Asks students to develop claims. 3- Student spoke very clearly and was very easy to understand. Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? Stay Informed; Many of us form opinions about a political topic after only reading/hearing a quick blurb. Organization & Clarity: Main arguments and responses are outlined in … �����{�n���XUK��_�h{�{��a�;���e!���ر#8o�Ѳ�8�X�ˢ�����P�E3���]��˼`�O0��[̫��.ݼ�r� �Q�l�a� �!�8�WY/�����ϔ����{F�*�Y6��x�S�c]-w_������om����Y>��H���S�j��h�*�?E��)��ٺ뎌ԴyW�>�|��o*���0t�5�i�ڦ>�ϑ E7�r�7�8�a�۱�X]^��ܤ��M9�I&����ʫ^&W�M��w� ����!>`�..����{� fֵ'�O�_]�$�ϸ��ᅬ�8QA�؋��iЖ n�ŋpݙ��3�8%��))�2���NI�O3��e����kJ;��bn�A���q�����:�bv against attack. Levels of Performance for AFFIRMATIVE Team. You can print off the sheets as handouts or post them to Google Classroom and allow students to fill them in using the TPT Digital A, Looking for a way to structure a debate in your upper elementary classroom? These six categories will serve as a starting point for creating your own rubric. You can tailor the language of the script to the needs of your students a, This resource contains all of the essential debate graphic organizers, rubrics, peer and self-evaluations that you need to run and mark a debate from beginning to end! For example, each student/group must present 4 different arguments during the debate. Viewpoints are unclear and disorganized. Excellent few style features were used, none of them convincingly, AVERAGE FOR AFFIRMATIVE TEAM:                   It focuses on a 3 step process called "Listen, Caucus, Debate", that takes students through research, group discussion and the actual debate. think was the performance level of the debate team in question for each 3. x��]K��q���Q�XqI�}��BK!k�5�=;-�t�vU�h���*� �c�v;�[email protected]"��營�?g?e}��e��YY�U]�mV�Mޙ�k��2��C�_�s��o�ev�ϊ���س�KSL���.������зYW��6e��}���CV6��˿?|ɾ�]���#��)��o�}�+��ʢ?5����-�����}3U�0}ۣoU����o�0��o�9�u9�7ԯ�[email protected]��i.�o��:Ӱk���x�a���������?0ъ���� cross-exam or rebuttals, failure to point out problems in Negative style features were used convincingly, Most Structured Debate Rubric Criteria Excellent 7 Points Good 5 Points Poor 3 Points Post 1 Original Post The team’s first post was well thought out, details and defined the issue. <> 2- Student had several convincing arguments and most points were on topic and clear. 0- Student spoke very unclearly, was difficult to understand, and looked down at their notes the entire debate. Although a rubric can have an infinite number of categories, the sample in this lesson includes six different categories that measure student performance. For example, if the opposing side argues that testing doesn't accurately measure achievement, the rebuttal should contain information that counters that. Viewpoints are unclear and disorganized. This debate outline is a great organizer for students to use to gather and record their arguments for their side of the debate as well as preparing to defend their view. good arguments given, with only minor problems, Some This product includes both printable and digital versions with a l, This is a rubric you can use to evaluate students during a discussion. A rubric is included as well for the actual debate. Online Discussion Rubric Criteria Unsatisfactory = 0 Limited = 1 Proficient = 2 Exemplary = 3 Score Critical Analysis (Understanding of Readings and Outside References) Discussion postings show little or no evidence that readings were completed or understood. Judges Scoring Sheets- This file contains a scoring sheet for debate teams of 2, 3, and 4 students. Also included in: Reading Organizers & Activities BUNDLE Grades 9-12, Also included in: Developing Main Points BUNDLE, 3 Interactive Lessons with Assessment Included, Also included in: Romeo & Juliet Bundle Honors & Standard Level Shakespeare Literature Unit. In addition to assigning a win and a loss in a given debate, you must give each student an individual score. Digital slide decks for Google Classroom® also included.TEACHER HANDOUTS, INSTRUCTIONS, RUBRIC, AND SCRIPT STUD, Included is a rubric that I use for formal debates in my high school courses - Model UN and Street Law. endobj Stating your position is called making your “claim”. What are some debate topics related to an umbrella? just create an account. The rubric assesses the team's performance, as well as the individual team member's performance and contributions to the debate. It assesses teamwork, use of facts and text evidence, organization, respect for the other team, presentation style, and understanding of the debate topic. cross-exam and/or rebuttals, but with some significant problems. decent arguments, but some significant problems, Few << /Length 4 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Have you ever listened to two people passionately argue on opposing sides of an issue? 3- Student shows ample evidence that they learned/researched the debate topic. %PDF-1.4 | {{course.flashcardSetCount}} Rebuttal 4. As with any argumentative essay or activity, it is important that students reinforce their arguments with evidence from outside sources. clear and orderly presentation, Mostly It is a great way for students to see what a good discussion l, Common Core State Standards Speaking & Listening Rubric: Argument/Debate Speech and Presentation Evidence for this score should be found in the specific points raised during the debate. and career path that can help you find the school that's right for you. has thousands of articles about every Interview Rubric Template for Student Practice, Over 83,000 lessons in all major subjects, {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}}, Biological and Biomedical The weights of different categories can be adjusted to reflect cl. They were NOT created by me. 3 0 obj 8. Depending on the age range and debate topics, you may need fewer or more categories. against attack. 3- Student was very respectful to their opponent, never interrupting or speaking inappropriately to them. Get step-by-step explanations, verified by experts. %��������� 1- Student interrupted their opponent sometimes and was often rude and disrespectful to their opponent. Show more details Add to cart.