And everyone is always laughing for some reason. His lunging attacks and his opening attacks in phase one and two can all be parried, providing both ample defense and offense against him. The farther you get in this fight, the more intense it becomes. RELATED: Dark Souls 2: 10 Most Powerful Bosses. Weapons of choice: Deep Battle Axe/Dragonslayer’s Axe and Pyromancy FlameClass: Pyromancer50 hours of gameplayEnd Level 120. If Aldrich opens with arrows, walk around until he fires, then continue to hit him since the arrows don't track you. That aside, this isn’t necessarily an easy boss fight either. Erratic and hectic boss that doesn’t shut up about an invisible cat baby. Legit good times! By the time you reach the Grand Archives, you should be more than ready to deal with the Dragonslayer Armour…but that’s not to say he’ll go down quietly. I’m usually yelling at my character during tense boss fights when this happens: “Get up! I was told to expect Dark Souls 3 to be challenging by being hard but fair, but in reality it was just exhausting. If this is your first encounter with Dark Souls, this boss fight is a rude awakening to your lack of skill. Well, here goes. Their fancy will still be tickled to satisfaction later (See #1 on this list). And you look to the precarious giant stone coffin for something to interact with… But nope, it does nothing. Is he some sort of video game director genius? Then you get hit, and you’re staggered or you get knocked onto your back .You have to mash [R1], [R2] or [O] buttons to get back up, and it takes FOREVER to get back into the fight. There are cutscenes, but they don’t explain or advance bugger all. Not assassin, spellcaster, or summoner. The odd pacing of her movements combined with the music actually messes with your brain, giving you all the wrong signals of when to dodge, block, and attack. But with a few tricks, he was easy enough to take down. In terms of difficulty, why this wasn’t the end game boss of the series instead of Slave Knight Gael, I have no idea…. And to reach Archdragon Peak required hippy transport bullshit. This boss is fast, relentless, and strong. Rocking one of the biggest HP bars in Souls history, Midir is quite literally a monster. Watch out for the tell-tale signs, and act accordingly. Once you finally kill off the King of the Storm, it’s on to the real fight, i.e., the part I DON’T hate. Which is easier said than done. Yet, the thing that sets him apart is his massive HP bar, high defense, and ridiculous strength. If you are pushed away from him, it can take a long time to avoid all of his magic to get back up to him. From the main game to the DLCs, Dark Souls 3 is a (mostly) glorious compilation of difficulties, pacings, and designs. In the Dark Souls 3 experience, bosses vary in terms of difficulty and engagement. I got caught in his ring of fire multiple times because I got greedy. Really forces you to judge wind up animations, and time your dodges. This is by far the easiest dragon I’ve faced in the Souls series, and probably one of the most boring. The timing for the enemy attack animation is really awkward. Which I can’t say about the DLC bosses, and the Top 4 in this list…. You fight an enemy. Looking at the individual qualities that make this boss challenging are not a problem on their own. That might seem strange given I pointed out so many flaws, but that’s critical thinking for you. Keeping a constant visual on this boss is key as he can move pretty quickly, dealing serious damage with both his halberd and his shield. Midir is your typical dragon boss in many ways — he flies around, shoots fire, and bites. The erratic phase 2 isn’t great for new players to the series, and you will come to realise that: The camera and controls in Dark Souls 3 is your biggest enemy in the game. So when I finally adjusted and adapted, the contrasting experience made much of Dark Souls 3 feel slow, awkward and cumbersome. The first DLC boss is from Ashes of Ariandel, and it is definitely the easiest of the DLCs. Nobody cares. by Kristin | Sep 5, 2020 | Entertainment, Gaming, General. The parry and dodge timing is INSANE. The many one shot magic attacks require solid dodge timing and spatial awareness of the room. That’s fine. The key here is to defeat both brothers at or around the same time. It’s fun, but more frustrating than fun. With just Lorian, things can be challenging enough depending on how much he teleports around the arena, a real problem for players like me who actually use lock-on. Then you hit the dragon bird head enough times, and you get a Phase 1 ending riposte. By clicking subscribe, you agree to allow us to send emails to the email address you entered. I conclude this rank with an unpopular opinion: Midir isn’t difficult: Midir is just awkward and cheap. A clue on the ground leads you in the right (left) direction and as you climb through the castle the conclusion is so satisfying! I found that I needed to dodge just a little sooner than I thought. Bonus damage to Demons/ Abyss/ Hollows/ Undead. Fighting the Dancer is like a melody — more difficult to follow, but the pattern is there if you can see it. Again, fuck the camera — it can’t handle large erratic enemies. You quickly realise your attacks on the mob don’t do any damage to the boss health bar, so you go for the obvious glowing deacon. With a shortage of ways to punish him and plenty of ways he can punish you, each swing needs to be delivered with caution. The tag team match is an uphill battle, placing Pontiff Sulyvahn near the top of the ranking for DS3 bosses. Many of Wolnir’s attacks can do major damage — if he manages to hit you. And you can’t play at range with a bow. And don’t even think about getting underneath the dragon or trying to hit his feet. Yup. But also technically a PvP invasion with an assist heal and AoE attack. But with this boss being so incredibly slow, he’s easy to avoid if you’re playing smart. I did my best to bash through everything with swords. This optional boss can give players a bit of trouble if they get too greedy or don’t know what they’re up against. And how do you survive that drop when gravity kills you every other time? But once you’ve learned his moveset and you’ve got a little experience under your belt, this fight is actually quite easy. If you’ve survived Bloodborne, you know how to deal with beast-type bosses. 10 Best Dark Souls 3 Bosses (Ranked By How Satisfying They Are To Beat), Dark Souls 3: The 10 Best Quality Build Weapons, Ranked, Dark Souls 2: 10 Most Powerful Bosses. Are you expected to just randomly whack shit for fun and exploration? So here they are, all the Dark Souls 3 bosses - DLC included - ranked from worst to best. Go for the gold bracelets and you don’t have to worry about much else. And don’t forget about his wind and lightning attacks. Not to hardcore gamers, oh no, they want the option to head butt the dragon until it dies. Phase two brings an entirely new set of dynamics to the fight as Lothric steps in to assist. Interesting fight against your first magic caster. However, it forced me to play my very best, and the amount of variety to Gael’s attacks kept me on my toes the entire fight. 1. Even when she can be staggered, her recovery time is extremely high. Can’t see shit, let alone react to it… Pontiff Sulyvahn was where I stopped learning to get better at the game. There are several difficult enemies along the way, and without experience, Vordt can be a real threat when he’s stomping around the arena. Even when he’s moved into full beast mode in phase two. But whatever the case, you’ll be kept in constant motion. Midir. Nothing. It’s another whack it and dodge fireballs until it dies boss. Coming from Bloodborne where dodging and parrying are king, I dislike shield enemies the most. DS3 has thrown everything at you by this point. But honestly, why would you want to forego Siegward’s quest? !”, “Move! In phase one, Friede doesn’t appear to be much of a threat. Coming from Bloodborne I don’t like this whole Dark Souls shield fight thing, which makes this bardiche only boss fun as hell. Old school video game logic where you attack the super obvious weakness. And why are the jailers guarding the Jailer’s Key in Irithyll Dungeon invisible? It was such a slog to play this boss, and I didn’t have the endurance to play it again and again.