. Inmates are generally released on bond within a two-hour window after the bond is signed by all parties involved. The Courthouse and City Jail (Downtown Detention Center) are located across the street from each other. The ICE detention center is located at: 3130 North Oakland St. District Courtrooms are located in the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse, 520 W. Colfax Ave. DENVER DISTRICT COURT clerk's office hours for in person customer service: Effective 11/2/20 until further notice. Children are only allowed at a judge's disgresion. Otherwise, documents from a Denver District Court Case may be obtained by going to the Records Department in person at 1437 Bannock Street, Room 38, Denver, CO 80202. Denver Police Department Identification Bureau. | Terms of Use Colorado Denver County Juvenile Court DENVER DISTRICT COURT PHONE NUMBERS have changed to the following: Denver District Court Criminal Clerk's Office, Joint CJO 19-01 Regarding Prohibited Conduct in Court Facilities, Joint CJO 19-02 Regarding Electronic Devices in Court Facilities, CJO 19-03 Regarding Access to Sealed Records, Joint CJO 19-04 Regarding the Administration of Extreme Risk Protections Orders, Amended Joint CJO 18-01 Regarding Activities at the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse, 2020 Denver District Court Judicial Assignments, 2021 Denver District Court Judicial Assignments, Denver City & County Bldg (Civil Matters), Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse (Criminal Matters), Formularios e instrucciones judiciales en español. Children are also not allowed to be left unattended in the lobby. Should an immediate release be needed you will need to go to the court and make your payment in cash. We offer our clients a full turnkey design & build solution using the highest quality and best warranty product within the industry. Trial Courts by District; Supreme Court; Court of Appeals; Water Courts; Denver Juvenile Court; Denver Probate Court; Educational Resources; Probation. The bonding office is located in the lobby of the Downtown Detention facility and is closed overnight. The Colorado Supreme Court & Court of Appeals are located at: 2 East 14th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80203. been made. A person not convicted of any charge may request a full refund of the amount paid. Pay Online. Should an immediate release be needed you will need to go to the court and make your payment in cash. According to the law (C.R.S. The official Colorado Judicial website does not have case documents for trial court cases. Pay Commerce City Municipal Court Fines. Denver, CO 80236, Main office number (Critical Incident II): 303-866-7850  Both the District Attorney and City Attorney’s offices prosecute criminal cases in Denver County Court. By County; Denver Juvenile Probation; Resources; Jury. appear as ordered), the bond will be released upon final disposition of the case. 720-865-9930. The jail has no control over how long the process will take. Courtroom 2300 (the advisement court) is open daily, excluding holidays. Good Time Offender Credits. For Processing Fee Information call 720-865-3856 to leave a message. Bond cannot be posted for someone that has been arrested until their fingerprints have been cleared and they have been fully booked into jail. County Court also handles traffic violations and some criminal cases (municipal ordinance violations, petty offenses, and misdemeanors). and make your payment in cash. These programs are carefully supervised and include monetary fees, which shall be determined by a case assessment. Denver Criminal Courts; District, County and all Juvenile Court matters, are located in the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse. | Jobs The Denver Probate Court handles the following types of cases: all matters of probate, settlements of estates of deceased persons, appointment of guardians, conservators and administrators, and settlement of their accounts, and the adjudication of the mentally ill. © 2020 District Attorney's Office of Denver, Colorado. Records of the Denver District Court are available on third-party website rather than the website of the Colorado Judicial Branch. Probation contact numbers: If the defendant fails to appear in court on the new court date listed on the bond paperwork, the bond money will be forfeited and a new warrant will be issued for the defendant’s arrest. Colorado Court Records Search. Dept. Denver District Court Adult Probation: 720-913-4700, Colorado Parole Office, Central Region Courier Services Record Request Information. Any questions regarding the ICE process should be directed to the ICE office. Colorado Supreme Court & Court of Appeals. A fee applies. If misdemeanor and felony charges are both included in a case, and the case is bound over to District Court, the misdemeanor charges are tried along with the felony charges in District Court.