Traveling between these realities was extremely hard, only two characters were capable of doing so with natural abilities: Rift, who existed in both the DC and Milestone Universes, and Access, who had the task of keeping the DC and Marvel Universes separated to prevent amalgamation. All DC comics published between 1956 and 1985 take place in this universe. Advertised as DC YOU (a pun of DCU or DC Universe and the phrase "it's about you, the fans" appearing in the advertisements), DC now has an "open doors" policy to continuity, granting writers greater freedom to explore stories set outside the established New 52 Multiverse continuity, as well as to revisit other characters and concepts from DC's history as the conclusion of Convergence suggested that although the core 52 universe that now exists is the evolution of the multiverse, all the worlds still exist in some form. He has a relationship with his adopted sister, Tess. According to Doctor Manhattan, in the aftermath of. There were alternate versions of Batgirl, Robin and the Joker in this world in its 1960s. Dimension where the stories of the New Gods take place. The planet Qward was Oa's antimatter counterpart. This universe was described as a "universe of evil". Kara is imprisoned in Superman's old Red Son prison cell, where Superman shows her he has completely merged with Brainiac's ship and asks her if she will reconsider his offer to rule alongside him as family, before revealing to Kara's horror that he has gained Brainiac's ability to control others, which he demonstrates by showing her the Batman, who has been brainwashed by Superman, and suggests he will do the same to Kara if she refuses. The world of origin of the race known as the Monitors. Kal-L arrives in Ukraine instead of Kansas in the 1950s. Described as "the Radio Universe". The new restored universe with only 52 worlds opened myriad possibilities for new stories and crossovers with different versions of heroes interacting with the main versions of heroes as well as the stories resulting from the new integrated characters from Milestone and Wildstorm. In the film, Earth-Prime is shown to be the cornerstone of all reality, and that decisions made by humankind on this world caused alternate Earths where the opposite decision was made to come into being. The video game Infinite Crisis (which is unrelated to the comic book miniseries of the same name) features a Multiverse with 52 different worlds. Identical to the characters and setting appearing in the DCAU. An ally to no one (good or evil), Metron is an independent thinker, obsessively searching from world, Scottish orphan Evan McCulloch's first kill was at a very young age, albeit in self defense. The Bleed is interconnected to the Source Wall (which separates existence from the force that created it or "the Source") and the Multiversal Nexus, where the 52 Monitors watched over the Multiverse and had the task of avoiding contacts between the universes that could cause cataclysms. We have our TV universe and our film universe, but they all co-exist. Clark Luthor killed his adoptive brother Lex. Originally the designation of the Real World in the Multiverse. Together with the alternate universe Justice League and the Regime Flash, who defects from the Regime after Superman murders Captain Marvel when he objects to Superman's plans to attack cities, the Regime Superman is defeated and imprisoned in the Red Son prison along with fellow Regime members Cyborg and Damian Wayne (Nightwing). Peter J. Tomasi explains that "The events of Action #976 reset and reshape the entire Superman timeline. "Imaginary" stories and some time divergences of Earth-One were given also separate realities (such as Earth-B and Earth-A). Five years after their sacrifices, younger superheroes arise. Some[who?] It helped (among other things) to explain continuity errors, to retell and retcon stories, and to incorporate foreign elements that could actively interact with everything else and allow them to have an "existence". None of these stories were ever intended to be included in the "real" continuity of the DC Universe. Hal Jordan becomes Yellow Lantern after joining the Sinestro Corps. The Earth within this Universe was called "Earth 2". The Dino-Cop and Spore were among the first to appear at the House of Heroes, immediately after the Thunderer from Earth-7. By continuing to use this site, you agree to this cookie usage. In the animated television series Super Friends, the superhero team has encounters with other universes, including the world of Qward. The Bleed prevented the Universes from colliding and was inhabited by "fauna" that despised all different Earths.