Need we say more? Made in the USA! These knives are a great choice for Chefs and Gourmet Cooks! Also great for most baking applications, heating hors d'oeuvres or baking breads. Our metal mesh aprons offer the highest level of protection from cuts, even in hazardous working conditions. Ø  Application: Daily chef disposable gloves are widely used in food service, restaurant, café, food and beverage manufacturing, food handling and production, food processing, catering service, cooking, barbecue, camping, factory, office, hotel, household, daily home use, school, college, Kindergarten, domestic DIY, etc. Overall Size: 17 in. Our exclusive professional "Silicone Baking Mats" are used by many Goumets & Pastry Chefs!The rubber like non stick baking mat can go from the freezer to the oven (-40 degree's F to 600 F ). Add 5 in. Sold as a set of 12 pieces or more. diameter and made of 18/8 stainless steel with a ratcheting spring loaded gear action made to last for years of heavy use.We have tested them all, this is a great cookie dough scoop.Works for ice cream too. The pictured set is only $629.00 or less. What are you waiting for? You will like this knife!Click Here for Boning Knives! We also use these for stripping and staining furniture, woodworking, crafts and painting. Product # CDNONSTICKSHEETPANCD17.25x11.5List price $19.99On Sale $12.90. W x 18D x 42.25 in.H, Seat Size: 16.75W x 16.5D x 31 in. The handle provides a comfortable grip and helps keep your hands away from the heat. They are also great for gardening, painting and working with paints & chemicals. Use this 18/10 stainless steel spatula to simplify lifting and turning fragile fish fillets. Ø  Design: One piece in shape, smooth or embossed surface. Click Here, More Colors!Each one of our Revolution knives comes in a beautiful presentation box.We tested several brands of ceramic knives - Here's the results!Kyocera was the only knife sharp enough to meet our demands, the others were too dull or the blades were too thin and brittle. One size fits all, these gloves are medium - large size and stretch so they will fit your hands (one size fits all). Call to order or email questions! x 12 in. Apple Cutters & Corers, grapefruit knives, peelers & more - on sale now. We have used our saw for over 15 years with the same blade, but we keep a spare blade handy. A very good quality knife for food preparation. This tool makes it very easy to open large buckets. It is ambidexterous and aprox. x 12 in. We use these boards for meats, poultry and fish, they reduce odor transfer. Uline stocks a wide selection of vinyl and poly food service gloves. Made to last forever, with proper care! Daily chef best disposable gloves for food handling preparation service high density polyethylene. Dishwasher safe, includes a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects!Chefs Note: Our Offset Spatula Turner is great for flipping burgers and steaks as well as grilled zucchini and sliced onions! These are the highest quality latex-rubber gloves made! The knife is featured in the set above. How long time it will take? These are Quality Gloves.Chefs Note: Perfect for cleaning fish, butchering large pieces of meat. Grab it and go, dishwasher safe! After-sale service When you receive the Daily chef disposable gloves, we always are here to service you. A rainbow of colored handles are now available, exclusively at Chef Depot. This is the professionals choice for roux, soups and sauces as well as general mixing. Chef is using one of his favorite NSF Maple Cutting Boards. These Poly Cutting Boards are restaurant quality and will last for years (if used every day). The Journal of Food Protection studied food service glove use in 2007 and 2010. The handle is comfortable and it has a 8 inch long German alloy steel blade. These knives meet all international safety and health standards. The Food Service Grade Stainless Steel ... this whip will last through years of daily use! Designed for Commercial and Home Use, Ladder Back Black Metal Chair, Heavy Duty Restaurant Chair, Lightweight Design, Black Vinyl Upholstered Seats, 2.5 in. Once there is a problem, efficient solution will be taken and the professional workers will be responsible for the container loading. These are high quality vinyl-rubber gloves ! The tapered glove fingers & glove body contour to the shape of your hand to comfortably distribute the gloves weight. Copyright 1999 - 2020 Chef Depot Inc. These are perfect for serving salad dressing, butter, olive oil and more! x 6 in. Jelly Roll Pans / Cookie Sheet / Sheet PanMade of layered aluminum (18 Gauge), durability, and superior heat conductivity, this commercial-weight pan is designed for baking cookies and sponge cakes.